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The Moto W755


Jul 9, 2008 by motocellman

As a Motorola cell fan for years, I believe that this phone is the most excellent one Motorola has designed!!
This replacement to the RAZR3 has amazing upgrades and capabilities. For those who said the camera sucks, you need to adjust your settings when in the picture mode (i.e. white balance, brightness, resolution, ect).
Excellent speakerphone
Excellent camera & video
Superior voice options
Built in ICE setting
Great Memory options (up to 4 GB extra)
Slim & attractive even in leather case
External vibrate mode

None I have found

Truly the best value for your buck!!

Motorola Won Me Back!


Jun 8, 2008 by ebjs3andebay

First I was a big fan of LG Phones. Owned the LG8000 LG8300 LG8600 and the Envy. I upgraded my LG8600 with the moto w755 and my wife upgraded hers with the purple Moto W755.

The Phone itself is great looking and a very sturdy phone. It has all the features that I need like music, camera and of course making calls. The call quality is excellent and the ringers are loud as well as the speaker phone being clear. One of the many things that is great with this phone is the controls outside of the phone can turn your bluetooth on and off as well as control your music. The other great thing with this phone is the price. I highly would recommend this phone to anyone.

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Awesome Solid Phone


Jun 23, 2008 by tropicalisland

I have had this phone for a little over 2 weeks. Motorola really hit the jackpot with this one. I have the purple one. I always gravitated and had the LG's, which I still like, but this motorola is out of this world. Ringers are decent and very loud, even though the phone doesn't have the stereo speakers like on my previous LG 8350. Sound quality is superb, like a landline. Menus and graphics are awesome. The phone is very solid. not at all flimsy. Very well made. I love the soft touch paint. Easier to hold, and not slippery at all. Fits nicely in your hand, perfect size. Battery life is decent. With the wider keypad, texting is so much easier. People say the indise screen a little too small. Just right for me, I feel it's a decent size. Very bright, as well as the outside screen. You can see it in the sun even. There is really nothing negative I can say about this phone. I use it to talk, text, download wallpapers, songs from VZW, etc. Motorola madea superb phone, and a very solid one at that. If anyone is thinking about getting this phone, you won't be disappointed! I sure wasn't. It does what I need it to do, and very well at that!! GO Motorola!!

Can't go wrong with this phone!


Jul 4, 2008 by broudst

This is my third Moto. I use my phone for business and participate in a lot of long conference calls. I don't download music or care about the camera. I'm most interested in call quality, signal strength, and bluetooth connectivity. My previous phone was the Krzr and the W755 is a great upgrade. This phone is absolutely solid!

Pros include:
- Call quality
- Pairs easily with bluetooth headset
- Easy bluetooth on/off (touch controls)
- New menus (love the Vapor theme)
- Good battery life, but not exceptional
- Great reception
- Excellent speaker phone
- Loud ringers
- Good ringer selection
- Large fonts for digital clock
- Easy to text
- Nice size
- A lot of programmable features

Cons include:
- Doesn't have a cool name
- Looks are average
- Vibrate weaker than I'd like

With my old Krzr the features were a little quirky (most things worked as advertised, but not everything). I have not noticed this with the W755. This phone does virtually everything well and I have had no problems with it in the three weeks that I've had it.

Good Phone


Jun 23, 2008 by sixersman12

Hello all,
I bought this phone with great hope, that hopefully it would pan out to be a great phone.And indeed, it is!The front is absolutely stunning and poses a very gorgeous look. I love the sizr of the phone, the fact that it is very thin and just great looking.I have had success with downloading music, downloading ringtones and taking pictures. The camera is not so great, but if i want to pictures, I just bring my camera.
I give this phone a 4.5. out of 5, and I recommend this phone!

