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Absolutely Terrible


Sep 8, 2009 by PhoneUser16

Me and my wife were looking for a low end phone that would basically make calls and allow for easy texting. We chose the Sanyo Katana LX and it was the worst decision we have ever made. I have never had a cell phone with as many problems as this phone.

First: The phone blanks out all of the time for about 30 seconds while trying to do normal things like answer a call, place a call, send a text message, or open the phone. The screen goes completely blank and none of the buttons work.

Second: There is a huge delay on receiving text messages and voicemails. Sometimes a friend will text me or leave me a voicemail and I won't receive the alert until hours later. The delay has varied from 30 minutes to about 10 hours.

Third: The phone doesn't pick up all of your calls. Sometimes the phone will alert me that I have a voicemail without me ever receiving a call. I'm well aware of the fact that his happens occasionally with all cell phones, but this happens literally everyday with this phone...no exaggeration.

All of the above issues happen on my phone as well as my wife's phone.

I have Sprint Wireless phone service. I know it's not the service, because I also carry the Palm Pre as my work cell phone and I don't have any of these issues with the Palm Pre.

This phone is absolutely terrible, it flat out does not work. I would not recommend purchasing this phone.

Horrible phon


Aug 17, 2009 by bizzah

I upgraded to this phone from the Katana DLX around March. Currently, the phone I am using is my fourth (4th) phone of the exact same model. Every phone has had the exact same problem of turning itself off at random and refusing to respond to any input for at least 30 seconds. I have had the phone turn of while making a call, while texting, turning on AND off. Most impressively, I was able to turn the phone off at will, simply by attempting to read a certain pending text message. This occurred on two different phones, with two different numbers.

I would recommend staying away from this phone, as I am now stuck with it until my contract runs out because Sprint will not give me a different phone model. I asked if they would give me unlimited numbers of this model, and the answer was yes.

My software version is 1.005SP. If that makes any difference.

This is an upgrade for the Katana?????


Aug 18, 2008 by icglmt06

I have had my LX just over a month as a replacement for my Katana 2. The Sprint associate said this phone is an upgrade to the Katana line.......... Hahaha.

My experiance soo far....... regrettable.

I have had 3 Kats over the last few years and they were far better than this phone.

The LX's options are very limited and annoying to me.

Sanyo took away the color sub screen for a disappearing one, the graphics are sub par to the past, the over all look is a perfect phone for the teen crowd because it looks so childish and my microphone just decided to quit on me, leaving me on my way back to Sprint for yet another replacement just over a month after getting this one!!!!

Overall, I am very, very unhappy with this phone and hope Sprint will do their part to get me into a better phone.

Great entry level


May 27, 2008 by samrimmoto

Great entry level phone with good basic features. Internet is G2 Sprint’s offering is comparable to others. Sprint Navigation a plus for occasional users; $2.99/day plus data package. Can be used with Sprint’s Family Locator GPS tracking program. (STRONG RECOMD: Get the data pack if you plan to use Sprt Nav. $0.03/kb without = $$$$ data overage). Bluetooth is great. Tested Motorola H680 & the Jabra BT2010 both sound and work great. The mirror finish shows finger prints galore & plastic case fair durability; Katana II metal case. All Sanyo phones have great parental controls for restricting usage; phonebook only in/out, special numbers, data. Good kids phone or for mature adult. No music or MP camera but HEY it’s a value priced phone. You want the bells and whistles you will have to pay for it.

The Best Free Phone Yet


Apr 23, 2008 by oldla3

Right to the Point!

Pros: Everything!!! Easy to use features and on top of that, its easy to navigate through the menu's to get to the features. Speaker phone is Sanyo's typical high quality/volume. The camera is good, wont replace your actual digital camera, but no cell phone does. Great battery life and Comfortable to hold...

