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It's pretty cool


Jul 30, 2008 by Forgott3ndr3ams

I got this phone to replace a very old Samsung I had and I am very impressed. I have not had 1 dropped call yet, even in my house. It has outstanding clarity, it's sleek, pretty (I have the purple one), and seems pretty sturdy.

I did have to replace it due to a manufacturers defect, the batter would not charge and the only way I could get it to charge was by taking the battery out and putting it back in. So I have my 2nd one now and I noticed the front cover(the plastic part) seems like it's not placed on right (more space is on the right then the left), and when the phone is flipped open it doesn't snap open like my other one did. I might go take it back, they say the 3rd time is always a charm. Anyways, I think it is a great phone.

am i the only one?


Jul 14, 2008 by rallen7559

I had a Krazr V1M, I believe it was called, got my first one in March when I started my plan with Verizon. I went through 3-4 of these (lost track) due to battery and crashing issues. They finally switched me to this phone. I love the feel of it, the look, the buttons altho camera sucks. Within the first day it was freezing up when I was texting, as in it would freeze for several minutes then insert a jumble of letters I didnt type. This was persistent enoguh that I couldnt text almost at all because it took 10 minutes to type one message. I returned this phone and got the same again. This is already having the same problem as well as now half the time saying my texts arent being delieverd when sometimes they are, sometimes not. My calls go straight to voicemail on occasion, I cant hook it to my comp and download my music, and it crashes rather frequently. I love this phone but I text a lot and this doesn't seem to hold up in that arena. Since its so new I have yet to hear of anyone else having these issues but I surely can't be the only one having gone thru two of these phones now....

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Perfect for me!


Jun 8, 2008 by xvin

My needs are not as high as some, but there are certain features and functions that I want. This phone has it all for me. I've only had the phone for a week and I already know that I made the right choice. After reading the other reviews on this product, I guess I'm not the only one who is satisfied. If I have any complaints

So Far I Like


May 30, 2008 by hbone

I was really waiting for Verizon to bring back any Nokia Phone. While I waited I picked up the Razr V3m thinking it would hold me for 2yrs. Well I hated it and returned it to the store. And again I didn't see anything so I got the W755. Well so far I like it.

1. Looks similar to a Nokia. Feels nice in my hands. I like the covering. It's soft and gives a good grip. Outside display is small like the Razr.

2. Music menu comes with a touch screen. It also has a button to turn the bluetooth/vibrate mode on/off. On the side, basic Moto buttons. I'm not a fan though of the USB/Headphone covers. Overall solid

1. Nice screen. Buttons are easier to push than the Razr. Speaker is clearer. It sorta reminds me of my Nokia 6255i (R.I.P).

2. Ringtones SUCK. I'm not a huge fans of ringtones but I counted only 4 actual ringtones. Other 16 "ringtones" are basic warning tones. Basically I'm stuck. I guess I can fork over some $$ for a decent ringtone.

3. I'm not a fan of Motorola/Verizon contact list. Moto W755 is however a little better than Razr. You have more animated icons. the Speaking voices sounds more realistic. I haven't tried the voice dialing but you have to go through several steps to set it up.

I've only had the W755 for about 3 days and so far it feels like a good solid low end phone. It's not a Nokia but it will do.



Jul 21, 2008 by 1gewehr

Good signal reception
mini-USB charger port
Attached port covers don't get lost
3.5mm headphone jack
Attractive layout
Battery charges quickly

Difficult to flip open one-handed
Keypad is almost impossible to operate by touch
Speaker quality is 'tinny'
Micro-SD card located behind the battery
Battery latch easy to snag open
Vibrate feature almost imperceptible
Microphone located under your nose

Our house is in a 'low-reception' area between two cell sites. As such, getting phones with good signal-reception quality is important. The W755 has this as it's redeeming characteristic. I was pleased to see that it uses a standard-size 3.5mm earphone jack instead of the silly (and fragile) 2.5mm jacks that used to be common. The mini-USB connection for a charger is another excellent idea.

My main complaint has to do with the vibrate. I have missed a LOT of calls because I flat out didn't notice that the phone was ringing. The phone started out in a belt holster, but I transferred it to my pants pocket when I realized I couldn't feel it vibrate. Even in my pants pocket, I can barely feel it go off. And I have been unable to set the ringer to ring more than three times before going to voicemail.
I like the SD-card memory addition, but by placing it BEHIND the battery, it is impossible to change the card without turning the phone off.
Lastly, the battery cover latch sticks out and if anything else is in the pocket, it gets unlatched.

So, instead of answering calls promptly, I usually fumble in my pocket on the third ring, try to drag the phone out of the pocket with the battery door half-open, have to use two hands to try to get a thumb into the thin bevel between the body and lid, and end up trying to speak to a dead phone as the call has gone to voicemail. If I do get to speak, the caller wonders if they got some freak from all the heavy breathing caused by having the microphone directly under my nose.

