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Samsung Messager R450


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a decent phone


Nov 10, 2008 by DeeD

I wish I felt the same way as most of the reviewer's did because I was really happy when the messenger came out. CON"S... My calls dropped a whole hell of a lot with this phone and although it could & most likely is where I live I don't have that issue w/ motorola phones on the metro network. I love the samsung menu style it's so much more refreshing than motorola. Also my phone would turn on and off by it's self which would be ok since it comes back on but it would do it while talking or texting, not cute! Last my phone delayed when searching for name in my phone book. Everything else is a PRO....... So if you have pretty good service and live in an open area this is a great phone just not for me because of the call quality, mainly.

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Samsung Messenger


Nov 6, 2008 by dalton1517

I have had the messenger for about 2 weeks now.I think it is a great phone for the overall cost of $200. The only cons are: phone reboots randomly, "ok" button fails to work, and its texting capabilities without using the keyboard. Other than those few issues the phone is great and should be looked at if you are a serious texter.

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Impressed for network its on


Oct 22, 2008 by pinky0r

Ok so being as i have worked for a wireless provider i have had many phones and know about many phones. This is the first phone i have had i liked in sometime. I move travel and move alot and hate to worry about my phone bill being so expensive so i was trilled to learn i could get a great phone in a BFE town.

Pros: for me would be the easy menus, i have it in green so the look, the ability to use MP3's of your own for ring tones..alerts, keypad both the slide and face, blue tooth, speakerphone works great, battery life last 2 days and thats alot for me.

Cons: would have to be the theme colors, not able to set navigation keys, when moving pics from card to phone or V.S. always takes you back to beginning, the camera is OK sometimes wonderful sometimes fuzzy depends on background. camera delay is LONG!

i have had the LG rumor and i was not half as please due to keyboard as i am with this. and a few other things from the locked screen to the menus.

I am very pleased to have only spend 250 on this phone well worth the price!

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R450 Is The Best


Oct 18, 2008 by chume1840

I have had many phones due to the fact that i work all day talking with people or texting..

I had bought this phone just because of the keyboard not knowing if it was going to be good or not so i just went for it, Now im glad i did the best things about this phones are the batterie life the texting ring tones pictures and the internet EVDO how can you get better then that? Cricket Rocks!

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A great inexspensive phone!!


Oct 3, 2008 by Dadds

My wife and recently brought two messager r450 last night. As soon as we brought them home we started texting. The qwerty keyboard made it seem effortless. We're textaholics and this phone to me was a great buy.The only down side to this phone is the camera.Its only 1.3 megapixles and it doesn't play or record video. Other than that this phone is pretty much awesome.

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OMG! This phone is awesome!


Sep 30, 2008 by alaquinet

I have had my Samsung 450 for month now, and I can't seem to put the phone down. I absolutely love the everything about this phone especially the 411 Directory feature (I am a proud Metro subscriber). It slides out very smoothly, the mirror for the camera to allow self protraits is a great idea (my son loves to take pictures of himself to send to his friends), the graphics are great although there could be a little more of a variety on the ringtones, but that's what my memory card is for...

I don't have anything bad to say about this phone, definitely worth every penny.

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Samsung R450 "Messager" - Not Recommended


Sep 2, 2008 by GTR

Pros: It's easy to figure out, very simple OS. Nice looking, full qwerty keyboard, nice features here and there...decent speakers. plays MP3, ACC and WMA.

Cons: I have been having several problems with this phone. It didn't live up to my expectations.

-Incompatible with Googlemaps application, and it doesn't take advantage of the built in GPS either. If you want directions, look for another phone.

-Internet browsing is very slow, and very unpractical. The websites seem to be missing their major portions, and its very hard to navigate. If you are looking forward to Internet browsing, look for another phone.

-Small, low res screen.

-Mine literally "crashes" if I set an MP3 song as its ringtone. I have yet to find out the source of the issue, but so far it shows severe unreliability.

-Relatively short battery life compared to other phones out there.

-Very high priced for what it is. Bought mine for $200 from Metro PCS.

-Incompatible with Windows Mobile OS.

-2GB memory limit.

-This so called "messager" isn't all that easy to type with either. The buttons are kind of hard to push. If you're looking for a phone with a soft keyboard, look for another phone.

-I have heard that it messes up the phone books if you use the memory...Again, not sure what was going on, I just heard it in MetroPCS shop from a customer.

Long story short,
Look for another phone.

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Samsung messager aka on the street the samsung rumor. AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aug 28, 2008 by SeanyBoi

I just got this fone on tuesday. it is sooooooooo awsome. i had been obbsessing over this fone since august 8th when it came out. i like the mp3 player and i just found this out u can put the lyrics to your songs on your fone while transfering the music frm ur pc 2 ur fone. thats awsome. and when it rings the ringer gradually gets louder when set to the highest volume. it realy doesnt seem heavy but some people say other wise. it has a nice size screen and great speakerfone and camera butr it does NOT take VIDEOS. witch some peopole are getting wrong saying thatr it takes chopy videos. one thing is when u use the keboard the backlight for the buttons get lower and stay that way. it suports up to 2GB of external memory. overall its a great fone and wonderful GPS system. some people will like it others might hate but its a great buy with my network (metropcs). whoever buys this fone this my message to you.......... ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Samsung r450


Aug 27, 2008 by Seaborn111

Just purchased this phone a week and a half ago.

I work for Cricket, and nabbed this phone two days after it came out (no discounts on phones, mind you)

the keyboard is very easy to use (not a fan of the alignment or function key usage though)

camera is beautiful but does not support video

mp3 player is great and sounds wonderful through my stereo bluetooth

overall, great little phone with a Camera that needs a bit of love and a keyboard that was aligned oddly to fit the slide.

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Great phone


Aug 27, 2008 by chatterbox4205

I have had this phone for almost a week now and I absolutely love it. I am with Cricket and it is the nicest phone they have come out with so far. I have had several phones and am somewhat of a phone "junkie" when the latest and greatest come out I want it.

BATTERY LIFE: this is awesome, granted I have had to charge it a little more than normal lately since I have been using my phone more but the battery life in comparison to most phones is pretty good. I received about 300 text messages a day (that is not including what I send) and while I do not talk on the phone that much I still do moderate usage. I have to charge the phone nightly but with as much as I use it that is to expected. I have had other phones (motorola's namely) that it seems like I have to charge them every 8 hours.

QWARTY Keyboard:
Took me a couple days to get used to this but now that I am I love it.

The menu options are easy.

It has expandable memory slot (which I am still trying to figure out how to get the ringtones I download to transfer. if that is even a possibility.)

Camera is ok: never ceases to amaze me what people expect out of a phone. Yes a 2 mega pixel camera would be better but the camera that comes with this takes alright pictures only thing I have noticed is the camera does not zoom.

The only downside I have with this phone is the speaker is not very loud so I miss calls sometimes because the ringtones are not very loud.

That and the screen seems to get scratched or marked very easy (something that personally drives me nuts since I am some what of a neat freak)

I have been through several phones and this is the first phone I have not been disappointed in after receiving it. I used to have a MOTO V9, was so excited to get the phone and when I did had nothing but problems and issues and had to keep charging it. This is a vast improvement and I am satisfied for quite some time.

All in all I give this phone a 5 due to performance.

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