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Sharp Sidekick 2008


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Great Messenger, Good Phone


Nov 25, 2008 by rapaleeman

So I picked this up right before the prices of the sidekick plan went up to 35 a month and well, I am pleasantly surprised.

I needed a phone with decent e-mail and text capabilities, but I already use a Blackberry for work so I wanted a little something different for "home" use. Of all the choices, the Sidekick seemed to be the best choice for me. The G1 and Wing were a little too much in terms of overall use. I just wanted a no-hassle phone with a keyboard. The price didn't hurt either.

The review


-Always connected (everything is backed up)
-Nice, vibrant screen. Great color and look
-Simple, easy-to-use interface
-Multiple e-mail and texting options
-Amazing keyboard
-A2DP bluetooth compatible (stereo)
-Decent music player
-3.5mm headphone jack
-Customizable Shells (though I will probably only change it if I ding it up really bad, good for kids)
-Lightweight without being too small
-Memory slot


-Battery (lasts a day and half max)
-Phone calls are sometimes static-y or dropped
-Speaker phone is pretty quiet
-Camera is just ok, but the video is crappy at best
-Interface, while simple, is a little laggy and too simple in places (menus within menus is a little ad naseum at times)
-100 message inbox for texts (really?)
-Price (at 300 flat out it was a tad expensive)

That's about it. Great messenger phone, a tad problematic in terms of phone calls, but overall a good phone.

Very Very Happy with decision


Oct 14, 2008 by vanziggity

Let me start off by saying that before i got this phone i had a Blackberry Curve for T-Mobile. Now I know what some of you are saying why would you go from a Curve to a sidekick.....Well let me respond by saying this, "unless you are an actual business person the blackberry is kinda of pointless!"

Now the reason i say this is simply because the blackberry gets boring....after 2 weeks of having the bb i was trying to sell the phone or trade it for something else....i went with the sidekick cause it had the same things that made me want the bb...email and full qwerty key pad that's it....now don't get me wrong maybe the bb curve is a better phone in a lot of ways and us sidekick users know a lot of things the sidekick 2008 needs improvements on....for instance not being able to stick songs you downloaded as ringtones and not being able to put a picture as a back-ground.

But take it from me when i say the blackberry curve is for someone with a more professional manor....I never get sick of opening up my sidekick the swivel screen only makes it exciting just to use the phone....something else i noticed was that even though the Curve has wi-fi calling and uma capabilities the internet on the sidekick 2008 just on edge technology has just as fast of a connection than the Curve does connected to a high speed connection....i know it's weird but trust me it's true.....now of course the bb will load a majority of the time a lil faster but not enough to really matter....

Other than the sidekicks minor mistakes to make it that much more user friendly i recommend this phone to anyone looking for a fun phone with a great user interface with full INTERNET and email!!!



Oct 8, 2008 by dholman09

this phone is awesome.i have a really short entry but it gives you some specs.

yhe new sidekick is very fun,i have played around it before and it is totaly a great phone.every thing is good about it.so if your goin to buy this phone buy it!the only thing im dissapointed about this phone is that it is held by tmobile and it is a myfaves phone.so you only get 5 contacts.but every thing else is great!totaly buy it!

Awesome sidekick...


Aug 12, 2008 by misfitpierce

Big improvment over the iD. Camera is a upgrade from LX but it works great. Just got this in mail and it works awesomely. Web browser handles most anything thrown at it. Some pages can render funny even on full view but its fine and works flawlessly. I recommend getting this asap. Also visit http://www.sidekickskins.com for shells from t-mobile to make the sidekick 08 your own!

Great phone...Ilove it!!!!


Jan 26, 2009 by emi_0086

I work in customer service for a major cell phone company and I get to test with all types of phones. Once I saw the Sidekick 2008 I knew I was in love. That's why after a lot of thinking about it I canceled service with my previous carrier and went to T-Mobile and bought the SK 08. I've never had a phone with a QWERTY before and after owning a phone like this I will never be able to go back to a regular phone. The keyboard is really comfortable. Texting is a breeze, I love it!! So, here are my pros and cons...


very comfortable QWERTY, not at all sticky
texting mmmmm.... feels like heaven
IMing is very accurate, no delay what so ever
good 2 mp camera with video recording!!
speakers are pretty loud
good music player, now I can listen to my favorite music while on the go
even though it doesn't have a calculator you can download it for free from the content catalog
you can personalize it with shells which are available in store and online you can even create your own!
full web browser is pretty fast
lots of cool apps


no video/music streaming
some apps are a little expensive

Battery life could be better but for everything that this phone can do I could not ask for more. I hope this helps...

good pHon3 but watch out returnin sidekick userz


Aug 19, 2008 by sidekickfeen32

i have a sidekick lx and i sidekick 2008. my oppinion is that its is a great phone indeed for a first time user but if your a sidekick lx owner and you get this phone is for 2 reason eaither your a showoff or your just into the changeable faceplates because it has no upgrade over the sidekick lx only the camera being 2mp n it bein smaller but dont take diz da wrong way but i just think why get a $200 dollar sidekick lx or for prepaid users $400 n then get a sidekick 2008 for like $350 with no upgrade only da camera m it bein slimer and the faceplates waste of money guyz

totally satisfied.


Mar 8, 2009 by deborahh_37

i just got the sidekick 2008 yesterday. and i LOVE IT. it's amazing.
-full qwerty keyboard
-phonebook can hold 2000 contacts
-you can change the settings so that it automatically deletes your texts
-nice camera quality
-comes with memory card
-i already have 66 ringtones/songs on it
-i have 124 pictures
-nice swivel
-nice bright screen
-picture messaging sends really fast
-really easy to put pictures in phone and vise versa

cons: you can only use the ringtones that the sidekick offers ... which is NOT ALOT.
-cannot have pictures as backgrounds. you have to download your own themes
-only one game?

and that's pretty much it!

lil tito


Feb 16, 2009 by lil tito

great job



Feb 8, 2009 by joshanth

I've had this phone for two months and have very little complaints. My first take on it was that it wasn't too durable. After rolling in my car three times with my I re frame from that statement. All-in-all the phone works exceptionally well with very few drawbacks. If you're a T-Mobile customer, I highly recommend the device!

Easy-to-use 'qwerty' keyboard
Very nice screen
Easily located keys
Camera quality is even pretty good
Never dropped a call and quality is nice

Lousy video-camera
No video playback through the web (YouTube, etc.)
No 3G (Edge data -- very disappointing)
A bit laggy
Not enough third- Party apps.

Awesome Phone!


Jan 19, 2009 by Beautifully

This phone is all i can ask for and more, Beautiful! Here are the pros and Cons!

- Best Im'ing on a phone and you can place a available status message!
-internet, fast and swift.
-you can download music on to it Amazing!
-You can record videos!
-2.0 megapixel camera WOW better than Lx with its 1.3 megapixel
-SHELLS! and you customize it!
-download themes from the computer on to it!
-Unlike the Verizon phone (im a ex-env user )it come with the things you need. like a usb and memory card and more!
-2000 contacts, are you kidding me!
-and more!

-You can't make pics your themes
- idk what else


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