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Good little flip


Oct 21, 2009 by muchdrama

PROS: Nice, solid construction. GREAT tactile feedback on the keypad. Nice interior screen with decent GUI.

CONS: Poor earpiece sound; it's tinny and hollow sounding. Poor volume on the ringers. Weak vibration mode.

SIGNAL/SOUND: Good signal. Crappy sound all around.

OVERALL: A decent effort on Moto's part; just work on that sound.

I'm on the Verizon network in South Florida.

Great basic phone.


May 8, 2009 by seagirl

I am very happy with this phone. I have had it for about 2 weeks. It replaces a Samsung M300.

The Motorola phone paired very easily with the Bluetooth in my car.

I really like the touch screen. I can turn the Bluetooth on/off without opening the phone. Also, I can switch to vibrate only without opening the phone.

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Motorola W 755


Feb 9, 2009 by skybound77

I first signed up with Verizon just back the first of November. So far this phone has been nothing short of excellent in build quality, battery life, and call quality. Motorola has really improved. Excellent reception. Between Verizon and the phone itself, I've never had a call drop yet! Fits my big hands well too. Very satisfied with this phone!

excellent basic phone


Feb 4, 2009 by knuckleballer34

For the few months I did have service with Verizon, this phone was very enjoyable to use. From the outside it's easy to tell that the phone is a more modern dressed up RAZR, but from a performance standpoint the RAZR was a solid phone to begin with. Motorola does a pretty good job with this one too.

-most importantly, the phone gets very good reception and holds a signal well
-clear call quality
-ample earpiece and speakerphone volume
-very comfortable to text on, and to navigate keys "by feel"
-easy to use menu
-solidoverall build and feel
-good lighting

-slightly subpar battery life
-useless music player...this is more Verizon's fault than the phone
-cannot use bluetooth for anything except a wireless headset...again Verizon's own doing and not the phone itself

Overall this is a pretty good phone. It gets excellent reception and does what a phone is supposed to do: make and hold a call. Texting is a breeze as well. As you have the phone for longer, the "fun factor" doesn't really wear off which is nice to have. The battery life does leave a lot to desire...I was disappointed with this. Talk time was only between two and three hours. For heavy texters and data users this may be a problem. If your looking for a phone to make a few calls on and send out a few messages a day, it probably doesn't get better than this. I'd recommend this phone, it's a good one!

Moto W755 great phone, great price!


Jan 26, 2009 by Sonata99

I have this phone and it is a pretty good phone overall. The phone is easy to use and has great sound quality. The calls that are made are clear and with the Verizon network I have not gotten any dropped calls so far. The phone has a good music player the as ability to access Verison Rhapsody subscriptions. I like this feature the most. The phone has a micro SD card slot that makes adding music to the phone a breeze.

The phone also have a pretty good camera, wish it had a flash but oh well. The pics that come from the camera a crisp and clear. The phone also takes good videos. I take videos a lot this this phone and send them to a lot of people and they say they are very clear and have good sound.

The phone it's self reminds me of v3 razr but not as wide. It has updated software from the v3 with makes it easyer to use and navigate. The menus and icons are clear and viable in most lighting conditions.

The the most part I am happy with this phone, Motorola has put out an nice phone with many great qualities. Try it yourself, I think you will like it!

Great non-text message business phone


Jan 14, 2009 by Common

Every year it seems, my company replaces phones with a more reliable, faster, and business-worthy phone. This time, I have had the honor of owning this phone now for about 5 months. If your a business-professional that requires very little use of text-messaging, this phone has your name on it. Here's what I know.

-loud phone earpiece
-calls are clear
-well built
-rubberized (i like it b/c it doesn't skid in my car)
-great external media controls
-bright screen
-buttons feel like "buttons"
-lots of media/storage options
-speakerphone is loud

-short battery life (buy the extended)
-music essentials kit is mediocre at best

overall, excellent replacement to any clam shell phone.

Great Phone


Dec 25, 2008 by ddman1

I have to agree with everyone else on this forum Great Phone have had no problems with it
speaker phone- loud can hear it very well
easy to use
camera is ok
only problem would be the ring tones not a lot of choose from

Have had many phones nokia, moto, audiovox,samsung, moto is one of the best :)

Sweet Phone


Nov 16, 2008 by LolliPOP121

This phone is really cool. This is my first phone and its really user-friendly.And, its cute! Mine is purple.

Good Ringtones
Good Pre set backrounds
Nice time display

Smallish Screeen

Overall Rating: 4.5

Excellent Phone


Jun 2, 2008 by agarcia1


I am not a brand loyalist, as I am more interested in the product; not the nametag. However, I'm coming from an LG VX-8700 after previously owning the Moto E815.

I was immediately attracted to the W755. The soft touch paint makes the phone easy to handle and it feels solid with a nice, sturdy hinge. The Bluetooth is easy to turn on and off using the touch screen.

I struggle with texting on most phones, but not with the W755. The keyboard is well thought out and has excellent tactile response. This is the easiest clamshell phone for my big fingers to use. iTap works far better than LG's offering.

A big plus (I wish LG would pay special attention to this) is Motorola's excellent speakerphone. I love that I can turn on the speakerphone and IT WILL STAY ON until I choose to turn it back off, even with the lid closed. My old VX-8700 has the most unfriendly speakerphone ever designed.

Bluetooth works as expected. I have not had any significant issues with either a Motorola H700 or a Plantronics Voyager 520, but I get a little better distance from the Plantronics. Regardless, both paired easily and work okay.

The screen is a little on the small side, but it's sharp and sufficient for my needs. In short:

1. Great feel; nice size
2. Great call quality
3. Loud ringers
4. Strong vibrate
5. Speakerphone works well
6. Reception about as good as any quality phone, and better than my VX-8700
7. Mini USB charger interface
8. Menu is fairly fast
9. Good voice dialing
10. Multiple missed call alerts (LG only beeps once)

1. Not much protection for camera lens
2. The same old, miserable Verizon-forced menu
3. Unable to set sounds as ringers, even after texting them to yourself
4. Very few ringers provided, out of which only 2 are decent

1. Acceptable battery life under heavy use
2. Micro-SD port is under the battery
3. Has a 2.5mm jack
4. Typical small screen on the cover
5. 1.3 MP camera

Great Phone!


Jul 21, 2008 by WKG

I got this phone to replace my aging RAZR. Had it for about a month now and thought I'd post a few thoughts on it.

Excellent reception, no dropped calls yet even in difficult areas.
Sound quality is clear.
Much faster menus, navigating and texting is quick and easy.
Tactile keypad.
Sharp, easy to read screens.
Good size, easy to handle, no problem at all using on the run with one hand.
Music player is decent. Exterior controls are convenient.
Battery life is sufficient.
2.5mm headphone jack.

Could have a stronger vibrate.
Screen is a little small but no hindrance.
Memory card is under the battery but I don't need to remove it often anyway.

Overall it’s a great phone. Seems very well built and sturdy so far. The soft touch exterior is a nice touch. The speakerphone is good, easy to hear in the car on the road. The speakers are loud enough to listen to music at my desk and have enough power to drive a set of Future Sonic IEMs at an adequate volume. You will need an adapter to go from 3.5mm to 2.5mm for most headphones however. Camera is ok , for a phone. I have a real camera if I need one. If you want an easy to use, solid little phone with excellent reception this is a good choice.

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