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Sharp Sidekick 2008


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Gotta Love The Sidekicks!!!


Jul 4, 2011 by ElPatron17

This is my second Sidekick Phone & I really love the Sidekick. They make texting so easy. I've always heard that the sidekicks have a bad Camera, Video capture, Battery life, and the sound quality was horrible. Well here's what i think about the Sidekick 2008:

~Excellent 5 row Qwerty Keyboard
~Many easy Shortcuts
~Can add themes
~Pretty sturdy phone
~Camera/Video Capture
~Great Web
~Easy to communicate
~Excellent sound quality
~Battery Life lasts all day
~Can change the face

~Not a 3G phone
~Web not so fast
~Camera not the best but it works
~Video Capture is iffy at best
~Can't watch MP4 videos from your SD card

Overall this phone is quick and easy to use and good for anyone who loves to text. Battery life is great if you know how to take care of your battery and not overcharge it. But, If you're a person who's always wanted a Sidekick, I'd recommend this Sidekick to anyone. Very few Sidekicks surpass this one. Only the 4G and LX09 can match it.

Good phone but still needs some work


May 18, 2009 by micahleigh

Alright, so I noticed that a lot of people like to write reviews right after they get their phones so i decided that i would allow myself plenty of time to really get to know this phone before i wrote one of my own. I have owned the Sidekick aspen 2008 since September of 2008 so i have definitely had the time with my phone to write an honest review.

There are a lot of things i love about this phone, but at the same time there are things that i really wish i could change about it. With first impression i was so pumped up about this phone. I had always wanted a sidekick so when the opportunity came for me to get one, i jumped on it.
I also want to note that i am a dealer for Attn, tmobile and sprint, so i do know a good bit. I use this website a lot for the reviews on the phones we carry to make sure i see what everyone says about them so i can warn customers about the pros and cons.
The pros of this phone is its computer like setup. I like the idea of the drop down menu from the top of the screen to access your setting and such. I was tired of the traditional menu button. I love the keyboard. It is very spacious and i dont have to worry about hitting multiple buttons at once. I also like that the covers can be changed. I have a pink one on my phone right now.
The cons of this phone are pretty decent. The battery life on this phone is horrible. Now i do use my phone a good bit. I mostly use yahoo messenger on it because its so much easier and faster to talk to ppl than waiting on text messages. I talk throughout the day a good bit and text mostly in the evenings because it is how myself and the people i work with communicate. I charge my phone every night and my phone is usually flashing before 6pm. The camera is horrible and dont even try the video recording. House charger somehow fried within the first 3 months i had it.
Overall this phone is decent but still needs some work. I gave it a 3 out of 5 because its a sidekick and it still has a great idea.

Nice but needs more


Dec 16, 2008 by plrubin

I know that this is still in the sidekick family and it's not a G1 or iphone. However, I did expect a little more from this phone.

-Slick and slim design
-Internet nice and fast
-Great interface with easy access
-Nice shortcuts
-QWERTY is nice
-SD expandable memory slot
-App marketplace with many too choose from
-Nice camera and video recorder

-Still can't stream music or video from the internet
-Still freezes frequently
-Lag between switching apps
-Still have to pay for apps/games, etc.



Aug 24, 2008 by JILLIAN_B

I just got the Sidekick 2008 yesterday, and I absolutely LOVE it. It has all the awesome features of the previous Sidekicks, just like, 100 times better! I've never been happier with a phone in my life. I had the Sidekick 2 a few years ago and I loved it, now the Sidekick 2008 makes the 2 look like a joke!

-2.0 mega pixel camera
-AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger
-SUPER FAST internet
-My 5 Faves compatible
-MP3 player
-GIANT catalog of ring tones, games, themes, wallpapers, etc.
-customizable shells from tmobile.com (and you can design your own too for only 14.99!)
-customizable themes (even though you can't use pictures, etc as backgrounds still, you can download themes to match with your shells!)
-the screen is crisp and beautiful
-swivel screen feels sturdy and secure
-thinner and lighter than other Sidekicks
-comes with black and green shells
-USB cable port
-battery life is really long
-charges from completely dead to 100% charged in about 30-45 minutes
-VERY affordable ($150 after a $50 mail-in rebate with new 2 year agreement)

-I gave the Sidekick 2008 a 4.5 just because the internet doesn't have streaming audio or video. (that means no watching youtube.com videos on your Sidekick) It's not a big deal, but it would be the PERFECT phone if it did
-camera has no flash, again--it's not a big deal, but it would have been a nice touch

