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LG Dare VX-9700


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Jul 9, 2008 by Phone Psycho

Had it for a day gone the next every new phone that comes out for verizon i get that looks good this phone from LG is no iphone killer the touch screen is something u have to get used to and sometimes doesn't respond to the first touch the call quality is not so good the other person i was on the phone with could hear a echo always signal strength wasn't that good in my basement i would get one bar or none and it would chop up alot when i would be in my basement talking on it where other phones like moto or blackberry which i also had would get 2 or 3 bars before i bought this phone i had the blackberry curve great phone only thing i didn't like about it was kinda big and no sure type like the pearl after returning the dare i went back to the pearl i must say hands down bilberry makes better phones than other company.

battery life good
lots of things to play with on this phone

signal strength
touch screen not good have to hit the screen more than once sometimes
call quality



Jul 9, 2008 by ladypmj

I've had this phone for 5 days now and I'm not sure it is the phone for me. I have a real problem with the placement of the microphone. I have to be careful about how I hold the phone or I find I cover it with my hand and the person I'm calling can't hear me. I talk with customers and take orders and find that most of the time I'm covering the microphone with my left hand while writing with my right. Has anyone experienced this problem?

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hate this phone!!!


Sep 18, 2009 by lopez909

this phone looks cool at first and that was my biggest mistake buying it because it seems cool.. Ive had this phone well over 6 months now, and i hate it. not good for texting and making calls suck.. qwerty key bored sucks because of the touch screen, your always pushing the wrong letter. me and my girlfriend have this phone.. when we talk on it we always get a nasty echo on the phone.. and even when i call friends and family they always complain about the echo.. sound like if there on speaker phone. i had this same issue with the voyager i highly don't recommended this phone.

THE LG Dare is a piece of GARBAGE


Jan 18, 2009 by bmwbmw

Next week I will be picking up my FIFTH Dare.
YES I SAID MY FIFTH DARE. This is by far the worst phone I have ever owned. Verizon will not refund my money, and offered me a "downgrade" or another Dare. I have been with Verizon for over 15 years and several phones. Every time i get a LG, I want to scream. Today I was told that I should remove the battery every 2-3 days to reset the phone. Are you kidding? The browser sucks, people complain that my voice goes in and out, the phone shuts itself off 3-4 times a day, it will not connect to my bluetooth or sometimes it disconnects from my bluetooth. I do have one good thing to say though - the battery is long lasting - but then again it shuts itself off and that saves battery life!

I severely regret pushing my family and friends to VZW - if I switch, they will be out of my in-calling. VZW - you got me!

Love this phone!!!!!!!!


Jan 9, 2009 by monkey0717

I Love this phone the touch screen has its problems but all touch screens do. I wouldn't trade for nothing. Some say i am crazy but i love this phone way more than the storm. Weird i know either way i really think everyone should try it out this phone kicks butt!!!!

not impressed


Jan 6, 2009 by nino4

Let me start by saying I have never done a review before but felt compelled to do so on this $35 mistake. I say that because that is what I am being charged as a restocking fee. I am coming from a motorola v327 very basic phone which I believe to be a way better phone. I wanted to like this phone so bad. The call quality sucks. The person you are talking to can hear everything but you. I was talking to my mom and she screamed what kind of power tool are you using, I was filling a pot with water to make spaghetti. She politely told me not to call her back until I got a new phone or was somewhere totally silent. It calls people even when the keys are locked, but dont worry they can hear everything being said real well even if the phone is zipped up in your purse, I know because I was talking to my ex which I hadnt seen for a while whom my husband really does not like and guess what.... it called my husband so he to got to hear the whole conversation. This phone sucks. To answer it you have to hit the unlock symbol usually 3 times, by the time you get that done you have missed the call. The touch screen is awful for scrolling. I have practiced and practiced and just when I think I have it figured out ...s**t and so close. The phone is also hard to hold you can forget holding it on your shoulder and cooking dinner oh but you cant do that anyway because your family and all your friends will go deaf and then I would have to text which that to is awful. I guess maybe my ipod touch spoiled me because this ain't even close. Anyway find a different phone. Please AT&T come to my area so I can get a real touch phone.

wasted money


Dec 20, 2008 by szybki

I am not a geek or anything. I just use the phone and the GPS and that's it. But there is a problem with this phone. A serious one. It's the automatic level control of its microphone.

You see cell phones are made different. But all of them have some sort of noise cancelling or self level adjustment. I had many cell phones in my life but this one is the worst of them all.

Don't get me wrong. The overall feel is perfect. Touch screen, menu, features etc.
Everything is almost perfect. Almost - because if you leave the GPS navigator on it sometimes freezes but it is not a big deal.
I don't care about that. The GPS is so good, that I won't complain about this very little downside.

However the microphone leveling is horrible.
Let me explain:
When you talk on the phone in a loud enviroment - the microphone picks up everything around and then self adjusts the level, so when you speak - the surrounding sounds fade, but when you stop - the noises from around pickup immediately. When that happens - the person you speak to can't understand anything. It's just a mess. For the recipient the background noises are as loud as myself. Sometimes louder. You can't talk like that - you have to repeat every sentence. Forget using this phone in a restaurant, disco or on a boat. If you want to use DARE in a loud enviroment - forget it.
Just get any other type. Whatever is better that this. I am very disappointed. I am thinking about returning it.

i took the Dare.glad i did


Dec 7, 2008 by iwasthetas

as much as i enjoy my enV and 9400 this phone is what they are missing as separates and much more. i didnt think i could get small and light and get better performance.boy was i wrong. Pros: easy to learn keypad and menu system,looks,size,battery life ,and oh my the reception! wow. call quality is very good and natural.bluetooth call range is another plus.gobs of internal memory ,now i can put as many of my homemade tones as i want. i am doing this review from its browser,full web at blazing speed is great.Cons false positives but ive found if i lay it on its back they are worse than holding it 90*if you desire a phone that will do all you need and has an awesome multimedia capacity i dare you to give this one the Verizon 30 day test drive but be warned youll never want to go back to physical keypads again.now if i can only figure out how to make separate paragraphs

If you need a phone.....


Nov 30, 2008 by BobbyPheonix

If you are looking for a PHONE first this is it. The best calling quality out of ANY other cell phones I had used on ANY network. Bonus starts after that. I have the premium calling plan, and that gives me one price a month for unlimited data (web), text, picture, and video sending and receiving, it also includes unlimited VZ navigator with the plan. Great feel, and quality build. With all the other reviews I will keep it short. Get this phone, and you will be very happy.

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