Almost Perfect


Jun 8, 2008 by InIt2WinIt

I just needed a simple phone just to make phone calls,text,and take pictures. I always had LG phones, but this time I decided to go with a Motorola. So, I went and bought the Motorola W755. This phone is almost perfect. I take a lot of pictures so I need a decent camera, but this phone has a horrible camera that I'm going to return it. If you don't use the camera, then get this phone. I'm only going to do the pro's and con's on what I use the phone for. I don't use bluetooth, voice recognition, music, etc. So I wouldn't have a comment on that.

*Very stylish (Does not look cheap at all).
*Multiple display themes.
*Decent ringtones.
*Excellent signal at work. (South Gate,CA).
*Decent signal at home. (Downey,CA)
*Clear call quality most of the time.
*Speaker phone is very good, but not perfect.
*Speaker phone can be used when the phone is
open or closed. (I really like this).
*Feels very comfortable in my hand.
*Easy to text and dial.
*Easy to open and close.(I love flip phones).
*Decent battery life.

*Horrible camera. (I have tried everything
the picture quality is horrible).
*No outside camera button.
*Can't read text on front screen.
*Vibrate could be better.

one big issue for me


Jul 19, 2008 by christina_munoz1602

Ok so I am a huge texter so maybe my mistake was getting a phone that didnt have a keypad but the big issue with this one for me was the texting. It would freeze up every time I was trying to send a text. Then by the time the letters came up it was just random letters that made no sense. Very frustrating. the phone also seems to be a lil prone to finger prints. I was constantly cleaning it off. The speaker always sounded muffled when I was on the phone which made it hard to hear people. Other than those few problems the look of the phone is very nice. It caught my attention right away. If they can get those things sorted out people would like the phone. Its not for me tho so thats why i returned it

Best in Show


Jun 5, 2008 by DeWalt

The first thing I always say is that I have an interest in a retailer that sells these phones and that I prefer to use Motorola phones. I've tried other Verizon Samsung and LG models, but I always gravitate back to the Motorola models. So, I'm bias and I admit it.

The second thing that I found out about this phone from a reliable source inside Verizon is that it was actually designed by a engineering group inside the US! It's hard to believe that we design anything in this country anymore, but it gives me a glimmer of hope that we can actually compete still!!

The review:

-I saw this phone for the first time from a "User" at Verizon and I immediately new that it would be a competitor in my stores.
-It's the right price, the right size, the right extra decoration to make it stand out, and seems to be very reliable.
-When the phones came in and I activated one, I knew that it would deliver. The ear speaker, the displays, the call quality, the keypad, the battery. All exceed what I would expect for this price.
-I didn't think it would work, but put my 4GB micro-SD card in this phone with 800+ .mp3's, and to my surprise it worked great! It took a while to load all the music on the player, but then it worked perfectly and the outside music sensors worked great.
-I know that people have to sign up for a contract to get the low price, but to get an advanced music player, GPS device, camera/camcorder, IM, Messaging, and an exceptional Motorola US-designed phone for $69.99, it still seems like a crazy good deal to me.

So far, so good, with this phone. The only thing I could complain about is the 1.3MP camera, but c'mon, if you really need a good camera on your phone, then you'll have to pay more because most people don't care.

A fantastic phone from Moto!


May 30, 2008 by rgwisk

I am truly impressed with the W755. The size is fantastic, call quality, and features are just what I was looking for. The camera is decent and great for at-the-moment shots (easier than hauling out the dig.cam).

My only con, and this is all moto's...I wish they would adopt the 0 key to be the "next" button when texting (like LG's, Samsungs), rather than using the directional keys...but not a bigge.

Great phone...definitely recommend to those looking for a new phone!

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Good mid-range level phone!


Apr 8, 2015 by Austin Mattoon

This good little flip phone offers a variety of basic features, it's build quality is nice and has a very nice main
and outside display, if all you need in a phone is basic calling and text this phone does that very well, the call quality is loud and a little grainy at times but still get's the job done well! it also features a 1.3MP camera as well as a voice recorder, WAP browser, a video camera and much more, it's also a very customizable phone, you can change menus, dial font, and much more the only things I wished it had was the ability to change volume when the phone is closed, and change what menu you can launch with the soft keys when the phone is on standby mode, as we've seen with most Motorola flips, this phone also features a MP3 Player, touch functions on the outer front of the phone, Voice Commands, and Bluetooth, all in all this phone is a win win when upgrading from the popular Motorola RAZR V3M!

Pros: WAP Browser, good button feedback, good build quality, capacitive touch buttons for vibration and MP3 Player and Bluetooth, call quality.

Cons: The ability to change menu options from the soft keys on the main screen, earpiece quality, camera quality, video camera quality, to be able to adjust the volume from the mini display, mini display graininess, not being able to access the camera when the phone is closed, battery life.

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