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Samsung Messager R450


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hello awesomeness!!!!!


Jul 8, 2009 by qwerty-lover

well i think that this phone is probably the best qwerty iv used. the first time i saw it was when my friend had it and showed it to me. at that moment, i knew i wanted it.

PROS: GREAT sound quality for metro pcs users.
great keyboard for both the qwerty and the numbers. very spaced out keys unlike blackberrys and what not.
good camera
very customizable in tunes and backgroundes.

CONS: almost nothing.

overall, if you have metro, you have too be very dumb NOT to get it! :) best phone ever

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Good Phone For Cricket


Oct 12, 2008 by daddacop

I recenly went back to Cricket for the first time in 8 years. This was mostly due to the fact that my previous carrier was killing me with the rates and Cricket does offer a lot for less.

The Samsung Messager is a very high quality phone, so far, and appears to be signaling a new era in better phones for Cricket.


Appears to have very solid, sturdy construction.

Great voice/sound quality.

Full slide out keyboard.

Mp3 player.

Great multi-media capabilities.

Tri-band phone, will work in all Cricket markets.

Nice overall ease of use.

Great screen.

Very customizable (ringers, backgrounds, etc).

Voice commands/dial is very nice and easy to use.


Not EVDO! Internet and data both going/coming are slow. One would think that a tri-band phone with all the features this one has would be more than 1xRTT. On this same note the internet is very basic, but then again this is not a PDA or Smart phone, you get what you pay for here.

Not a lot of add on apps, this is a Cricket problem though.

Bluetooth: I have had some instances of crackling and static in some calls using a bluetooth headset. This is more than other phone I have had and when this issue occurs it does so with no apparent rhyme or reason.

Speaker phone is lacking, could be louder.

Battery life is horrible so far. Keep in mind that I have used this phone a lot in the few days I have had it, getting familiar with it and the like, but today I went from fully charged to zero battery in less than 8 hrs with just above my normal phone usage.

The Carrier. Cricket is definitely better than it was when I first had the service 8 years ago but they also have a ways to go in offerings across the board. Again you get what you pay for and I am opting for a service that offers a lot for a lot less. You get what you pay for.

Overall this phone is a good buy for voice quality, over all features, and looks great for those with phone envy.

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Bye Bye 410. Hello 450


Aug 18, 2008 by APOV07

I recently traded in and got the R450 literally on a whim. Before this phone, I(like other people on Metro in Miami) had the Motorola SLVR. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the SLVR while I had it. I realized after coming into a year with my SLVR, I am a texting fiend. I needed a keyboard. Everyone knew that the R410 had a serious setback; ringtones. I love custom ringtones as much as texting. With the news of the R450, I felt that there was hope. I'll be the first to tell you. The R450 stands and delievers. Out the packaging, the R450 is eye candy. Slide out keyboard hides as well as a James Bond flick. My pros: Responsive windows and buttoms, custom ringtones, one-touch messaging shortcut, good call quality, ok battery,comes with earphones for Mp3 playing, easy menu layout, ok and easy to use camera. My cons: The battery is just ok, i'm not sure if its just my battery or what, but after a full charge, and common use, the battery dropped one bar before the end of the day. The camera, again, its just ok. Not the greatest pictures can be taken with the camera, but that's why digital cameras keep getting smaller and smaller. I know everyone wants their whole world in their cell phone, but keep in mind not every camera phone is so easy to get pictures out of. Especially without a memory stick.

All in all, I feel that this is a major step up for metro. Very happy with the induction into the metro family, and I don't see myself trading for a while. This is a very solid phone, and very sleek. I not sure how their going to top this one. Right now, I don't even care if they do.

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Samsung SCH-R450


Aug 14, 2008 by umtech

Before I bought the Samsung R450 I was on Verizon using an LG Env (VX9900). I have now owned this phone for 2 and a half days.

The package brings the phone, charger, battery, usb data cable, and wired earphones. It does not come with any software. That's nice because with other carriers you will be forced to buy the earphones and data cable separate for $20-$30. The size of the phone is perfect for me, it's a little smaller and lighter than the enV. The front screen is an adequate size. The front keys (not the qwerty keyboard) are large enough and spaced out enough that a person with big hands won't press two keys at once. The keys on the qwerty keyboard are also spaced out pretty nicely.

To use certain features, such as IM, you need to have the phone slid open. The menus of the phone are very minimalistic, almost spartan, for my tastes. Menu navigation is alright, the phone is very responsive when changing between different menu options. The phone comes WITHOUT several key applications. So far I have had to download the AIM/MSN client and the e-mail client which didn't come installed on the phone. No big deal, took less than 3 minutes to download and install both. One annoyance is that the phone sometimes will "hang" when you open the msn app after being logged into it already, so you have to slide the phone shut and try it again. Haven't really had much time to mess around with custom ring tones and such, so no comment on those. The ringtones and wallpapers that did come with the phone are decent, but not great.

The quality of the pictures taken by the camera is ok. A phone like this should really have a 2MP camera, not a 1.3. Battery life is decent, depending on the usage I have had it last me 1 day with heavy usage or 1 and half with moderate usage. Call quality and signal strength on the phone are pretty good. Another two annoyances: the jack to charge the phone is on the side, not on the bottom, and you have to remove the back cover to insert memory card.

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samsung messager


Aug 12, 2008 by bbjunkie

although the phone just hit the market in my area about an hour and a half ago. I've already taken one out of the box and played with it. the camera seems to be pretty decent and the slider keyboard is way better than that offered with the LG Rumor. the only con I'm seriously having a problem with is the weight of the phone. to me it feels like it weighs a ton. it feels like a burden to carry something that weighs that much. over all nice phone with a decent price and a horrible weight.