I've had a LOT of phones with a LOT of different service providers, and this is BY FAR my favorite phone I've EVERRRR had! If you're considering getting this AMAZING phone, I say DO IT!! You will NOT be disappointed!! I love it! :)

Best Phone Ever


Jun 17, 2011 by justanothrsweety

This is the best phone I have ever had up to yesterday when my "V" button stopped working. I actually cried because of how much I loved this phone. Now I'm having an issue finding a new phone because I'm not a fan of touch screen and because of how amazing it was. I loved the blinking scroll ball because it was easier to tell when I had a message. I also really like how spread out the keys are on the keyboard. I mainly use the texting application of the phone, but the sound on the phone was loud and clear when someone was talking. This was the second time I bought this phone and if they still sold this version I would continue to buy it.

Love this phone


May 21, 2010 by amyd525

I had this phone for 2 years and have been very happy with it. I was hoping that there would be a newer Sidekick with a touch screen, or Android so I could upgrade.. But the Sidekicks just aren't keeping up with the technology now a days.

+Great call quality/Speaker
+Custom Color & design plates
+AIM very quick send and recieve
+Easy to use keyboard for quick texting
+Swivel screen, always a plus on sidekicks

-Internet isn't that great, doesn't load a lot of pages completely.. but it works
-Inbox & Outbox together only holds 100 messages, and you can't recieve any new ones if it's full. (You also can't save text messages)
-Camera doesn't focus or have flash

How to set a wallpaper for any sidekick


Dec 7, 2009 by Cell phone lover_Hayden88

Hey everyone. I just wanted to say that I love all the sidekicks, exept for the fact that you can't set your own images as your wallpaper. I found out a way to overcome this, however. There's an application on the download catalog called theme architect. It lets you make your own themes and save them to your memory card. A theme is kinda like a wallpaper exept it has 2 images and swivel sounds, bubble designs, etc...

Review for the Sidekick 2008 by Sharp


Sep 26, 2009 by batman2k62

I have had a few sidekicks (lx 07 and slide), and I just got this sidekick 2008 through t-mobile. I was impressed with the device for its size, customizable covers and screen size. Unfortunately, the device has a handful of flaws must I say the least. The battery was horrible and the camera is pretty much shot! Good for the statistics of a 2 megapixel camera, but its broken.

small,thin and lightweight
nice size screen
call quality pretty good
customizable shells
full qwerty keyboard
mp3 compatible
browser is a dream
video games

baterry life not so good. if you are a heavy user, keep your charger with you.
camera is just basic and the video record time is horrible.
device of course is not 3g.

overall this is still a good device and i would recommend the sidekick 08 to others.




omg have you eva tried this amaaaaazing phone? its seriously lk sooooooo amazzzzzzing!

sidekick equals my LIFEEEE!

1. It has my heart X33
2. I love the vibrating feature


to make a long story short.

..if i didnt have this phone..id kill myself lk times a bajillion seriously.


Partially Satisfied at Best


Jan 21, 2009 by AnnaMas

This is going to sound strange, but I got a better deal from my cheapie Sidekick ID. I got it for measly 40 bucks and am now addicted to any and all Sidekicks. However, SK 08 was a disappointment for the money. It's dubbed the "low-budget" phone for younger people, but I'm 24, recent college grad and $200 for a cell is NOT low-budget for me.

I expected more for the money. My main complaint is the day-to-day functionality of the phone. Don't be lured in by sale gimmicks of camera, video, music player and custom covers. All that wears off after a week. If you have an Ipod, trust me, you won't be listening to music on your SK. If you have a digi cam, trust me, you won't really use the SK for that. Sidekick is a TEXTING addict phone! So why the heck is the keyboard so sticky! I have to press HARD to type and although I have tiny fingers, they still get sore!! It's completely frustrating that I can't type as fast as I could on SK ID.


--camera, video, music
--expandable microSD slot
--bright screen
--very slim size compared to other SKs

--flip screen is NOT durable at all
--horrible for texting fast or a lot
--buttons not tactile, sore fingers
--scratches too easily
--software still sucks--gets "stuck" a lot
--video is super short and pics come out VERY blurry and dark (unless you have perfectly still hands)

Bottom line: I feel jipped. This phone is all looks, but at the end of the day, what's most important is ease of typing. And sore fingers suck.

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