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Good Phone...but not for everyone


Mar 7, 2009 by Father Nebro

I'll start with the reason you shouldn't buy this phone as it's probably the reason you're reading this. You don't really need this phone if you just want to make calls and text. Touch screen texting does take a while to get used to, and once you're used to it...it's still kind of a pain. This phone can also turn into a QWERTY touch keypad, but I think that makes it worse, the letters are very close together (but I have big hands so it might be me).
If you get this phone you should also get the VCast plan, If you don't have VCast then having this phone is a waste of money. It has the fastest EVDO browser of any phone I've ever tried. The touch screen on this is very useful and you can turn the phone wide ways and browse as you wish. The phone is YouTube friendly (just incase you were wondering). However some web pages take a long time to load and are very difficult to navigate. You can't really make online purchases which was a big negative for me.
It has a 3.0 mega pixel camera w/ flash which is very nice, but it does not have a zoom feature.
It has 5 shortcut keys on the main screen.
Messaging, Contacts, Dial Pad, Menu and the most unique favorites. You choose 9 contacts and can have quick access for calling and texting them (this was the most useful feature on the phone IMO).
If you double touch the main screen or opt to put in an extra shortcut button on the top right. You can customize other shortcuts. This was also a very nice feature as I made it so I had instant access to the calc, tip calc, pictures, ring tones, my Verizon and a few other tools.
It has an good music player. It was very easy to navigate through and produced a decent sound quality through the speaker.
All in all it's a good phone, but like I've already said, it's really pointless for some people to have. I had technical issues with this phone, Verizon had to replace it twice.
If you want the touch screen, but you don't want the internet, just buy a Voyager instead.

I Took The Dare!


Feb 6, 2009 by Popcorn.

I live in Westerville, OHIO. I have Verizon Wireless. I have Software Version 5.

This phone, by far, is one of the BEST Verizon phones I've owned. There isn't much to complain about with this phone. It's almost flawless, but almost isn't perfect. That's why I rated it a 4.5 instead of a 5. There probably isn't any phone out there that is actually a 5! Every phone has it's flaws or cons. The pros definitely outweigh the cons with this one.

Although I heard Software Version 6 fixes almost all the issues/bugs.

The phone fits perfect in your hand.
The signal is good/great where I live.
The camera is amazing. As well as it's features.
The audio is wonderful.
The clarity of the screen is nice.
The screen is nice and big.
The favorites menu is awesome!
The call quality is fine by me.
The touch is very responsive.
It's easier to text on than expected.
The speakerphone is loud!
The playback audio of sounds/video is great.
The full web is amazing!!

The video streaming could be better.
It doesn't save Camera settings.
Sometimes the touch is false.
I wish there were more themes.
When texting on T9 then switching to Landscape and back, it switches to ABC and not to WORD as I have it.

Overall, this phone is very great. Way better than I ever expected. Especially after reading people's reviews. I don't usually go toward touch screens, but this one is worth a try.

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Excellent Phone, very few drawbacks


Nov 24, 2008 by rabia1988

I picked up this phone in July, shortly after it came out. Since then I have been very impressed with it. Initially when I got it, the touch screen gave lots of false positives, and noticed some random reset here and there, and major clipping with bluetooth where it would cut me out for 3-5 seconds. All of these were not major issues, but little annoyances. I got the V05 update from my local Verizon store (Delafield, WI) and I must say there were some good improvements. The touch is more sensitive, and responsive and the bluetooth is fixed. Still have a few random resets tho. No biggie. But onto the important stuff. Here's a list of pros and cons in my opinion...

- AMAZING battery life (3 days w/ heavy texting and calling)
- Good responsive touch screen
- Better media player than other VZW phones
- Good camera (3.2 MP) with some fun options
- Drawing pad is amusing for long class lectures
- Easy to text w/ prediction or full qwerty keyboard (I found a tip that if you calibrate the screen holding the phone horizontally like you're using the full qwerty it helps a lot, and this is true)
- Good antenna, haven't had any issues with service at all
- Durable, have dropped the phone numerous times and it's still chugging (GET A SCREEN PROTECTOR!!!)
- Favorites menu for contacts
- 3.5 mm headset jack is very convenient when your ipod dies lol
- Nice looking screen
- Overall a fun phone to use
- Firmware update
- External stereo speaker that is actually loud!


