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Samsung could have done better


Dec 10, 2011 by blancajim

The only thing going for this phone is the large, easy to read display. Features like included ring tones provide little choice, I guess they want to make more money from you by selling you more ring tones. What I really hate, is when I pick up the phone to make a call, I always hit the camera button and activate the camera. I'm going to try to disable that button with some glue. Overall I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone!

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A Beast (:


Nov 29, 2010 by Jolesy94

Ha I love this phone. One of the greatest of the great. I would put this over a phone with smart phone features any day. I think this deserves a 4.8 rating actually but that option isn't available

Very Durable- I've dropped this phone at least ten times a day, its been in the toilet, and through everything else possible. It still works almost perfectly!

Battery- Before my phone took a nose dive in the toilet it had a great battery, for me. I text pretty much every five minutes so my battery lasts around two days. However after the toliet it got worse but now its back to normal.

Great Signal through Straight Talk

Very sturdy and I love the heavy weight.

The vibrate tends to come and go since I dropped it in the toilet.

It has turned off randomly maybe one a week before the toilet.

No matter I can't complain, I've had it since May and even though the phone itself is old and outdated its perfect for me

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Best Phone I have ever had!!


Oct 27, 2010 by skittles19

I admit that it wasn't perfect but it was pretty damn close...., it was by far the best phone from cricKet and i wish i would have never bought a new phone and decided to play in some water with it to see what would happen. I definitely found out what would happen if you put it in water and i reallllllyyyy regret it.

PROS: Awesome for texting, nice QWERTY keyboard, fast for texting, T9 worked very well, the speaker phone was loud & clear, I got service in places where you wouldn't think were possible, nice design, themes were awesome and thats about it.

CONS: small screen, slow internet, slow sometimes when you are doing a lot of texting, it only came in two colors (Blue & Green) ringtones couldn't be set to certain people, couldnt send anything from the SD card, buttons got kind of non responsive after awhile, the slider was wobbly and a case mad it worse, dirt would get in the tracks on the slider and make a gritty grinding noise, it wouldn't send messages sometimes and I would have to cut it off for it to work, and thats about it for this.

If they still have this phone for any other company (Straight Talk) then i would totally get it. Now just a little note, if you do get it for Straight Talk it will be different from cricKet or MetroPCS.

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Jan 26, 2010 by narn3049

Absolutely a zero. I used this phone at wal mart bc they have it on display.

I noticed that the keypad is really good with the qwerty and all, but the card service (net10) has really limited this phones features. A friend of mine had this and it has tons more of features. I gotta say that.

But really this phone review is the Messager and not the Net10 r450 so I continue with this.

I'm a big fan of samsung, so it's top rated. Samsung is the best


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i loved this phone


Dec 6, 2009 by mickeysnikki

this phone was my better half... i was attached to this phone i wish i still had it...

- the buttons are big enough for texters
-picture are great... it takes some the the best pictures ever.
- the battery could last for a good day n some time.

- not enough room to story texts

for me my phone died after it was thrown down a flight of cement steps, which of coruse killed the screen, but it still worked. the screen was black but the ppoor little phone still worked.

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This Phone Rocks!!!


Nov 2, 2009 by Bosshog4ever

I bought the phone from a friend a couple of days ago, and I have to say that I'm very impressed with this phone. Not only is the phone great eye candy, but it delievers with great service as well.

Large vibrant screen
Loud speakers
Spaced out Keyboard
Easy to personalize phone
Comes with MicroSD Slot for extra Memory
Great Reception
All features work great...

The phone: great. The battery: Not so great.
Can't enjoy all the phone has to offer without extra memory.

With all that said if your a MetroPCS Customer this is truly one of the best phones they have... GET ONE =)Or get the new messager, either one...

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good phone


Sep 9, 2009 by metr0man

had this phone for over a year
good batt
fine signal
unlimited service
disconnected my tmobile phone
bc i get just as good service on my metro@!

gonna upgrade to the new
messager 2 with video

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Aug 19, 2009 by cmcmillon

Well Ive had this phone for maybe 2 and a half weeks. I absolutely love it.

Pros: good signal, great sound quality, great battery, everything is great.

Cons: none

The signal strength and sound quality is great. I am with metro pcs in the dallas/forth worth area. If you are with metro pcs and do not have this phone, you should really go out and by it. I don't know about how good it holds up when you drop it because I have not dropped mines [[yet]] =] but I'm pretty sure it would hold up well, its seems like a pretty sturdy phone. I also love the qwerty keyboard since I'm a txt addict =]

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This phone SUX!!!!!!!!


Jul 16, 2009 by ShoNuff00007

This phone sucks!!!!!!! Period. The hardware has capabilities that are crippled by the OS.


I am unemployed. I want to be able to e-mail my resume from the SD card. Nope, it only allows pictures and music to be sent.

It has a GPS chip. (So everyone tells me). I cannot get software for it. I have cricket. Only MetroPCS has the software, and they won't share. Google maps does not work on it.

I want other software for it like a Bible. Nope.

It says it has stereo bluetooth. The range on the bluetooth is soooo bad that I have to hold the phone in front of me so that I get a clear signal to my earpiece.

The hardware will handle these functions. The keyboard is not that great either. I only give a vendor one shot at screwing me on a purchase. This was my first AND last Samsung phone purchase.

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May 18, 2009 by shinellypooh

This phone is awesome. I instantly fell in love with this phone as soon as i started browsing around in it.

-big screen
-texting is amazing ( at first its hard because ur hands hurt after doing it for so long but after awhile u get use to it and LOVE it)
-have a music player
-signal is great.
-the persons voice u talk to on other line doesn't sound terrible.

-The battery life could be a bit better.
-internet is kinda slow (metro atleast)
-camera doesn't have flash. (IT'S decent, The pictures r mostly pretty when ur in sunlight
-no video taking.
- turned off and on like 2 times. (rarely ever does that)

this is a really good phone and i know that u won't regret getting it.
If u do u purchase it go to http://www.myxer.com/
which can give u free ringtones, wallpaper, videos, and games((:

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