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Palm Centro 690 (CDMA)


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Awesome phone


Sep 8, 2008 by blackberrygirl23


1.) The Keypad is much easier to text send email and even dial. The Curve's alt and shift were to close to the numbers on the keyboard.

2.)The navigation key on the centro is dependable. The curve and pearl trackball was either to sensitive or not sensitive enough no happy middle.

3.)The Ability to create an excel spreadsheet and email is great.

4.) The Browser is very easy to navigate mainly b/c of the touch screen. The browser has an option to go back .

5.) Text messaging is chat style. Keeps all msgs together

6.)Picture mail

7.)Calender/Tasks/Memos with ability to set alarms on functions

8.) There is an alarm clock. It took me forever to find it. It is located in the World Clock.

9.) Email is very simple to set up

10.)Very loud ringtones and customizable for contacts alarms ringer for contacts and unknown callers texts tasks


1.)NO back Button. It was very hard to get used to going to home screen to exit.

2.) Camera is only 1 megapixel. Quality is still nice but not best.

3.)Battery life isn't good at all. I use my phone alot but this is the only phone I have to charge 2x a day.

4.) Does not have navigation. Very dependent on this and no tele nav usually triggers the switch back to the blackberry.

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Palm Centro by Sprint after a few months


Aug 23, 2008 by scoobychick918

I am a college student who bought the Palm Centro for Sprint a few months ago. Occasionally it will freeze up but every phone I've has done that. Besides, it's only done it twice since i got the phone and that was early on. It hasn't done it in quite some time. The battery is wishy washy. Some days it lasts all day and then some, other days it dies halfway through the day. That could be due to it being in my pocket though.

The goods... It has a great calendar to put important dates, tasks, appointments, assignments, and classes on. I live near St. Louis, Mo and the reception i get is amazing. Sound quality is great. There are lots of downloadable games and applications for it that are great for between classes when you're bored. It plays music and videos. This phone has made things a little easier. The internet on it is fantastic. You can view so many more pages than on other phones. I can do so much more with this phone than any other phone i've had. I highly recommend this phone to anyone who thinks they might like it. The small buttons are actually very easy to use. The Palm Desktop it comes with is very easy to use. The Palm OS took a very little bit to get used to. It was easy to understand and get the hang of. I had never owned a Palm device before this one. I do not know what other Palm devices are like, but this one is amazing and i love it!

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Aug 22, 2008 by Incnway5   updated Sep 21, 2015

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Sprint Pink Centro


Aug 21, 2008 by xo_pink_xo

I have the sprint version in pink! I love it! Its 100x better than the blackberry. The keyboard on the blackberry is TINYYY, you can barely type and the font is TINY!

I love the programs you can use to customize it with colorsz, iconsz, and the favoritesz menu and dialpad. Im trying to find a program you can use to download different fonts. Its great for your first smartphone and its PINK!! The internet is fast, the pictures are NICE, but would be nicer with a flash. RINGTONES ARE LOUD! Ive had this phone for aabout 4 monthsz. and i haven't had any hard resetsz or Errors! Awsome phone. the screen is big and the caller id pictures should take up the whole screen instead of being 1/4 of the screen size.

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Verizon Centro Review


Jul 21, 2008 by ntenbarge

I have owned this phone for just over 7 days now. I'll be honest, it is a different phone depending on where you are at. In my example when I am at home where I get moderate to great verizon reception this phone works great. Never locks up, runs just fine. At my office however, in the office space of a large Casino and Hotel establishment I get very weak signal with this phone. When that happens, it seems to burn though it's battery (I understand why, just letting you know) but more annoying it locks up when establishing a connection with the network for phone calls and data alike. The only way to fix this issue is to take the battery out and pop it back in. Atleast with my previous smart phone (VX6700) it had a soft reset button. I may have overlooked that, because I have choosen to not keep this phone, but instead try the Q9c.

On the plus side, it does have a very simple OS that I found nice to navigate (allbeit minus the back button in menus). The contacts feature was nice. The broswer was okay, not great not bad. Phone quality was average on my end. No one complained that I sounded far way or anything strange.

Good phone, just not for me. It did freeze up, which I was trying to get away from. But I'm going to give the Q9c a try, and see if WM6 Standard does any better.