- Initial bugs (obviously)
- No visual vmail yet
- False positives (expected w/ a touch phone)
- Needs more themes!! (only has a black and a white theme)
- Recommend getting a screen protector (Invisible Sheild...it's indestructible!)
- V05 Firmware upgrade only available in "select markets" for now

All in all a great phone that really can take advantage of Verizon's Network, it has a great antenna and battery, but most of all, it's a fun phone!!

Solid Phone, Great services


Nov 23, 2008 by dalarpguy

I've had this phone for a while now, and I've constantly been impressed. It is fast, easy to use, and very powerful. It is one of the best phones on the verizon network. But it is not without it's faults.

The camera. It is amazing!
Very good screen resolution
Easy to use menu system
The favorites list (displays the pictures of nine contacts of your choice, and all you have to do is drag their pictures to icons to either call or text them)
Choice of either QWERTY keyboard or T9 input
Good for video (if you have software to convert video format)
Very good browser for a 1st party browser
3.5mm jack (does not require special headphones

Music player does not play in track order, only alphabetical by song name (This won't bother most, but it REALLY bugs me)
Scrolling is not as smooth as some smartphones
Schedule is not very good, and can be difficult to use
Games are difficult to control on the touch screen

This is a very good phone that I'd recommend to multimedia gurus and people who need a good browser without stepping up to a smartphone. But do not expect miracles out of it. It does many things better than other phones, but if you need functionality, spent the extra money on a smartphone (Blackberry's new storm is similarly priced, but is less multimedia focused). But if you don't need the scheduler or the other smartphone features, this is THE BEST option on any network.

I absolutely Love This Phone...


Nov 11, 2008 by markymark1974

I migrated my service from Qwest Wireless to Verizon about a month ago. Before that I spent about two months researching phones with various carriers. I finally Verizon because of the coverage. I chose this phone I wanted something with a touch screen. After one month I can honestly say I am still in love with it. Here are pros and Cons


Incredible battery life,I text and web surf a lot and go about three days without a charge, bright screen. EVDO pretty fast in most areas I use it.


Qwerty key pad a little hard to use for those of us with fat thumbs. Camera a little hard to get used to, but excellent resolution. I feel like I am constantly wiping down the screen to remove smudges.

What a phone!!!!!


Nov 7, 2008 by iacon72

This is real easy. This phone as far as I am concerned is the best touch screen phone that verizon has on the market right now. Nice size screen, customizable, user friendly and touch sreen works like a gem. Everything about this phone is real nice. LG has done a great job. People are always comparing new touch screens to the iphone. I say if you want an iphone go to AT&T and buy it.. If your with Verizon and you want a great solid touch screen phone this is the phone hands down. As far as battery life goes I have not had a problem at all. I text like crazy and use the phone for calls and it will last a good two to three full days on one charge with heavy heavy use. The screen gets finger prints on it sure, when you are done texting or talking to someone wipe the screen. If you are in the market for this type of phone you will not be disappointed.

From the Voyager to the DARE...


Oct 21, 2008 by neaster07

Allow me to get right to the point...

