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Dec 25, 2009 by cellphoneexpert

Pros: all

cons: none

Very good phone


Nov 29, 2009 by mollymarie

I have had this phone for just about a year now, I love it because i am a big texter and its easy to use. With in 3 months i knew where all the keys were and didnt have to look. It takes good photos. Very good battery life. No video camera. It doesnt have any cases it fits in. Bummer. The only thing i dont like is after awhile everytime you hit a key it sounds like its off track and makes a clicking noise.

just got it, used phone


Aug 29, 2009 by narn3049

I got the phone used from a family member, handmedown phone. My dad got the rival, and i needed a phone voyager i had was malfunctioning, i have had a lot of phones on different networks, i use sprint and verizon as of now.

as for the phone, it is good quality, the only reason it has a 4.5 in points/stars/ os because it was dropped and it slid on the screen and so now part of the screen is scratched and not easibly seeable in sun.

vcast works good. i love the phone for that, but i got a new phone, used phone again off of ebay but in great condition motorola v276.

As far as texting goes i am a qwerty master, sadly not as fast as on the rant and rumor, bigger keys and the option of using regular keyboard to, presently not available on the rival and the blitz, but i wish it were, since i can answer calls, but to dial i have to go into contacts, and yeah, just wish they have something similar on it to the rumor and rant.

The one con i have noted in working-ness of the phone is that the phone does not have video- the guy at verizon must've not been trained right or something and he had told my dad that the phone had. had a 2.0 when it had a 1.3, and that it had video, which it didn't but he still liked the phone as in for texting.

One other thing that it could be without is the itap text, it adds new words i dont wantr and it adds words in the middle so mesage receipient gets a garbled message. if someone could help with that feature thanks. im not really a fan of the sliding open noise, but its okay, i can turn that off,. great phone for the price it is listed for. you will definetly love it

oh and parents there is a child chaperone in this phone as well. it is a great kids phone, a friend of mine has a lil bro whos 8 and has this phone and his 13 yr old friend has it too. so i would get this phone if your kid is begging you for a blackberry or an iphone, and you don't want to pay the extra money per month, this is not a windows mobile based device.:D

Amazing Phone!


Nov 17, 2008 by youkulm

I love this phone, it has to be my favorite so far that I've ever bought from verizon wireless.

The full qwerty keyboard is amazing!

I have to admit, its NOT for someone with large hands. So steer clear fellas unless you're super good at typing with your nails if you have any.

I would say the phone is geared more towards teenagers who want a texting phone with a full keyboard. It offers texting ease, e-mail, and other features such as a camera without the expensive price of a SmartPhone.. or a phone such at the EnV.

Haven't had any problems with the phone and I would recommend it to anyone.

Blown away by the Blitz


Oct 25, 2008 by mellowlen62

I just gave my Moto W755 to my son (which I liked) and got this Blitz. First, it's not what it looks like in pictures. The blue is darker and very sleek looking. It does look a bit like a handheld toy game, but I gotta tell you, this phone is simply a nice phone and a full qwerty texting device. Camera is not bad, either. The size is actually very nice, when closed up, smaller than a blackberry, when opened, a very easy, comfortable keyboard to navigate. It feels more substantial than the plasticy LGs and nobody says they can't hear me - I find the reception and clarity typical top notch
Verizon. I am also not a teenager, and people are usually impressed when they see this phone up close and personal. Everybody asks me "what is it"? Truly doesn't deserve the bad rap it's gotten from some people. I know they are marketing this phone to "kids" but maybe they should change that tactic and market this to adults who don't need or want the whistles and bells of a smartphone, but a bigger, clearer, easier handheld. I find it less rude and intrusive to text than to talk in public so I wanted the full qwerty, and this phone is just a pleasure to use. I will be keeping this for some time!!!

Good lil texter!


