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No good if you're really travelling


Oct 28, 2008 by Traveler75

I often travel abroad for a month or more at a time. Having been reluctantly considering a switch to T-Mobile after years with Verizon for this reason, I was delighted to see that finally (finally!), Verizon had come up with a phone with international capability. Given my working abroad, I needed to have a phone that I could use in the US and then use overseas with local SIMs, not GSM roaming at exorbitant prices.

So I got overseas and I unlocked the phone with no problem. I put in my local foreign SIMs with no problem...until I started finding out what's wrong with this phone. I *could* make and receive calls. I could receive texts. What I could *not* do was:

- send texts - messages just didn't go through.
- recharge my SIM credit - when I put in the code to recharge my minutes and press the call button to send the signal, the phone instead tries to MAKE A CALL. I can only recharge my minutes by inserting my SIM into someone else's phone.

So, assuming that this is a glitch in the design, and not just my phone (which is an assumption I'll test shortly when I see about getting another of the same model), I'm very disappointed. Calls to Verizon have lead to no meaningful assistance, for all that they've tried to be nice. And I'm back to considering T-mobile again.

i really like it


Aug 17, 2008 by femtronic9

Again I ve had soo many phones I have the gzoneboulder too. I really like the feel of this phone. It feels solid compact really cute (if a cellphone can be cute?). At first I wasnt into the slider thing but after a few hours I was hooked, soo easy. I probably wont leave the country anytime soon but just in case.......I got it! BUUUTTT all of Verizons phones have terrible battery life, what gives Verizon?? Its on my IMPORTANT STUFF list.I use my cell more than my home phone so I need a great battery!I'll be waiting.. Verizon does have the best network out there. So Ill stay and suffer this minor (?) setback.

Promising features, but disappointing execution


Aug 10, 2008 by deltaman

The Z6c seems like an attractive year-round choice, rather than renting & configuring a phone before each overseas trip. For anyone considering this option, I offer the following caveats: Altough the Z6c looks remarkably like a Z6tv, they're very different under the hood — the batteries and any corded accessories are incompatible; the "Talking Phone" feature is 'broken' on the Z6c (Motorola & Verizon each blame the other); & the Z6c display is far less-bright than the Z6tv, with an overall yellow~green tint (Both models have the same 1 ~ 6 brightness adjustment scale, but the Z6c at max setting only gets as bright as Z6tv at #2 setting.) The battery life claims for the Z6c are astounding but untrue — don't expect to achieve anything close to the published times except when you're outside the US & locked on a strong GSM signal — Verizon's supplied SIM card won't allow access to any US-based GSM networks; The SIM & micro-SD card are located behind the battery door & very cumbersome to access.

On the plus side, the slider feature keeps the phone thin & compact & gets my "Best of Breed" for ease of use & comfort; the keypad is easy to use one-handed, but most tasks can be accomplished without opening the slider (an effective slide-lock keeps the phone from having undetected adventures when tucked in a pocket or purse); Folks who often use their phones outdoors will welcome the return of a wrist strap attachment point on the Z models; The speaker is plenty-loud & clear, with good in-call performance at both ends; There's a good selection of attention-getting ringtones included too; the camera is easy to use, but doesn't distinguish itself from other 2MP cellphone cameras; Both Z's support many of Bluetooth tools, can be used as tethered modems & are compatible with Verizon's legacy plans dating back to 2003, so customers won't be forced to adopt a new plan, but may choose to keep/extend legacy plans that include features that otherwise could cost extra.

z6c sweet moto


Jul 12, 2008 by redfacionbutcher

I have had this phone for about a month now and I think I've had it enough for an educated review. First off, the big reason to go with Motorola, reception. Its fantastic! Even better than my old RAZR and my buddy's 8700. I live in Montana and if youve been here the whole place is prone to holes in coverage, this phone picks up where you would expect coverage and more!

I was weary of the slider form as I was afraid it would break. I insure every phone i get anyhow so I thought id try out a slider. Not bad on durability. I haven't put it through anything real tough yet but it holds up just fine day to day.

Battery is good. It lasts me 3 days all the time with average use. I text quite a bit, make a few calls and watch some vcast so it gets used all 3 days.

Good camera on a Moto!?!?! Crazy! 2.0 mp and clear! Good for a phone anyhow...

I really didn't need a phone for the world just yet. when my two years is up and its time to upgrade, this guy is going in the drawer until I go overseas. I checked as well and East of the atlantic it matches all the gsm bands. So, I should be set when I do manage to go over. For now though, I'm going to enjoy this sweet phone on CDMA in the U.S.

Descent-Moto Phone


Jul 1, 2008 by cvr

Like most I had the E815 which was one of the best of all time. Then came the motoMax_ve, which had some major issues but the phone was OK. I purchased the V6c at the end of April not knowing if this phone will be another maxVE scare. I must say 2mnth later I really like this phone.

I traveled to south Korea and was able to test the world edition. The only problem was Korea uses CDMA 2100. The phone worked fine no problems but was not able to take full advantage of the SIM, unless it was GSM only.