Cons: Camera: only does still shots (no video) and no flash
Web: Vision only, not Power Vision
Messaging: Does not do Voice SMS

Not too many flaws in this phone. If you do a lot of internet surfing ( I Mean A LOT) or use the camera for business purposes, don't get this phone. As for everyone else... I sell multiple carriers for a living, and have been for 8 years and I have to say, THIS IS THE BEST FREE* PHONE I HAVE SEEN!!!

*I have looked around, and though Sprint is selling it for fifty dollars, most places are free or will be when they get it...

Fatal Design Flaw


Sep 29, 2008 by kell44

how could someone who designs phones as their product ever think that combining the side volume control with the mute feature be a good idea???? The speaker's are too low and as you try to increase the volume to hear it turns on the mute key without you even knowing. then you need to look at screen to see where the unmute soft key is, meanwhile you have missed what the caller said or worse, they hung up since there wasn't any response!! another fatal flaw, it's the smallest volume control/mute lever at 1/8" in length

Really poor design for actual use of cell phone!

The best phone ever!


Apr 30, 2008 by jsee

This is the best basic phone ever! A lot better than the Sanyo DLX and a lot a lot better than the Sanyo katana 2. The only flaw is that finger prints show up everywhere. It seems durable. Reception is perfect. The call quality is perfect. Camera is perfect. Really cool and pact with features. The best basic phone ever. The keypads glow perfectly. Its really really shiny. Its very thin. And really more up-to-date than other sanyo phones. I'm not sure witch one is better, the sanyo mm-8300 or the katana lx? This phone works really well. I'm proud to say I own it. So please go out and buy it, you will see what im talking about.

Best Phone


Dec 30, 2011 by geomacy2000

This is the best all round phone I have ever owned. Mine was brand new when I got it. Some phones are refurbished. I have had nothing but problems with any Samsung product. Good talk time & mine never ever shut down. I am upset when switching to boost & cannot use my Katana & got a Motorola I412 what a piece of garbage. I loved this phone & the color.

Hate it, but it's getting me through


Mar 1, 2010 by lipsofaprincess

Previously owned a few sanyo katanas. 1 black, 2 pink ones all by fluke accidents had to be replaced.

My mom has the white one & my boyfriend has the black one.

We all agree that was our fave phone.

When my freak accident happened to my phone & could not be repaired this sanyo katana lk was sold to me because it was an 'upgrade' & most comparable. Well unfortunately i trusted the phone company.

I have had nothing but trouble.

I dislike the camera bc you cannot shut off the shutter sound... its just soo loud

My phone will randomly alert me with a beep when i get a text, other times you only see the little red flash going off. When i get a phone call it will choose to ring at times.

I will also receive texts on time, but usually theyre an hour late or even up to two days late. Will get a voicemail with no missed call..

I frequently use my alarms they go off daily, the time never changes. It will go off most of the time, but when you hit dismiss, it will still go off for the next 40 mins or so.

I use the side buttons when the phone is closed to check the time.. or to see if i have a missed alert and i have to press the button ten times before it actually lights up... or to mute a phone call that i cant take.

I send and receive a good hundred texts daily and if i dont close all my screens and click missed alerts i will lose my text or it will randomly put itself somewhere in my messages.. so if i had texts at 1:00 1:01 2:30.. and i got a text at 2:40 it would be found between the 1:oo & 1:01. but usually i have a good hundred texts and its impossible to find. or if i get the same 'hello' text it will also delete itself because it might have been the exact same text a few hours prior.

This phone is so weird.

I do however like when you charge the phone that the outer display screen goes away. On my other katana it lit up my room at night.

Wouldnt recommend it. But i gotta stick it out until my contract is up..

Since Sat night


Oct 13, 2009 by SprintJenNH

I have had the phone 48 hours.

Loud ringer
good text, speed and ease

hate the navigation bc you you cannot see the screen when close the phone.
no power on to alert. All my other sanyos when the alarm goes off the phone turns on.. what happened?

the phone is ok but navigation is a big down for me:(

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