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Palm Centro 690 (CDMA)


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OK Phone


Dec 7, 2009 by jordan147744

Overall I am pretty happy with this phone
IM style texting
easy to use
full keyboard

small keyboard
need to remove whole battery cover for mini sd card
weak vibration
no flash on camera

The Review: Palm Centro!


May 21, 2009 by LilTmac2003

Tryin' to keep it Plain and Simple... Let's Begin.

+ Touch Screen.
+ Small and Durable.
+ Threaded TXT messaging.
+ Easily switch the phone to 'vibrate'.
+ MicroSD slot.
+ Bluetooth.

- Battery life is decent.
- QWERTY keyboard is a pain.
- The OS takes time to get used to.
- No flash.

The phone is nothing special, but is a decent phone to get if you want to enter the smartphone market. It has nothing extraordinary, just an average phone.

I really like this phone!


Mar 9, 2008 by New Palm Owner


1. Touch screen
2. Full Qwerty keyboard
3. Instant Messaging chat formation for text messaging on this phone ( so you can see what recent messages were sent to current person you are texting )
4. I like how you can go from playing a game to answering a phone to surfing the web to taking pictures etc..... and you can go back to the game it didn't close or end the game.
Applications just pause when you bounce around.
5. Button on top of phone you can switch the ringer on or off. Great for when your at work or at a movie etc....
6. Partial GPS. Had to buy seperate Bluetooth GPS receiver ( pairs via bluetooth very quick and easy ) and bought Garmin Mobile XT ( Mini SD card I have in the Mini SD card slot of the phone. Works great since I am a delivery driver.
7. Camera / Camcorder
8. MP3 player
9. Very customizable ( once you get familiar with the phone.
10. Good loud speaker for the ringers and speakerphone.
11. Most important = Great reception for calls. Sprint in Quad Cities ( Moline IL. )


1. Buttons on keyboard are small but very useable. Only make a few errors here and there.
2. No telenav unless buy separate GPS receiver ( come on palm why no built in GPS receiver ( it has everything else )?
3. You have to remove the battery cover on back to get to Mini SD card slot, but if your like me I use a separate MP3 player and not much on taking a lot of pictures or camcorder videos. So I have my Garmin Mobile in the slot and it stays. You can still take pics. and vids. without a mini sd but just not a lot.

I have had this phone almost a month now. I gave it a 4.5 and it lost only a half a point mostly for the lack of built in GPS receiver.

My advice, if this phone sparks you interist; go check it out. Great phone, very fun, so much it does. Super reception.

What's not to love?!


Oct 24, 2007 by blmyers

Ok, so reading some of the reviews it seems like people are wanting this phone to be the old-school treos. Big, bulky, and rather slow. Look at it for what it is: a great phone at a great price!

Fast data speeds
Easy data transfer (from a previous palm)
Pocket friendly
Applications seem to load faster (compared to the 700p)
Sprint Music Manager
Decent battery life
Good call clarity
Good volume all the way around
Easy interface
Best PDA available (palm is tried and true, and why go away from something that works so well?)
I'm finding more as I use this phone, this is just a start.

So far nothing jumps out as a negative. This phone is basically the Treos that everyone knows and loves in a black (soon red) plastic casing that is considerably smaller.

This phone was not meant to be the Treo or to even replace it. This is for those who want either an entry level smart phone, or for a nice smaller phone that works great. Really the only differences I notice between this and the 700p have been size and weight. This excludes the casing everyone complains about I know, but it's really not that bad.

If you're considering getting this phone I strongly recommend it! If you don't like it you can easily post it on ebay and order a Treo of your choosing, but this is a great phone most people will love!

LOVE this phone!


Sep 17, 2008 by brenteesha

Palm OS -- very user friendly and enjoyable to use
Great call reception
Internal antenna
Touch screen
Great pictures for only a 1.3mp
External speaker (ringtones/music) is very clear
Small size, attractive phone
Good battery life

Tiny, cramped keyboard
Limited picture options (cannot adjust brightness, frames, etc)
Occasional "freezing" of software, will sometimes restart during an operation or randomly
Rather quiet calls--even with volume up
Speakerphone quality is mediocre

My pros/cons list isn't too extensive because I haven't kept a list and can't recall everything I've thought about the phone since I've had it.

I've had the Centro about 2 months now. I have and use Sprint service in Detroit, MI and surrounding metro areas. I have had no problems with call reception or quality. My only complaint would be that in comparison to past phones, the earpiece volume on max isn't quite loud enough sometimes. The speakerphone isn't too great either, but it depends on how much you use it. I use it sometimes for voice mail or automated menus, and it serves its purpose. However if you use it regularly for voice calls, you probably won't be thrilled. Data service works great, browsing internet and downloading seems quicker than on my last phone.

The one major drawback to this phone is the keyboard. The buttons are small and close together, so it's easy to hit the wrong button and and it's hard to tell which key is which just by touch. The learning curve is a little steep, but after about 1-1.5 months I had pretty much gotten used to it. I feel that the affordable price and other great features on this phone make the keyboard worth the hassle. The keyboard also accounts for the nice, compact size of the phone.

I think most people would be pleased with this phone. As another past reviewer mentioned, the younger crowd will probably enjoy the phone more, and it is a great choice for your first smartphone. If you have had more expensive phones, try it out before you buy.