Motorola W755(verizon)


Jul 3, 2008 by prpletiger

I just changed from the Moto V325 to the Moto W755. I got the purple one. I love this phone. It has awsome features at a very affordable price.
*Excellent call quality
*Reception is excellent-have never lost signal,dropped a call or cut out(Verizon)
*Battery life awsome-can talk,play music & surf the web and still last atleast 2 days
*Soft paint makes it easy to hold
*1.3mp Camera takes great pics for a cell phone
*Speakerphone works with phone open or closed & is loud and clear
*Touch controls on front are easy to use & can be locked
*Music player sound is awsome
*Calls are very clear & loud
*Card is under the battery, but it's not really a con. I'm less likely to lose the card are get dust in it that way.

I would highly recommend this phone.

Basic Flip That Gets the Job Done


Oct 11, 2008 by mlovesem

I've had this phone since it was released in May and I usually don't buy phones until I've read many reviews. (I prefer Moto to LG or Sammy (but they've had some yuks and nothing that measures up to the E815) I bought it because I liked the looks and solid feel of the phone (so many are light and plastic) and this has proved to be a dependable, durable and easy to use handset.
Pros-no fingerprints, great reception,
RF, looks nice, doesn't show scratches and wear or tear (it has been dropped...), display menus are decent, loud ringers, good vibe, itap, nice form.
Cons-2mp camera would have made this a winner; wish it held more text messages before you must delete, and a bit sluggish sometimes- but I'll trade that off for the things Moto excels at - clear calls and great reception - which is what a cell phone is for!

Nice Phone


Aug 5, 2008 by dodavis

I just got this phone last week and I really like the way it looks. I have had 2 other Motorola's that were pretty good. 3 days after having this phone, it started freezing up when I would text. Verizon troubleshooted and it worked for 1/2 a day and started freezing up again. I really like this phone and I am getting a replacement. Hope it will work better. My daughter got the Motorola RIZR and hers was a defective phone also and had to be returned. I am a little weary of Motorola's now. I am wondering if I made a mistake in selling my LG White Chocolate.

*Looks sharp and not cheap
*Nice keypad
*Good graphics
*Nice size
*Like the soft paint
*Nice variety of Display Themes
*Good sound quality with earbud
*Loud ring volume

*Not many good ringtones
*Doesn't have many text graphics or
*My music wouldn't play when transferred from
my memory card
* original phone defect with texting

Solid Choice


Jun 22, 2008 by gloria.16_07

Pros- Perfect Looks both inside and out
Very simple touch features on front
Good battery life
Good texture, easy to hold onto
Buttons are great, for txtng/ #'s
Good preset screens/menus

Cons- Smaller inside screen
MemCard is under battery, hard to share
Odd Ringtones-feels like "NOW 55"

A Winner


Aug 25, 2008 by OlderGeek

This is an excellent phone - it does everything well. So you know who is writing this, I have owned mostly Moto phones - StarTac, V60, E815, RAZR, KRZR, V9M, to name a few. This is the best yet - even better than my beloved E815. I have had the phone two weeks.

Build Quality - this is a very well built phone. It was plainly engineered to last. Everything about it is solid.

Call Quality - no one complains that I am on a cell phone. I have had one hour plus multi-party conference calls without a slip. I can hear very well too.

Signal Quality - excellent. I have four bars in NYC and four bars on Long Island. I have two or three bars while riding in elevators. I have yet to lose a call.

Battery Life - a major positive surprise, and why I gave up on my V9M. This phone can be charged on Friday morning, kept on all weekend, play music, and still work Monday morning. I do not want a phone I must charge every night or during the day. This phone lasts long enough to make me happy.

Music quality - a total surprise. It sounds like a little radio but works very well with headphones.

Picture Quality - excellent for a 1.3.

Size - this phone is a little larger than I would like. However, the keypad is a huge improvement over the KRZR and like the V9M. Also, it is not heavy. Actually, I am beginning to appreciate that it feels better in my hand. Maybe I am growing up, and no longer feel the need for small.

Looks - well, not the best. This will not get people to say "can I see that?" But, damn, this is a phone. Maybe I am growing up here too.

What do I love? I love that I can turn the ringer and bluetooth on and off from the front of the phone. I will never live without this again. In business, this is amazingly useful.

What would I change? The screen could be larger, but it is sharp. The camera is good, but could be 2.0 instead of 1.3. Verizon should let us modify their user interface.

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