- Comfortable Size
- Loud Speakerphone
- Great Music Player
- MicroSD allows up to 8GB
- Touch Screen is very responsive
- Texting is easy
- Set Videos as wallpaper
- Short Cuts are helpful
- Scrolling is fast
- Text to Speech is good
- Internet Browser is fantastic
- Vcast is entertaining
- Navigation is great
- 3.2mp Camera/Recorder is amazing
- Edit, Crop, and Draw on photos
- Convert handwriting to text
- Bluetooth Stereo is nice
- Voice commands are helpful
- Thin and Lightweight
- Great Signal in north AL

- QWERTY keypad on screen is small
- Battery life is 2 days max
- Does not offer Mobile TV

I upgraded to the Dare from the Voyager. I was very pleased with my Voyager but I decided to give the Dare a chance because of the positive feedback I had been given from friends. All around the Dare is an awesome phone in my opinion. It is perfect for the individual who enjoys having a handset that is media based and does a little bit of everything. I thought the Voyager was such a wonderful phone and I didn't want to get away from that style, but the Dare turned out to be pretty awesome. I recommend this phone to anyone except those who oppose a touch screen.

Verizon has done it!!!!


Oct 17, 2008 by skymaster

I previously worked for Verizon and I have owned just about every phone that they have offered. I just got my Dare (and I may be jumping the gun a little bit) but I love it. This phone replaced the Glyde that was one of the biggest disappointments. The touch screen is great and texting with it is a breeze. The pictures and video are phenomenal. The sound quality is good and syncing the music from my computer to my phone could not have been easier. The battery life is good and the phone is cosmetically pleasing. All around I think that this is the best phone I have ever owned and I have had alot of them. If you are considering purchasing this phone I say go for it. GREAT PHONE!!! It is not too pricey either if you have the new every two. Verizon has finally put a phone out there that is worth praise!!!!

VERY Nice phone indeed!


Jul 15, 2008 by lennydude

I have been with VZW for many years now. I have the Moto V9M Razor 2 and the Dare. Both are great phones BTW
I was holding out for the new iPhone and saw this at my local VZW store. Played with it for about an hour and went back on July 3rd and bought it. Got it for $159.99 with my discount.
I had the Voyager and was not at all happy with it. Everyones likes and dislikes are so different.
First off i need the qualities a great phone has. Clear sound, great signal, loud ringers, great speaker phone and great texting. Only then do the "other" added features mean much to me, after all it is a phone!
I took the iPhone back and paid the restocking fee. Not a great "phone" at all. Good multimedia "device" but bad signal, average sound, below average speaker, and average ringers. Camera sucks. But the texting down right sucks!! No 3G for 90% of users!
Add the Dare......it indeed ranks 100% IMO for all the basics a phone should be and the texting which i do alot of is so very easy! Having a texting screen that goes to landscape mode is a hugh plus! Whoever designed the interface and programing for this phone........guess what?........they actually do use a cell phone and are not just engineers! Absolutely amazing what they have done with this phone.
It has all the features i will ever use and then some. I have added all my ringtones and wallpaper and contacts VERY easily and am using the Dare as my #1 daily use phone. I am on the web browser all the time, and use most all the features of the phone and the battery doesn't even come close to failing during the day, Lowest i have had is 2 bars.
VZW really does have a BIG hit on their hands here folks. Do not hesitate.........just go get one and use it for a week and you will be amazed!
I held off writing this review so i could have the new iPhone in hand to compare them.
Dare is the one!!!! Just get it, you will NOT be disappointed!

I DARE YOU to Find a Better Phone From Verizon!!


Jul 14, 2008 by Lawrencefarm

Ok, so here it goes:

Screen- Is huge, Bright, Crisp, and Colorful!
Touch- Response is great, once you pass the learning curve of which part of your thumb to press with.
Camera- 3.2 MEGAPIXELS!!!!! I don't have anything else to say!
Texting- There are so many different ways to enter text, and they're all a snap, and fun with the Dare.
RingTones- Comes with really nice ones preloaded, and you can have someone send you an MP3 file and save it as a ringtone, so you spend less and enjoy more! \
Home Screen- You can have animations as your wallpaper, and that just makes life so much more fun!

It's not an iphone, other than that, I seriously don't have any complaints, except maybe a little difficulty loading my music onto an 8g micro sd card, which I've heard from other Dare owners, hopefully I can figure it out soon, since it wasn't a cheap card!

If you have an upgrade or are starting out with verizon, GET THE DARE!

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