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Fun device - OK phone.


Dec 12, 2008 by xmatuxax

I have had the G1 for a little over a week and will be sending it back to T-Mobile today. I want to keep this device really bad, but I just can't rationally justify it. Here's why:
The device is great! The OS is so much fun to play with! And the applications (all free at this point) are great. I had this phone for about 10 days and couldn't put it down for a second. The Android is awesome! The hardware isn't bad either, the screen is top notch and very responsive. The keyboard is very easy to use and the "chin" is not in the way of typing at all. (But the backlight on the White model is a problem in certain lighting.) It is on the bigger side, and that was one of the problems for me - but if you don't wear tight pants then it won't be a problem for you. And as for the battery - not bad at all if you turn off 3G/GPS/WiFi. Really you can turn those on when you need them!
But the reason I'm returning it - it's not a very functional phone. For the first 2 days I was in love, and then I had to drive somewhere and the problem started. Dialing someone while driving is impossible! The hard keys for "send" and "end" are placed at the bottom and pressing them during one-hand operation is very uncomfortable. And using the touch screen while driving! OMG! I almost crashed 4 times. Then, the next day I was walking on the street with a bag in one hand and the phone rang - again problem operating it with one hand. As much as I love the device, I just couldn't rationalize keeping it if it is not easy to use as a phone! So for now, I'm back to my BB Pearl.

- Android OS - just speechless!
- Screen! Just awesome!
- Full QWERTY very responsive.
- Loud speaker.
- Sync with Gmail/calendar/contacts.
- 3G on T-Mo is really fast in NYC.

- Poor one-handed phone operation.
- Backlighting on the keyboard. Wasn't a problem for me as you wind up memorizing it anyways.
- A bit on the bulky side, but not too bad.

Overall, I think it's an awesome device, just not right for me!

Frustrating phone


Dec 9, 2010 by breaker581


The battery completely died about a year and a half after purchase.

The phone's built in browser crashes quite frequently when surfing the web.

Slow processing speed when moving between standard menu screens. Very sluggish.

Awkward slide capability (and horrible design), particularly when talking to someone on the phone and trying to use the keypad at the same time.

Battery charge was poor.

Big, bulky, heavy.

Camera shutter speed horrible; mediocre camera overall with no flash.


Android was very nice, but some apps had their problems.

Never had dropped calls.

Excellent coverage and sound clarity.


Nice display; outstanding when it first came out.

Web browsing speed wasn't bad.

the best i ever had


Jun 16, 2009 by sexc816

the G1 from tmobile is the best phone the company have specially with the android and the recent update this phone rocks i'll not change my G1 for nothing in this world not even if it was given for free...!!!! =]

G1 good, but not great...yet!


Dec 5, 2008 by plrubin

This phone/device has great potential and really is a good start. Since this is sort of the first of it's kind to enter the "marketplace" I give it a good rating. I think as time goes by there will be firmware upgrades that may take care of some the issues I have with the G1. Overall I enjoy the G1 but it does have some flaws...

I hope this helps you with your decision and I definitely encourage you to go and pick up one of these fabulous devices. Good Luck!

-Great touchscreen interface
-All stock features are very functional
-Many different ways to configure your device
-Great Android Marketplace access, with all kinds of useful apps
-All in one device that does everything (phone, internet, email, IM, text and much more!)

-Serious lag between switching from applications, browsers and then home again is unbearable.
-Can operate very slowly at times
-Keyboard is hard to see especially when back light goes dim.
-Not able to make entries when using phone automated systems (ie. please enter your phone # now area code first)
-Many apps from marketplace unusable and can freeze up the phone
-Not quite the great business device that it could be

Not bad, not bad...


Nov 13, 2008 by bbarker

I've had this phone for two weeks now and it's going back tomorrow. Overall, not a bad phone, but still needs some work.

The first thing I noticed was its large size. Don't get me wrong, I like a phone that feels solid, but c'mon, let's not revert back to "brick" phones. And, unless you carry a purse or briefcase, you may want to think about how, exactly, you're going to carry it around. A little bulky to comfortably carry in a pocket. The G1 reminds me of when the Sidekick first came out (Danger device then) - a prototype.

I also encountered some odd security holes in the OS and Apps. Won't go into too much detail but suffice it to say, HTC was interested when I produced proof.


* Very nice screen
* Excellent touch response
* Loads of FREE & useful apps (caller ID anyone?)
* Customizable screens
* Full QWERTY keyboard
* Fairly snappy processing and OS


Large size
* No carrying solution included
* No video capture
* Sub-par picture quality for a 3MP
* Doesn't support 3gp video
* OS has more security holes than Windows
* Very poor battery life
* No stereo bluetooth
* Requires a Google account


* Call quality (based on the 6 other T-mobile phones I've owned in the same area.)
* External speaker
* Track ball

I think that perhaps this is a good phone for technophiles, but otherwise not worth the investment. I think I'll wait for the HTC Touch Viva...



Nov 9, 2008 by nerd4phones

This phone roxxxx. This phone is awsome because of all the features and how well they function.

The pros:
1. Touchscreen very responsive and cool
2. Awsome call quality
3. Not the iPhone
4. Actual keyboard unlike iPhone
5. 3G
6. Internet roxxxx
7. YouTube fast (for a phone)
8. Google Android
9. Very customizeable
10. Camera VERY high quality(3 mp)
11. High signal strength (Colorado)

The cons:
1. Keyboard squeezed
2. Not sexy at all
3. Kind of weird to use internet sometimes
4. Not multitouch
5. When taking battery cover off, it feels like youre breking it
6. No stereo Bluetooth

All in all it is a great phone but it could use a touch-up.

