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Palm Centro 690 (CDMA)


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Handy little device


Dec 9, 2010 by HealthyCoffeeBrew

This phone has been pretty good over the last year I've owned it. Minimal freezes (maybe 1 I can recall?). But to get down to it, here is the list:

- small
- fast UI
- organized well
- good call quality

- Browser can't load some sites
- Screen isn't too amazing

- Keys were small to me at first but I got used to them

I suggest this phone if you want a small pda phone and don't need a lot of bells and whistles. This has bluetooth which is nice but it sucks the battery out of any phone. I got the green version.

I use it as part of my business at www.healthycoffeebrew.com. It has an email app that works well enough. No real security feature if you lose your phone, though.

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I wonder???


Oct 7, 2010 by narn3049

I got this phone right when it came out, I like getting them when they first cokme out on first software upgrade, and seeing how the phone behaves. Well I don't know if anyone else had this problem, but mine would always have a spot different areas each time, next to messages logo that wouldnt respond to start. That happened like 6 months after I got this phone, and it wasn't that much of a problem, because, there's a cursor pad. Used that until the phone behaved as the 700P did when you go out of the messages or when the V (check) appears then the phone will freeze, battery removals. Supposed to be better then the 700p, which i had only 1 problem with. The msg freezing. I wonder if this is a downgrade or upgrade. it has a trackpad (upgrade) but the freezing is either the same, or a downgrade, as it was supposed to be better.

This phone lasted a total of 8 months and worked ok except for the lagging and freezing. This phone ended up getting wet, and I got an insurance replacememnt to see if the features were different, or if I got a phone that was fluky. So I used this phone until it had the same issues with the touchscreen but was every other time I used it, so I kept in wait for my contract to go up. Theres a button on the side thats supposed to go to your camera, but it locked the phone somehow and the qwerty couldn't function.

Ended up upgrading to a different phone (BB 8830) and I was glad I did. However the trackball went out on that, and I decided, I'm going to stay with simple feature phones.

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Centro Great Phone!!!


Sep 6, 2010 by Iggc1

Well I've had the Centro for about 2 weeks now and here is my take.

Yes I would recommend this phone to someone.


- Great Battery Life
- Real Pocket Office
- Navigation & Google Earth
- Very Easy to navigate
- Charge time is very fast
- Great MP3/4 Player
- Excellent Graphics
- Dozens of Apps, Better than I-Phone


- Keypad and screen are abit too small
- Speaker does tend to cracker both loud and ear speakers

Other than that it truly is a great phone, palm really out did themselves here. Unfortunately I am a big guy and my thumb overlaps four keys very easy so I have to use my finger nail to touch any key that I want. I also admire the case from Body Glove for it, perfect fit feels sporty, rugged and doesn't slip from your hand. I would recommend this phone to anyone just understand the screen and keypad is smaller than the traditional Treo which I love very much. I would like to have another Treo 700P but for now I am happy.

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centro is a decent entry level smartphone


Nov 26, 2009 by pretsel99

I have used the Centro for almost a year. Here's what i think...

Apps you NEED:
TOUCHLAUNCHER-makes interface as simple as iPhone launcher
POWERHERO-allows you to make the most of your battery
SOFTICK AUDIO GATEWAY-stream stereo bluetooth music(A2DP)
pTUNES PRO-pay for this app and you can sync iTunes
DATASHIELD-save all your passwords & such
4CAST-always know weather
MCPHLING-start apps faster

Now the details...

-lightup keypad is small and great
-touchscreen works great
-threaded texting
-camera takes decent pix
-TASKS totally keeps my chores done on time, would be lost without
-Google Maps is amazing, seriously
-microSD slot

-Battery is garbage
-Unstable, crashes daily
-Charger port makes poor contact with cable
-websites are not displayed well
-microSD slot is hidden, doesn't support SDHC

Final words...

This phone is fine for most people. However, it is very incapable compared to today's standards (OS, wifi, gps, syncing). Verizon's network is fantastic, I have tested it vastly.

