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Motorola Z6c World Edition


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Finally, a Moto I like


Nov 6, 2008 by mawingo

Having gone down an ill-advised rabbit hole of NE2 replacement phones recently, I've ended up with the Z6C. As I've bad experiences with previous Moto's, this was not my first choice. However, color me impressed this time. This phone is solid. The menu is fast, the calls are clear, the build is solid.

-tight build quality. It feels good in hand and the slider movement is solid. The thumb notch is nice as well.
-Call clarity. It's good in both open and closed positions.
-Screen. While a little smaller than I would otherwise prefer, can't complain about the clarity.
-Ringers. Finally, a phone that is LOUD when the volume is all the way up.
-Lock. Physical switch locks the phone when closed, at your option. Much more effective at keeping the phone locked than one of the soft keys on the phone.
-Camera. You can change the orientation easily, so you can hold the phone like a real camera. Quality is decent as well.

-memory card accessibility. Minor annoyance to have to remove the battery cover.
-no headphone jack. not a concern though if you buy the regular Motorola stereo phones that plug straight into the micro usb port.
-Limited display options. You're stuck with either the standard VZW theme, or what they call the Youth theme.

Overall, a nice, small, solid phone that fits the bill nicely.

sick phone


Jul 18, 2008 by nicknackxx

This phone is awesome.

-nice screen (and im really picky about screens)
-good sound quality
-ringers are loud
-youth display theme is one of the best ive seen

-keypad could be better but not bad
- no flash

Overall: i love this phone. I got it cause i didnt want the tv feature, ill never use the global thing.

Moto Z6c slider


Feb 4, 2008 by g1rock

This phone is the best Motorola I've owned. It feels solid in hand and well made. The phone has great reception even where my E815 would drop calls. It resembles the LG chocolate but unlike the LG chocolate, this phone can answer and place calls without sliding it open!

Pro's, Long battery life, Easy operation (no opening to answer), Very clear sound.

Con's, Sim chip looks hard to install

Highly functional, questionable build


Apr 8, 2008 by decisivemoment

Overall this is a very good piece of mobile gear. The bottom line is this is highly usable as a phone on both CDMA and GSM; however, I have some doubts about the build of the phone.

Reception and Voice Quality: Excellent on both CDMA and GSM. I've not yet had the chance to give it the CDMA torture test (i.e. northern Wisconsin), but cell phone purgatory (i.e. elevators in tall buildings) isn't a problem. As for GSM, it did very well even on the train, on SFR in France and on both Vodafone and T-Mobile in the UK. I didn't have a chance to compare notes in France but weak spots in the UK were consistent with what my friends had found with Vodafone and T-Mobile in the past. In a known Vodafone dead spot it still repeatedly got a usable signal.

Verizon support: Good. The first phone had significant audio feedback as well as being rather hard on the battery and they exchanged it immediately despite the short time we had before I was leaving for my trip. And they provided the unlock code over the phone. Only problem is the difficulty of getting through to the correct people in global support; many of the reps don't seem to know the right phone number, which is not good.

Software: Verizon sensibly ditch Motorola's bug ridden material for their own non-buggy stuff, and the current Verizon UI is light years better than the original. Only flaw is that user-defined hot keys are slow to activate. No issues so far. Voice command feature works beautifully.

Accessories: Good. Super compact US, UK, European and Australian plugs come standard, as well as adapters for headphones. Only thing that's missing and shouldn't be is an adapter to allow use with mini-USB accessories. While I think the micro-USB plug is more solid than the mini, I think they should still provide an adapter.

Build: Questionable so -0.5. Creaky battery door and front finish is prone to scratches. Original phone was not creaky. Nice slider mechanism though. Keyboard may be too small for some.

Pathetic Battery Life


Apr 8, 2008 by moosebanna

I upgraded from the original LG Chocolate because it had horrible battery life for me. I was looking for something that primarily had "good" battery life as a priority. I don't mind the slide up phones, and this phone had GSM capability for international use which is nice if you travel outside the US - I have yet to try this feature.

The phone looks sharp and is solid in weight. The camera and video features are also good. The slot for the microSD is a little difficult to access and for insertion and removal. The buttons are much better for my big fingers compared to the chocolate number pad.

However, the battery does not nearly live up to its claimed 4.9 hours of talk time. I think I hit 4 hours once - I repeat once. Most of the time it is 3 hours. If you use the bluetooth it likely plummets to half that. I already exchanged it for a new phone, thinking maybe I had a lemon. The second new phone I received is just as bad. Horizon reps state that the 4.9 hours is from lab testing and not real world numbers.

Pros: sleek look and feel, nice camera
Cons: horrible battery, difficult to access microSD slot.

Definitely has potential


Dec 13, 2007 by FBlack_111

I have been looking for a Verizon world phone for some time. ATT and T-Mobile have too many dead zones where I travel so I need to stay on Verizon. Their older world phones were missing some basic features in newer phones

The phone comes with a Verizon SIM to use out of the U.S. They are unlocking the phones but do not have the unlock code (“subsidy code” as they call it) yet so I cannot see whether my UK SIM will work.

The phone feels solid and is quite attractive. The keypad is shiny and a bit reflective making it hard to see in certain conditions. The call quality is very good. The menu system is easy to use and contacts are easy to set up.

The big challenges involved the media card slot and SIM slot. Both are under the battery, so if you want to remove the media card, you have to turn off the phone and remove the back cover and battery.

Plus, unlike most other card slots where you can easily insert and remove the card, it’s very hard here. It’s hard to insert and can only be removed using a tool like a small screw driver… and then it’s still not easy. I was worried about damaging my 2 gig card. And once the SIM is placed in its slot, it cannot easily be removed either. The media card sits directly over it and again you need some sort of tool to force it out. These were definitely not well designed. So just plan on leaving the media card and SIM in place.

I inserted a 2 gig mini SD card to see how it handled music and video. The media player was very good and played mp3’s and a 3gp movie easily. The phone has a good variety of included ring tones and sounds. The camera takes decent photos.

I have only had it one day, and will update the review later once the phone is unlocked.

inaccurate information in other review


Dec 14, 2007 by sdarfy

first, i'd like to point out inaccurate information in another review: the media card (micro sd card) is under the batter cover, but it is *not* under the battery itself--it is alongside the battery (the sim card slot is indeed under the battery). the battery cover seems very stable but not very difficult to remove. i would say that microsd access is reasonable.

it's only been a few days, but so far i really like the phone.

call quality and reception seem great (my previous phone is a motorola e815, so my standards are high).

i tested the camera and camcorder briefly, and i'm quite happy with the results. they seem pretty good for a 2 mp phone camera. no flash or self-portrait mirror.

to use non-bluetooth 2.5 headphones, an adapter is necessary (included). it's apparent between this and the microsd placement that they didn't want to emphasize media features as with the z6tv.

a few outlet adapters are included for different countries.

Like This Phone


Dec 29, 2011 by harley22859

I've just had this phone for a few weeks and I really like it. So far I haven't found any cons to it. The phone has good reception, battery life and sound quality.

Great Travel Companion


Apr 18, 2009 by orangecrushss

My fiance has this phone she really loves it. She loves to travel and this phone allows her to do so b/c of the SIM card option. The phone charges really fast but does not hold the charge as long as she would like. Great phone for those who like slider/open face phones. Wonderful Camera A++ USB Charger is great too.

love it get it


Jan 18, 2009 by mymuzik

love the phone no complaints.

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