As good as the hype


Oct 22, 2008 by Jnizzle

This is googles first model. Just like Apple it has its hickups. I've had 24 hours to test this thing out and I'm telling you from someone who has owned every phone including the iphone the G1 is the real deal. A few things that need to be added for the next version as well.

The touch screen is almost identical to the apple software on the iphone. You can move icons/apps as you please. Scroll quickley through pages,contacts,lists ect. The response time is also very quick.

The Web browser is as good as advertised. Important note* the first time you visit any page no matter 3g or edge location its slow. However when you go back to that page again and again its much quicker. Every website I visited pops up like it would on your computer. You can zoom in and out depending on what content your trying to read. The links work via the touch or scroll ball. Overall though I was very impressed especially when I hopped on a Wifi location.

The keyboard take some getting use too but it beats hitting the wrong keys like you do on the virtual qwerty for the iphone.

The apps store is very similar to the iphone as well. Not a ton to choose from yet but new apps and games are being added everyday by anyone (once approved by google). That is a huge draw for many people. Almost anything this phone doesnt have can be written and added to the phone which is very unique.

What I don't like is the following.
The overall shape and weight of the phone is a little more bulky that I'd like. However it's only because of the slideout keypad which I would much rather have for my email and texting.The camera needs to be updated on the next version. Its also needs corp email support, and attachment support for word/excel. I heard there is already an app on its way for that. I truely believe Google is going to take over windows mobile devices.

Great Phone, Not replacing my Curve though


Oct 24, 2008 by TrueRenegade

Ok i've been using a few different phones in the past few months...
I've tried or owned the moto rokr e8, bb 8320, bb8120, bb8220, htc wing, htc dash, sk 2008.
this is quite possibly one of the best phones i've used.

complete touch screen w/ touch flo
music player and download music straight to the phone
mobile youtube
threaded sms
3 homescreens
android market
full qwerty keyboard
immediate google access
mobile back up of all contacts/calender info
full web browser, no mobile pages
streaming radio (an app i downloaded)
great on screen lock pattern
great new os
ota updates

poor battery life, but charges fast
no a2dp, probably fixed with ota's
instant messaging outside of googletalk kicks you out
glitchy, but im sure it will be fixed with some ota's
camera app reads sd card as full even with the new card that came in the box
emails outside of gmail dont work that great.
no support for outlook or exchange.

those are my main gripes, but they can probably fixed with updates. so for a 1st run, google did a great job.

the phone is fast, its sexy, its practical...
i can't get rid of my curve for it, and its not yet an all in one device yet, but its well on its way!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Idea - Needs a Lot of Improvements!!


Jan 24, 2009 by RonnySmart

I have to say that after trying out this phone for 10 days or so, I really like the idea of it. But there are SO many missing components,
it isn't funny!

I will also share that I think kaiakaiak's review is a very accurate one.

What I don't like:

You HAVE TO have a google/GMail account in order to operate this phone. Privacy is then out the window!

Like many others have said... it would be nice be able to organize contacts.

Camera sucks. NO preferences. No Flash.
NO VIDEO!!!!!??????????

Battery is dead within a TWO hours of regular use. I made three 10-15 min. calls today after a full charge and was down to one notch. Only thing I have turned on is Wireless. All others OFF, like GPS, etc.

No headphone jack - must use USB (mini)

Wish there was a TAB key on the keyboard

Oh and did I say the battery DIES TOO QUICK??

Ok, so now for things I do like:

Real Qwerty keyboard - not touchscreen.

Call quality is clear and loud.

I like the gestures sliding screens up and sideways. Just wish it were multitouch!

Large screen.

YouTube videos are some-what fast and clear.
Just wish we had a choice of other video sites. YouTube is geting a little too big for their own good, filtering people's video's, banning some for revealing truth about our corrupt, so-called government, etc.

Press the Menu button and instantly the date and time come up without unlocking the phone. NICE!

Browser is nice and easy.

Overall, it is a somewhat nice phone with great potential. My thoughts are to wait for the next generation before buying as others have said... it was brought to the market a bit too soon.

I am returning mine and waiting for the next generation to be released, of course, AFTER I hear that it is a great improvement over this first generation.

OG of androids


Jun 18, 2012 by Magnagarde

I got this phone about a year ago. Even though it was old when I got it and even older now, I still love it. It was the first phone I flashed a ROM on to. Regardless, eve with stock software, it runs great. Not as fast as today's androids but still quite capable even today.

Screen is great, a little too high with the white balance. Nice bright screen, easily read outdoors. Responsive capacitive touchscreen is nice. Honestly looks a lot better if you put a darker theme on it.

Calls are great, never had any issues with that. Speaker phone is also nice, rarely providing feedback or distortion, if ever. Never had any calls drop with my service provider.

SMS, basic apps, and everything that a smartphone should have is present and works perfect.

Where this phone really shines is the ability to put custom ROMs on it after you've rooted it. Rooting is worth doing anyways, but the simplicity of just putting a ROM on this phone, deciding it doesn't work and then trying another one is fantastic.

Sometimes this phone hangs up, but only for a few seconds maximum. Flashing a highly optimized ROM is the solution to this problem. But this is more of a review of the stock software, which is the only negative thing about this phone, and even then stock 1.6 is great.

Right out of the box this phone is already highly capable, but the true magic of android is the virtually limitless potential for customization you have. Don't like the OS? Replace it. Don't like the LED colors? Change them. Don't like the dialer? Change it! This phone starts off basic, but you can turn it into a completely different phone. And that is the magic of android.

Even today, I would recommend this phone. It is not truly obsolete. Much like other smartphones, it will continue to be a highly capable phone for as long as developers are interested in it and as long as you can customize it to your specifications.

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