Apr 18, 2009 by bobby2284

This phone is good for what it is. It will SMS messages with ease and is a good choice for your kids in the 12-16 age bracket. No it is not a blackberry. Nowhere on the box or info for the phone does it claim to be or have mms capability or video or anyhting like that. And if your complaint is that its ugly youre and idiot. You are telling my you walked into verizon wireless looked and this phone read the info on it bought it then got home and went oh snap its ugly and doesnt have the features i need. LOL@ your face. There are little tags on all the phones or if youre on the website hit the more info tab. It tells you what the phone does. Then you wont have to be the Tard on here like uuuuuuhhhh it ugly and doesnt video message. You should have known that already and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If its ugly in your opinion you shouldnt have bought it in the first place. This is just an inexpensive basic text phone and it does that very well. YAY TACOS!!!

Good for Teens


Sep 10, 2008 by sledgehamer

I've got a few teenagers, and it doesnt make sense to set them up with high tech expensive phones. Especially when you consider how they treat them. This is a solid phone with excellent reception and call quality. The kids are mostly texting these days, and if theres 1 good thing to come out of this, its that they can at least learn the keys on a keyboard if they have a qwerty phone.
Phone isnt ugly, like everyone says, in fact, its quite fun to play with and feels good in your hands. But the color! Some kids might object, but when I'm paying the bill, they'll just have to deal with that.
I limit the extra capabilities on all my kids phones, except for the texting. So this phone fits the bill nicely, without having to pay for unused functionality.
A nice niche phone at aa reasonable price.

Blackberry without the hassle...


Sep 29, 2008 by NoodlesKnowles

I bought this phone with no expectations, thought I could sell it if I hated it.
I have to say I'm fully enjoying it, and for the record, I'm not a teenager or anywhere close to 17, lol.
I work in an environment that doesn't make it easy for me to receive and send calls when I get busy, but I also can't afford to pay the extra 30 bucks a month it costs for a data plan and blackberry, etc., especially because 90% of what those phones offer I don't really need. So I was happy to find a "texters" phone with a full qwerty keyboard etc.
The slider is solid as well as quiet loaded". the keyboard was easy to use once I got the hang of it(never had a full keyboard on a phone).
The UI has two different themes.
The Camera, it takes pretty good photos.
Phone comes with a USB data cable.
Battery Life is very good, I used mine fairly aggressively for 3 days and still had 3 bars left. and it charges quick
The T9 is great, it bases predictions on words you typed before, it finds the word you are looking for and you just hit the space to fill in and move on.
Signal strength is good, on par with most other Verizon phones, not as good as the Motos or Nokias they used to carry, but nothing is.
The color of the phone itself isn't as bad as it looks in the pictures on here, its a darker blue in the store
Speaker phone is mediocre at best
The sound from the phones ear piece is a bit muffled, just seems sub par.
The screen and the numerical keys are off center.
The key lock is released by hitting the OK button twice, the most prominent button, I'm always on mobile web in my pocket, and you cannot change the lock settings.
The screen is constantly back lit when charging, seems counter productive
They could have less buttons on the front, 8 buttons is 4 to many for me.
No Video

Thats about it, I'm pretty sure I'm keeping this phone, after using it for a two week period it meets and/or exceeds any needs I have, which is all I can ask for.

nice Phone


Sep 10, 2008 by DanielCPryor

PROS: Basically for the price of the phone its great. good reception, nice keyboard for texting, and an easy to use menu.

CONS: The phone manufacturer has cute a few corners to deliver an inexpensive phone. It doesn't run on the full EDVO high-speed network which means using the VZ Navigator or mail/web applications is extremely slow. Also the phone should have like 8gb of storage and 2.0 MP camera but instead has only 1.3 MP camera and 4GB of storage. This and for other reasons I can only give it four out of five stars.

Summary: If you are looking for cutting edge or high-tech this phone is not for you, but if you want a full keyboard phone that can access webmail, etc. and don't want to pay $30 a month for a data attachment plan this might be up your alley.

I would recommend this phone to teenagers whose parents cant afford an expensive phone or the high cost of data plans.



Dec 7, 2008 by mlovesem

Great keyboard (I hate the enV)
Reception & clarity
User friendly
Nice themes
Smooth slider

Screen off to the side
Camera just ok
Slips out of your hands easily...

For what it is capable of, it does a decent job. Doesn't have EVDO, can't do video, navigation can be slow, but if you're not interested in whistles and bells, just a phone and ease of texting, this will work.

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