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Best phone I EVER owned !


Dec 17, 2008 by rocketmax

This is one nice phone! Its fit and finish is superb. The qwerty keyboard is easy to use. The very large screen is crystal clear, bright and easy to read. The battery holds its charge nicely. The slider works smoothly. The entire phone has the feel of high quality. The blue color is awesome - not at all like what you see in pictures on the internet (of this phone.) The phone is fast and you can ratchet through the menus very quickly because all the control buttons are easily reached. Call quality is as good as it gets (New York.) Ringtones are so-so as most Verizon stock ringtones are; but there are a number of simple rings that work just fine, at least for my taste. Camera is easy to use and offers a choice of resolutions. Great phone for texting and talking. I am delighted with this phone - I have had LGs, Samsungs, Nokias, Motos (all good phones)- but this phone beats them all !

WOW....buy this phone!....or parish....


Sep 15, 2008 by Blitzftw

I am an indirect verizon wireless representative....i sell cell phones. In all of my 4 months of working here, i have NEVER seen a better phone than this Blitz. First off I would like to comment on the beauty of the Blitz. Notice the cobalt blue plastic finish... truly one of a kind.

Next I would like to comment on the shape of the phone. The shape is like no other phone I've sold. It fits absolutely perfect in the palm of your hand. it really does make text messaging a breeze with the slide out full QWERTY keypad that's roughly 2.5 inches wide.

I think jesus himself might of made this phone.

the shape is truly revolutionary. its oval.
the color is a blessing to the eyes, people will notice you a mile away with the Blitz.
I was once holding the blitz and a man mistoke me for P. Diddy....and IM WHITE!!

it doesnt look like a plastic turd.

Seriously, go buy this phone. Im serious, buy it. Cereal, get this phone. I'm serious. For reals, you gotta have this phone.

^^(my sales pitch)

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Cute blue phone


Nov 18, 2008 by princess32993

If you're looking for a texting phone... The blitz will be your best friend. the QWERTY keyboard is easy to use and does not make a sound while typing.

However, the phone DOES NOT record or accept flix or video messages.
The phone only has 1X service and when calling a # like 1-800-my-dog you cannot know where the m-y-d-o-g letters are because the # keys do not have letters on them.
Also, the phone has a little beep that will sound if a text or picture message was not sent due to service loss.

Overall, the phone can be used as a bragging right to show how cute and cool it looks.
But it is not sturdy and only comes in the color blue.

OK, but nothing special.


Jun 27, 2009 by Shorty Lickens

Build quality is poor but not bad. Only comes in one color but its a nice deep blue.
Slider works well, not too stiff or loose.
The body is the right size for my small hands but the buttons are too small even for little fingers. Adults will be frustrated immediately and kids will eventually get tired of it.
Battery is weak and there is no hi-capacity one to replace it. Heavy usage will kill it in less than a day. No usage will cause it to last two whole days, which is not great.
Display is wonderful for a cheap phone. Big and bright. Easy to see everything.
Call quality is mediocre. Might be a problem considering this device is aimed at parents trying to keep track of their kids.

-- Data is painfully slow and you can NOT get any sort of a data plan with this phone. Verizon does not allow it. You will pay 2 dollars per megabyte for everything you do. --
Multimedia isn't great but thats not really what the phone was designed for. It cant play many audio or video formats. You cannot assign MP3 ring tones. The media player quits when you try to do anything else.

GPS was excellent. The Verizon Navigator works well. Having a big screen makes it easy to follow directions. Having a full keypad makes it easy to enter addresses and search for your favorite locations. Speaker phone works well for audio directions.
Shame the GPS is so good because you have to pay a ridiculous price for all data usage, so you probably wont be using it much.

Overall, its only an excellent phone for serious text messengers, especially kids. Parents can supposedly use the phones GPS to track their kids, if they install the special software on a home computer. If parents could disable all data flow they wont be surprised by a huge bill at the end of the month.
Make sure you get a plan with lots of text messages per month, because thats pretty much all its good for.
Anything else and you will want a better phone.

its ok


Nov 17, 2010 by appy6309

this fone is ok. i have had a better one. i haven't even had it a full year and the battery is acting up. personally i do not recommend the phone

Not Bad!


Apr 24, 2009 by jigmaster123

-Good keyboard, similar to curve
-Not too big, not too small
-Not expensive
-Good call quality

-Really dont have any. If you are looking for a middle of the road phone that is for heavy texting, this is a good way to go.

Not the best


Feb 20, 2009 by lilyxoxo

I recently visited the Verizon store. I looked over the Voyager, Gylde, and the Shine. I noticed that the Voyager was bulky, and that the Glyde and Shine weren't for me. The Blitz had a full keyboard, and wasn't too pricey. $50. I bought the phone, and I have used it for two days. My pros and cons are:

1. Ugly. I don't like the design.
2. The camera is often blurry.
3. Doesn't compare! To other phones.
4. Small. It's a bit too small, and when it's in your pocket, it's just too tempting to open and close.
5. Not the best quality. I dropped it once, and I noticed a small crack....

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