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i'll say it


Jun 29, 2009 by onenessguy

i just bought a g1. I have been an avid berry user, and thought i would never be able to let go of the berry. when i bought the storm my heart broke. i played with the iphone for awhile as well...

and i'll say it.
the g1 shames every phone i've ever had.
the berry is cool.... if you only have used the berry. i don't work in an office... and i enjoy a "fun" phone as well as being able to have my email access. the berry is a SOLID phone is what it is (minus the storm).

The g1 gives me all my emails. i LOVE the text layout.
the i phone... is nice... but glitches way to often and i can not stand touchscreen keyboards......

the g1 is like the iphone, but without all the little annoying things that come with having an iphone.

AND the g1 has available a ridiculous amount of cool FREE apps.

i love this phone. two thumbs way up.



Jun 22, 2009 by hello112

I purchased the G1 to replace my Sidekick LX 2007, I have been looking for a phone that is better than a sidekick and thought i found it, finally a phone with a keyboard and a touch screen with Google's Android how could it go wrong.
Well it did!!!

Pros: Wifi, GPS, Awesome Auto-Focus Camera, Android Network to download different software.

Cons: Super Slow, can only have 6-8 applications open at anytime (including Aim, phone, internet, etc), BATTERY LIFE= 6-8hrs Idle or 3 hours if you are using it.

G1 has fun programs, but not very useful ones.
had it for a few days disliked it, and tried to give it a chance. So I gave it 2 more weeks, still couldn't handle its speed, battery, and being kicked off AIM, Yahoo IM and any game that i had opened.

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Jun 7, 2009 by Alantef

i have had this phone going on 6 months and i love everything about it...and with the cupcake 1.5 i don't think anything out there and match it

Wannabe IPhone, BUT BETTER!


Jun 3, 2009 by FordRules94

Ok, I've Had My G1 For Quite A While Now, And I Love It, But Hate It... I Love Everything About It When It's Not Dead. The Battery Life Sucks, And Varies. Usually I Can Make It From 6am To 4pm Without Another Charge. Other Times, It Lasts 2 Days, or Less than 2 Hours... The Technology Isnt Battery Life Friendly, And If You Rely On Your Phone To Be Charged And Ready The G1 Is Not What I Suggest. Other Than This, Now That I'm On My 5th New Phone Battery In Under A Year, The Phone Is Very Texting Type Of Person Friendly, Coming From The Sidekick LX, It Took Some getting Used To But Now That I'm Used To It, I Could Never Ever Go Back To My Lx..

The G1


May 28, 2009 by redline7986

I have had this phone for 3 months now.The first three weeks went well after that i did
not like the phone at all. The phone froze all
the time and the battery sucks. Having trouble
with picture messages sending and receiving them all and all the phone was ok but i switched to the blackberry 8900 much better.

G1 is better than the Iphone


May 17, 2009 by aamjwang

I have had both G1 and Iphone for six months and now concluded that G1 is better for two reasons: 1) the phone part is so much better in G1 and I had lots of dropped calls from my iphone and 2) the internet browser is a lot better in G1. I also like the physical shape of G1 better and I think the iphone is a liitle bit too wide.

G1 is the S@##!


May 11, 2009 by balla31

Lets start off by saying that me and my wife love our phone(g1) i have had all the COOL phones (iphone, Blackberry blah blah blah and i met my soulphone

1.Free applications for everyday life things whether your bored,or just need a little help finding places
2.actual keypad
3.great touch reponse
4.open source
5.can recieve emails,send emails


best phone i've ever owned


Apr 4, 2009 by nottypical84

Firts let me say that i never write reviews! i jus felt i owed this one b/c i was researching phones for a very long time and i found these reviews very helpful. This phone is awesome. Like the previous person said the apps alone make this phone worth getting... i never thought i would actually need a phone with the internet but now that i have it i don't think i could go back to a regular phone lol... everybody keeps mentioning the battery... it hasn't gon dead on me yet... i'm pretty much always around a charger tho... i thought that i wouldn't like the touch screen... i thought so so wrong... i love the touch screen! by far the best phone i've ever owned...

1. Tons of Applications
2. Real Web Browsing
3. Nice Screen
4. Its Fun as hell!!
5. Nice Keyboard

1. the only thing that really grinds my gears on this phone is the camera... unless the room is WELL lighted, the camera sucks... can't sugar coat that one lol...



Mar 11, 2009 by X3R0B4R5

so, i wanted to wait until i had this phone for a bit. well i made it almost 3 wks and i need to scream from the mtn tops...
the apps are numerous and have resolved soooo many of what ppl had prev noted as cons.
i've rooted mine, this allows much more freedom and truly uses the full potential, i place my apps on my sd card, which keeps the internal memory freed up. there are more benefits, but don't want to waste anymore space here, just look it up.

-touch screen moves w/o hesitation
-home screen is comprised of 3 panels for
more room (i'm using an app called open
home lite that has expanded it to 7 pnls
plus has themes if you haven't rooted it)
-phenomenal auto focus
-up to 16gb of external storage
-know those iphone commercials "you need **
app..." you have it on the G1 as well,
often at no charge since open source AND
have i mentioned full MMS capability!?!
so many more pros, but let us move on to the CONS
-some may find issue w/the batt life, i did
at 1st, but by using an app that manages
it, no longer a problem for me. i still
may opt for a larger batt, but the current
one lasts from morn to night w/juice to
-kind of bulky. i'm fine w/that, but some
-NO FLASH! not a fan of this decision, but
when i get down to brass tacks, i'm
generally not happy w/the camera's in
most phones in 1 way or another, but
that's why i have my canon DSLR.
-only 100mbs internal storage
that's really it, the saving grace of this phone is that its open sourced, so unlike so many other phones out there, when an issue is found, ANYONE w/the knowledge can resolve it, don't have to wait for some manufacturer to come out w/a patch. i mean, the apps alone have cured so many of the original complaints, from video to an on-screen keyboard. they got it right, put it in the hands of the people, it can evolve until the next in the line emerges.

Had it for a few months now and LOVING it


Mar 11, 2009 by dragon7687

I didn't wanna rate this phone til I had fully broken it in and see what it was capable of.

I will admit that it has its quirks, but overall I love this phone.

-The touch screen... It is very responsive and I hardly ever "accidentally" hit an icon or link.

-Keyboard... I barely ever hit a wrong key, and I have big thumbs. I own the black one and the keyboard is great. DO NOT get the whit or bronze.

-Signal/Reception... There is a house in Central Cali where when I had many phones that NEVER got signal or only barely, now the G1 has at least 2 bars there.

-App market... constantly being updated with awesome apps.

-Trackball... helps with browser when I need to click specific links.

-YouTube... I love watching videos on my phone.

MANY MANY more....


-Battery... I have to charge it every night, but I do that anyways, but there are some days that it dies before I get home from work.

-No Video... Not a biggie for me, but it would be nice to have it.

-Ring tones... I used to always use my phone to download ring tones, but again now I just get them on my PC and transfer them.

For me thats about it. I love this phone and don't see myself switching for a longtime, and that is big thing from me. I usually change my phone every 3 to 6 months.

Only major thing that would have made it a 5 is a better battery, and I guess I could buy a extended battery, and see how that works out.

Either way this a phone everyone should at least try.

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