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Great Phone!


Jul 25, 2008 by flyboy1563

The Iphone 3g is a great improvement over the original Iphone. It seems to have taken all of the features of the original and improved upon them.


still waiting for MMS

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Major Quality Control issues!


Jul 21, 2008 by cbagz

I really wanted to like the iphone, but some things I just can't stand is quality control problems. My first 3G iphone had this bubble like pimple on the back of the nice shiny black case, it also had about 7 stuck pixels and dust under the screen. So I got a replacement BNIB and this one also had stuck pixels, the bezel was uneven causing sharp edges and more dust under the screen. I got fed up with making appointments with Genius bar so I just returned it (without a restocking fee).

1. Best touch screen.

1. Battery Life
2. 3G Network is a joke
3. Cosmetic defects

I will give the 3G iphone a second chance in a couple of months and hopefully Apple is listening to all our problems and fixes the quality control issues and for AT&T to fix there doggy 3G network during business hours.

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Jul 23, 2008 by imrichienuzzo

this phones unbelievable ..
dpes everything the iphone does but more ... the app store is unbelievable
the internet whips

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Terrible phone!


Nov 25, 2008 by amoney85

* has terrible reception (at & t)
*very difficult to use
*doesn't support window live hotmail
* expensive to insure
*occasionally deletes songs
* doesn't have full HTML content

*the app store is handy
* fun playing free games

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I can't beleive AT&T and Apple didn't learn.


Oct 7, 2008 by bug.EXE

Possibly the most glitched and most unreliable phone. I cannot tell you how many people have issues with this phone that call in. Also, this is probably the most hated phone around the call center. So what could be so terrible about this awesome looking phone even with the 3g upgrade? Well for starters, the 3g is slow and weak. the other issue is that the 3g reception is horrible and has a known issue of not connecting to 3g to the point where an update had to be made that still doesn't completely fix it. it also has a true known issue of dropping calls and regular reception.

*amazing design
*tons of features and very responsive touch
*looks great
*good web browser

*HAVE to have $30 data plan
*no MMS
*visual voicemail has tons of problems
*drops calls like it's the popular thing to do (this is a known issue)
*atrocious receptions (especially 3g reception and this is a known issue)
*known issue of the charger having the prongs break off and then be stuck in the socket in the wall
*no insurance?! (so if you drop it once too bad so sad.)

So definately not a good phone. sure some people love them and have no problems, but chances are you will no like it.

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Tried VERY hard to like it :(


Aug 24, 2008 by lennydude

Well........as the title says..........
The whole point of us being on this site "Phone" Scoop and talking about cell "Phones" is the fact that first and foremost, these devices are indeed PHONES.
Now understand that the iPhone IMO should be called the IDevice. As a phone it lacks BADLY. We all know of its shortcomings but using the device for over a week now just highlights its shortcomings and faults.
A friend sends me a web page link.......can't see it with the phone. A friend sends me a simple picture.......can't see it on the phone. I take a picture of an accident on my friends street and I want to send him the pic.........can't do it with the phone.
I suppose if you want to carry your laptop with a internet card in it with you, all the above could take place real time.....LOL.
Also, i really could care less if some fanbois find using the text messaging screen in portrait mode no problem.......i can not stand it!! Keys were, are, and will be too close to one another until they create a landscaping text screen.
Having said all this, the iDevice is an awesome device. The screen is the BEST looking period and the touch is still the BEST! The APP store is incredible and the web experience is also the BEST.
It is what it is but we should be looking at all these cell phones as PHONES first and then and only then consider the "BLING"

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Overall Iphone is the Best out there


Jul 28, 2008 by celnut

Overall the iphone is the best phone on the market. It has many features others do not have and truly operates more like a computer than a phone.


Screen size & Resolution
Ease of use
Google Maps
Apps Store (many free)
Safari Browser


3G is pretty worthless; Better reception on Edge
AT&T network is sub-par
Browser bumps you back to home screen now & then

This phone isn't for everyone. If you like customizing your phone & enjoy a nice screen for pictures & browsing this will do the job.

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Does everything the designers/engineers want....


Jul 15, 2008 by clerici79

Most people use reviews to compare other products or what the didn't come with.

I don't feel that's the proper way to do a review. The designers/engineers had an agenda so the product is what it is, so the device should be review as such.

With that said, everything on this phone works brilliantly; from the interface to the music player, to the app store, etc....

I digress to the brilliantly from above. The only hitch I have with my iPhone is the occasional sluggishness when opening certain apps; SMS, maps.

It is a stunning device with great functionality. Sure other features would be nice. But rating this product as it is, it's still amazing... I love my 16gig black iPhone 3g!!!!

I hope this is helpful to you.

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Alot of build up but no pay off...


Jul 12, 2008 by jayholli

I had the original iPhone for a year and I was excited for the 3G version. After playing with the LG Dare from Verizon and comparing vs my previous iPhone I'm not to impressed with the 3G service of AT&T. Yes I've made sure it's showing 3G and getting a good signal.

Also not sure if it's Boston in general, but having moved from the west coast the service SUCKS with AT&T here. I thought it might have been cause my previous phone was unlocked and that messed up something but this 3G iPHone is having the same problem.

Then there's the fact that you STILL cannot do basic functions.

Record Video
An INCLUDED turn by turn navigation. I know Telenav and others are going to release in the APP store but I really don't want to add ANOTHER 10.00 fee onto this bill.

I'm going to go with the Dare I think.

UI/Touch control best of any phone
Black back looks better than original iPhone IMHO
3G if it was a big difference vs. the original
App store. GREAT idea, unfortunately a majority of the things you'll probably want will charge an additional $$$
Battery life
iTunes integration

Service sucks w/AT&T
no picture messaging STILL (rediculous)
no video recording
average camera
slow 3G, not much of an improvement over the previous in my testing
Nothing really improved over previous phone

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Jul 19, 2008 by macking301

Haters Beware!

I just got my new iPhone 3G. This is a work of art in every-way.

I played with the store model for over an hour and that convinced me to buy the 3G iPhone! Wow!

The screen is even brighter and better than the original iPhone. 3G was fast and amazing.

Apple has improved the iPhone's audio and the speaker-phone is louder and has better clarity plus stronger signal combine to make things much better.

Read Phone-scoop's review for unbiased review, drop into the Apple store or ATT store and ask questions and try it in your own hands.

This phone is awesome and I love mine.

Haters beware because this is a solid winner for the winner APPLE !!!!

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