Of course there are problems, but I will start with what I like.
1.The speed is much faster.
2.The Slider is sturdy.
3.Battery is ok(will get back)
4.The camera(will get back)
5.Keypad locking is kewl.
6.Verizon service is-well verizon.
7.I like the menu color scheme.
8.A world phone(will get back)

Need improving:
1.The battery last about 2days for me
2.The camera doesn't have a flash
3.A bit hard to see in direct light
4.Had to change my older Bluetooth device because of compatibility issues.
5.Could've added more kewl functions like the E815 had.
6.A complete SIM phone not a hybrid
7.Can't change the music player button (located on the left side)to use a different function or menu.
8.Better ring tones
9.Finger prints(don't do anything illegal & loose your phone)lol

All n All the phone is descent and it works well. Unfortunately I haven't used the phone in an all GSM network, but I don't foresee any problems. I was able to unlock my phone and when I travel to a GSM country I will test the Verizon SIM and My Roaming SIM(maxroam)which is cheaper.

Verizon!! Please add more World Phones...

Nice phone


Jun 15, 2008 by cbessant

Overall, not a bad phone. I do not like the silver keypad, hard to see. I needed a phone for travel to Europe as my CDMA phone with Verizon won't work in Europe.

It activated just fine in the USA. Unfortunately, Verizon did not enter the correct SIM number and the phone could not find a GSM network. I contacted my wife via email and she called Verizon and they called me at hotel. Nice, as they covered the international call.

The bottom line: I had to remove the SIM card, provide the number to support, they confirmed they had entered the wrong number, did an update and up she came. I finished the call only to find-out afterwards the date/time was wrong.

I recalled Verizon and asked for the unlock code, and support did not have it. I set the phone from Global to GSM (Settings & Tools -> Phone Settings -> System Select), power cycled the phone and it prompted me to enter the date/time/time zone/daylight savings time.

I then set the phone back to Global, rebooted and the time remained accurate. Not sure why it won't time sync to the local GSM tower as it does for CDMA when I change local time zones. I guess when I get home it will re-sync with the local CDMA tower.

So, you may

Functional but disappointing


May 11, 2008 by jsqrdg

I chose the phone because of its Bluetooth mode, for hands free use, and World mode. Beyond that, I want just a phone for making phone calls. Regrettably, that combination gives very very few choices.

Basic phone service and Bluetooth seems OK, though the menus get cluttered up by all the stuff I don't want and will never use. I haven't yet had a chance to try the world mode.

Two big disappointments for me. The USB socket that you have to use to charge the phone is stupidly fiddly with a tiny rubber cover that I'll lay odds will not last a year. I compare that to my previous phone which had a "desktop charger" that I just had to stand the phone in to charge it. No fiddly plugs or untidy unsightly cables.

Secondly, although you can "lock" the keypad, any time you push one of the keys on the external pad, the screen lights up to tell you the keypad is locked. So I wonder just how much of my battery is going to illuminating the inside of my pants pocket.

Would I buy the phone again? Probably not, if I had any reasonable alternatives.



May 6, 2008 by kenstee

This phone is a great concept which unfortunately doesn't deliver.

My main interest was in the international GSM capabilities. The good news is that the phone could be unlocked and a local and inexpensive SIM could be inserted. The bad news is they did not allow full non-VZ SIM-card operation. For example, you can't access the SIM phone book. Which is a real negative for me as I have numbers and codes stored on a variety of SIM cards. Second, you can't access the SIM-specific menu. On most GSM phones once you insert a SIM a menu icon/menu item specific to that SIM card appears. This menu allows you to simply do tasks like refill the phone and check minutes left. This doesn't exist on the Z6c.

Other complaints..

- Low handpiece volume even at max volume
- Hard to see the screen in direct sunlight
- Fonts are very small even at largest setting
- Surface is a magnet for dirt and fingerprints
- High cost ($129 which includes a -$50 NE2)
- RF is not as good as my e815

So back it goes!

great phone, poor pc connectivity


Mar 23, 2008 by pheresisman

Love phone size, shape, easy to use, and good sound quality. I am disappointed in the calendaring features and lack of connectivity to the PC. I am unable to find a way to back-up or sync with my PC other than paying Verizon a monthly fee. The standard ring tones are few & poor choices. Nice camera; my last phone was an LG which had better ring tones and calendar features. There is so little info about that detail that I would not have bought the Z6c. Shame on me for not doing more research. What I read on phonescoop was very positive and accurate, just not about the calendar and ring tones.

Z6c is a winner!


Mar 5, 2008 by atlien

I owned the Motorola E815 for nearly 2 years before I got this phone because I hesitated to buy another Verizon phone scared that it would be a downgrade in quality and reliability. I’ve had the Z6c for about 4 months now and I love it! I even got the unlock code from Verizon, unlocked it and used it in Europe for a week last month with a pre-paid T-Mobile SIM, and it worked great. The battery life actually lasted longer in GSM mode, but that was expected since all GSM phones last longer. The phone is awesome, the cons I write here aren’t a big deal. I’d highly recommend this phone, especially if you travel abroad.

Basically everything
GSM mode
Screen quality
Battery life
OS speed

Speaker volume should be louder
Should take fewer steps to send a text message (E815 is fewer steps)
Didn’t figure out how to make it ring & vibrate at the same time
Missing some GSM capabilities when in GSM mode

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