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Maybe its just me


Jul 21, 2008 by Williamt84

I have had two Centros. The first I bought in November 2007 and the second was a brand new replacement I got in April 2008.
First the pros:
Camera fits well in pocket, It has a nice Mp3 player with surprising sound for its speaker size ( I use it w/o headphones like the old school transistor radios). It has a decent navigational layout.

Now the Cons:

I say maybe its just me because Mine died on me in April after a few months of service. It would act like it is trying to Synch and would not leave that mode. I took it to a dealer and they exchanged it. I had the one I exchanged it for die the exact same way. They wanted to charge $55 service fee since I had no insurance. They offered to exchange it for another Centro or a Treo 650. The other issue I had was that it would automatically switch between calls when you have one on hold { that could put an unfaithful mate in a pinch}

All in all, It was a nice phone, but the longevity issue was too much for me. I think that phones should last beyond three months.

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Jul 13, 2008 by kaylam42

I have owned TONS of sprint phones and this is my favorite by far!

*Battery life is great!
*The sound is loud and clear!
*LOVE the full keypad... it may be small for some people... but I'm a master texter and I have no problems what so ever...!
*The scheduler is nice.. I put my work schedule and appointments in it and it alerts as far in advance as I like!
*I love how they set up the text messaging to look like chat
*Touch screen works great.. I never have any problems with it

-I would like the camera to have a flash... but its OK thats why I own a digital camera!
-It freezes some what often. But its not the inconvenient to pop out the battery and put it back in. ( I work with cell phones and its common with any and every cell phone)

Thats about it! I love this phone its my life and I will have it for a long time!
If your thinking about getting it... DO IT! you'll love it!

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Solid Smartphone (Verizon)


Jul 8, 2008 by rampage4545

Ok, This is going to be simple, The Centro is a very good smart phone obviously has a bunch of people have said for the price, but besides that its just a great phone.i'm going to tell you why.

Signal- great signal
Solid OS- Palm is old yes, but stable if you are a professional like me you need stability
Capabilities- the phone has a plethora of untapped capabilities that the average person knows nothing of, do your research people
GPS- yes it has GPS and it works flawlessly
Memory- will not be a problem, you can put EVERYTHING on your SD card, not just third party apps, unlike the 700we i used to own which was horrible for that
TXT- is great you don't like the "small" keyboard, it has an onscreen keyboard, problem solved
Camera- yes it is a 1.3 megapixel, looks like a 2.0 there something about the Palm OS that just raises the quality
Music- You can listen to MP3 and audio formats with the preloaded PTunes or just Download Real Player for free
Flexibility- This phone has hidden features people don't know about. we'll talk about those later
To be fair
Back plate- kind of annoying to take off as the phone has no Soft Reset button
Battery- Is great, but not as good as phone I have had int eh past, but still much much longer than an average phone
No Wifi- not a big deal for me, I have a laptop but for you out there who need it, it does not have it
Crashes- The phone has crashed on me yes, but that was from third party app and I have found out how to properly use the OS now.

So that's it, If you would like to know what you can do with your phone feel free to shoot me an email and I also have useful apps you can check out if you would


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Great work Palm


Jul 4, 2008 by jsaizdesigns

Im currently a college student and I switched to the Centro from a Motorola Krazr because I have alot of appointments, assignments, contact numbers and due dates. I have had the phone for a month and so far the phone is my life. The Palm section allows me to jot down supplies, appts., and sketches. The phone feature allows me to save contacts and call at the blink of an eye. The only part that I have trouble with is uploading pictures from the Palm to my desktop to upload photos onto either Facebook.com and myspace.com. Overall the phone is perfect for my lifestyle and personality. The ringtones could improve, but the features are perfect.

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Jun 18, 2008 by nrhorer

The Centro is a very nice phone. It looks great and feels awesome in your hand. The keypad is a little small but it only took me a few days to get used to it. The only real complaint I have is that the phone does not have a navigation receiver built into it. Google maps is ok but I would rather have a phone talk to me. I haven't had any problem with the battery. Charging every two days is not bad (especially since I use the Internet a lot). Overall the phone is solid and I really like it.

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