Feb 7, 2008 by SherriNichole

I've owned a lot of phones because I'm the type of person who wants something THEN AND NOW! I've been with Sprint for 5 years and I've had my issues. I work for a cell store and we sell through these like CRAZY. We have more than 1 carrier, but I always recommend this phone!
With this phone, I NEVER have a dropped call and I love the "conversation" text messages.
I had the Moto Q, but it didn't send picture mail, and that's something I NEED...I called Sprint and they sent me this one and I LOVE it!

Chat windows
Shortcuts to my games, email, texts
The fact you have to hit the PHONE button to make a call, so I'm not dialing in my purse!
I LOVE the full keypad
Sending games is easy. I had a customer give me Scrabble in the store
GOOGLE MAPS. This is awesome for me because I travel a lot
Sound is amazing
Browser speed is so quick
Totally customizable down to HOW you want your browser to start up
Small and compact
I put my work schedule and it alerts me as far in advance as I like
I like the world clock
Syncing is easy
Alerts me every half hour when I have a new email and brings it right to my phone
Good camera
I have no problem with the memory slot
My battery lasts me all day
Menus are customizable and organizable, so I have 5 different ones depending on importance
Ringtones sound AWESOME
Easy to learn

It did reset on me 1 time and I lost all my text messages, but everything else was still there

All-in-all, I love this phone! As a college student who works too much, I keep all my stuff organized in this one little device! It's red or black and now ice pink!

I could not be happier! I think I even have my mom talked into a phone like this! I've played with the Touch and the Blackberry Pearl, and the Q. But, this phone surpasses them all!

1st Smartphone - Lovin' it!


Dec 31, 2007 by cjn14

1st smartphone but a long time PDA user (Windows and Palm OS). Finally a phone/PDA for the masses (if you're looking for a blackberry, apples and oranges IMO). I like everything about the phone, only wished it had a better camera (2 MP is now the standard) and maybe a flash (however, pics taken so far is normal light are very good).

Pros: Form factor (reason I finally got a smartphone)
QWERTY keyboard (small but who needs to type that fast anyway!)
Reliable and stable OS (Sorry Windows, for a phone, Palm OS gives you what you need)
Touchscreen (not many, if any, phone has one for this price range)

Cons: 1.3 MP camera (see above though)
No WiFi (but with Sprint's EVDO, Blazer browser is very sufficient)

So my gripes with the phone are minor, I'd take this phone's pluses over my gripes and can say that for a 1st smartphone for anyone, you won't be disappointed!



Jun 21, 2009 by fonefreak15

So I went to the sprint store the other day to look at the Palm Pre and I was telling the salesmen that my Samsung Rant how I'm having so many problems (freezing up e.t.c). So then the salesman said oh I can sell you my palm centro its alittle scratched up butI can just order you a new one without scrathes. So I bought It it was everything I thought that it would be:

Great keyboard to text on
like the touchscreen
threaded messaging
microsoft word, excel, powerpoint

But the problem I don't like about the fone is its battery life but that's okay because the other features over power the battery issue.

Also love the phone


May 11, 2008 by crunchsolutions

So it's not an iPhone and I didn't expect to love it but I do. I had a low-minute voice plan with Verizon but didn't want to spring for the costs of their data plan. Have just switched to Sprint (Google SERO for unbelievable deals right now.) All my Palm data transferred smoothly from my Tungsten E and as I get to know the Centro better, I'm more and more pleased with it.

I read the reviews for months before making this decision and it's noticeable on CNET, LetsTalk and Phonescoop that users tend to rate the phone much higher than the reviewers have. The Centro is intuitive, offers a huge range of possibilities and great bang for the buck.

...more like a lateral-grade, than an upgrade...but really great!


Oct 22, 2007 by Psylocke0834

I am giving the phone a solid 5.0 just because I couldn't really think of a negative thing, aside from the plastic coffee-stirrer-like stylus. Yes, people are complaining, oh, the screen's small, and the keyboard's small...come on people! You had a choice of buying the old Treo! You wanted smaller, you get smaller. It's lighter, smaller, and feels more like a phone than a brick. It has a bit more memory, faster than the 700p, and has a built-in screen protector. I would have loved to have purchased the red one, but it's unavailable as of the moment, and I have to have my Centro now! Other than that, it does pretty much the same thing as the 700p, but in a smaller, lighter frame. The smaller keyboard can be "learned", and I'm getting better at it. I discovered that typing with my index fingers works faster when I have the phone on the desk (or any flat area). Buttons are well-made, and gives the phone an elegant look.

For those people complaining about the crashes and the battery cover and memory card cover popping out, well, I don't know what to tell you. Mine's as sturdy as it can get, and there are no complaints here. Just like buying cars, sometimes you get lemons, so don't hate! Win some, lose some!

I'm still trying to find the negatives on this phone, and I'm still left with the stylus (the phone would slightly be heavier if you wanted the Tungsten E2 stylus, duh!). Oh...no form-fit cases yet. Geez...still can't think of anything...oh well.

I hope this helps. You don't have to buy this phone if you still have your old Treo, unless you're tired of lugging around a brick for a phone. There are no fancy changes at all, but the beauty of the phone itself was enough for me to consider it an "upgrade".

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