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Great Phone


Aug 20, 2009 by strnoliver

Great phone I like it is so easy
to use & fast no drops calls I have the sero paln with sprint it is $30

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Bad Phone - Bluetooth Not Stable


Jul 23, 2009 by BigJoe6101

Phone reboots.
I own 4 of these phones and all show the problem.
My carrier is sprint.
The Problem is when you connect to a bluetooth device in a car or GPS. I have tested with Garmin and TomTom.
The phone will Pair and may connect once or twice. After that the phone will start rebooting. The problem seems to be in the Device asking for the phonebook. if you have a speed dial set with extra digits (for Password) the Centro cannot handle the extra digits and the phone reboots.
The Bad part of this is once this happens the phone will reboot at random. (during pix transfer to another phone via bluetooth, Txt messaging Etc) and only solution is to do a hard reset. Doing a hotsync Will only bring your problem back.
If you have a rebooting problem and or want to prove this send me an email. and ill give you the steps to prove this.

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Probably the best


Jul 21, 2009 by Disrespect

This phone is probably the best cellular device I've ever owned. It has it all. I use my phone for everything. I save quick notes in the notepad. I save poems that I type on my phone, and I'm talking about a lot of document and long documents. The calendar is perfect. I love the web browser.

the hidden shortcuts that a lot of people don't know about about because they don't read!

This is a good phone with a difficult learning curve but once you master it, its a great phone.

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Best of the Palms - Not for Power Users


Jul 13, 2009 by SentryAgent

I was a Palm PDA user for many years before they came out with phones. The OS is perfect for me in terms of the functionality of the contact management, calendar, etc. That said, I have been through 4 different versions of Palm phones (Treos and Centro). I am currently on Centro number 5, in just over a year. As a phone it does function better than the Treos I owned - to a degree. I am a fairly heavy phone user - not necessarily in terms of total minutes used, but in the number of calls per day. This phone crashes constantly when ending one call and goint back to contacts to initiate another, or when switching from one of the PIM apps - email, SMS, calendar - to telephone mode.

Nice pocket-size phone.
Pairs readily w/BT and works better than previous Palm phones.
Good PIM for someone who needs contacts, calendar, To do at their fingertips w/quick access.
Touch screen convenient for certain steps.

Keyboard just a little too small. Keys cramped.
Phone crashes WAY too often.
Slow web browser.
Just so-so camera, although better than I expected for the low resolution.
No flash.

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Looks great..Works terrible..beware!


Feb 15, 2009 by hookershoes

After 4 months of use and 3 car chargers the phone is toast. Can't get the software to load on the computer to back up everything so I lost it all. am waiting the wonderful refurbished replacement..in the meantime my phone works but it constantly says that a charger is plugged in..draining my battery. a hard reset and a new battery did nothing.

can check email
speakerphone loud and clear

call sound poor
internet freezes
camera has slow response
touch screen too sensitive(hang up call if you move wrong or if you accept an incoming call during a call it will switch between callers with no warning)
no alarm clock
car charger sucks..burns up..after the fact was recommend that i use the pin adapter instead of car charger made for the phone

wouldn't recommend..not worth the hassles or money

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Glad I waited...


Feb 12, 2009 by mlovesem

This phone is perfect. I wanted a phone with more capabilities but not something huge like a Blackberry. I also wanted to get in before Verizon makes all PDA purchases require the data plans. The Pearl is a great size, but the suretype is horrible (and that data is required). This keypad is so tiny it should be a pain, and yet surprisingly it is almost hard to hit the wrong key. I can use my fingerpads, not my nails, and still hit the correct key 99.9% of the time. Call quality is superb, it does everything and for me, it does it well. Palm OS is user-friendly, and despite the chorus that it's outdated, I don't feel like throwing this phone against a brick wall. Threaded text messaging is another plus; it's customizable, gets service everywhere, and I am thrilled with this little workhorse. For all this does, I expected the battery to be awful, but it isn't. I can charge it every other day, which was better than my simple, no-nonsense flip phone. No regrets here.

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