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That phone was somewhat of a bible to me.


Nov 22, 2009 by iTunes

You know, most people who leave comments about this phone have only had it for a short period of time.

I was given the Samnsung Messenger R450 as a birthday present back in November 2008. If you do the math, I've had it for a year. [It's currently November 2009]

I'm an on-the-go kind of person. Not much of a phone-talker, but when I am, boy, am I ever. I can be on a call for HOURS on end. I'm a compulsive texter. I check my e-mail constantly. And I mean, like, every 30 minutes. I'm also a Facebook addict, so I'd constantly be online. To top it all off, the alarm and agenda/calendar dictated my day-to-day activities. Suffice to say, my phone had become somewhat of a bible to me.

With that said:

- Great internet service.
- Texting was fast and easy [also, deleting inbox and outbox was a breeze].
- Battery life is average - lasts even longer if you shut off the backlights.
- Great camera quality.
- Great memory.
- Can create/save text words.
- Dropping the phone a thousand times won't break it [personal experience].
- Great reception.
- Receives texts/picture message/and audio messages INSTANTLY.
- The space for ringtones is INSANE. I have yet to reach a limit! And I've had the phone for a YEAR. [I download A LOT].

- Thicker-than-usual phone.
- Space button on the keyboard has to be pressed down on hard (occasionally) to work.
- Screen and buttons are fragile. But just take good care of it, you should be fine.
- No videos.
- Will turn off randomly - rarely, though.
- Inbox/Outbox space is 70/30. [That's very little for an avid texter]

All in all, I loved that phone with all my heart. It was great. The screen ended up breaking because my [overweight male] cousin cracked it by [repeatedly] stomping on it with all his might. I nearly killed him. That phone survived it all: for a YEAR. Except that. Which would?! No regrets. In fact, I had bought it when it JUST came out - when it was most expensive; mark my words: WORTH EVERY CENT.

My company: Metro PCS

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Samsung R451c is good for teens


Dec 31, 2009 by Exavier

There doesn't seem to be a review for the Samsung R451c so I thought I'd add one. I bought one for my daughter for Christmas through Straight Talk at Walmart for $99 and she loves it. It seams to be similar to the Samsung R450 but I'm not exactly sure what the difference is. Ours has a full slide out qwerty keypad which she says makes texting so much easier. It also has a 1.3 megapixel camera, mp3 player, bluetooth (unrestricted), microSD memory slot, voice dialing, speakerphone, web browser, voice recorder and the standard suite of organizational tools.

The phone is black and shiny and could get fingerprints which may bother some people but it doesn't bother us. It is very bulky and rather heavy but not too much to worry anyone. It's just a bit bulkier than the ultra thin and light smartphones. The size is of course due to the slideout keypad which is nice and sturdy, it slides smoothly and clicks into place in both directions.

The signal strength is strong which is probably because Straight Talk is on Verizon's network nationwide which has good coverage. The appealing factor of Straight Talk is the unlimited everything for $45 per month so I never have to worry that my daughter will run up a huge phone bill.

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I like it =)


Oct 5, 2008 by Andres2005

Overall i think its a really nice phone, the only thing that i don't really like is that when listening to the mp3 player my music gets disrupted when i get a text/call and i have to wait til the notification goes away. Also it is kinda bulky and feels a bit heavy, but its nothing to make a big fuss over. What I like about it is the display and menu style. Its real clean, but i wished it had a bit more tools and some built-in games in it. As for the keyboard, the buttons are kinda hard and take a while to get used you but after a while you can text away comfortably. The mp3 player sounds great and I see no flaws, plus it the phones come with ear-phone which is very conveinent. The battery life is moderate, it has only died on on my while making a call once so far.

I dig it.

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great phone ;]]


Oct 12, 2009 by jakeboi18

i think its great for a person that likes to text a lot but doesnt want a real palm-pilot type of phone i have had mine for 6 months and i am now getting a new phone because i think it is time for a new upgrade but overall the phone is great.

Pros: big screen, qwerty keyboard with spaced out buttons, it comes in my favorite color blue, backgrounds and ringtones are easy to find and use, loud speaker phone, SD card slot.

Cons: no flash for camera, i don't have Internet except for the cricket Internet, cant download certain games pictures videos or ring tones, it cuts off if you go to fast through texts or Internet, the screen gets scracthed up really easily.

but overall the phone is great and i recommend it for an easy texting experience.

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Love the samsung 450


Aug 18, 2008 by jeans94621

I was one of the ones who rush out and bought the samsung 410 and was disappointed almost out of the box. My main problem with the 410 was the battery life. It had the shortest battery life out of any phone I have ever had and that is a lot. I was not impressed with the keyboard either. And I never could find a data cable for it. So even though it had little space to download music without the data cable I couldn't even put one song or ringtone on it. But I am in love with the 450. First of all the box contained not only the data cable but stereo headphones also a first for metro believe me. I pop in my memory card and plugged the phone into my computer and I was a downloading fool. The music player is great. The ease of use is great. I love the way the phone looks. The 410 had a toy like appearance. The 450 doesn't look like the sidekick as a lot of people have said but it is nice looking. It is a little bigger than the 410, but the 450 keyboard is put together way better. And easier to use. For all of those who were disappointed in the 410 give the 450 a try you will love the differences. Oh yeah and the camera is great improvement also.

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