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T-Mobile Shadow the goods


Nov 12, 2007 by smootht

Here we go got the phone on 11/08/07 from someone that use the blackberry pearl,the wing,and the dash the shadow is a nice sport phone more of the dash more memory then all 3 phones like that allot works great for the money. Over all great phone.

Cons: battery life could be allot better but there is something in the phone to change the power of the battery testing that now like on the wing.

Worst Phone I Have Even Owned


Nov 15, 2007 by thedude420

OK i will start by telling you my phone history for the last year. I have owned a HTC Wing, Blackberry 8100, Blackberry 8320, Blackberry 8800, unlocked iPhone and the Shadow.

*E-mail is slow, glitchy and would just not download at time. My iPhone did e-mail better!

*Predictive text is horrible and there is no way to turn it off! If you hit the button with the "d" & "f" on it, it sometimes will only let you put an "f".

*The Windows Mobile Office is useless! You can't create or edit even word documents.

*The Home screens are very badly set up and can't be edited (like the Wing or MDA).

*The internet browser was the same as Razr, it wouldn't go to 1/2 the sites that I normal go to on my curve (blackberry 8320).

*It is just all around a very glitchy phone, with many other little problems.

*The battery life is terrible. I had to plug it in every afternoon after work so that I could use it that night.

Pros(Not too many here):
*Cool design and idea

*WiFi was easy to set up use

Get a car Charger and Enjoy!


Jan 29, 2008 by Gameday78

Ok I just got this phone and I love it! I have played with it and and iphone and found that other then the touch screen both phone load the same speed. The live search rivals the one on the iphone! The only thing i don't like is the bat life. Like i said upfront, get the car charger! Bat life is like a 2 or 3, everything else rocks!

Great for online, but lousy as a phone


Jan 29, 2008 by caseybea

This phone was my first attempt to step up to a WM device from Symbian (my KRZR). For the most part, I was looking forward to the online capabilities (especially the wifi).

The pros:
The display is brilliant - WM6 does a nice job here, although the viewing angles for this LCD are limited. You have to be looking STRAIGHT at it. The form factor is excellent-- not too small, and not a "brick" like so many other pda-like phones. Adding extra software (i.e., google maps, Opera Mini, etc) was a snap. WiFi is relatively easy to set up and works very well. And without the Wifi, the EDGE internet access was in my opinion pretty darned good. (Yes, not 3G, but hey- It's T-Mobile......). The keyboard? I have mixed feelings on this. I hate xt9, and was happy to find it could be disabled (albeit only for each instance of an application). While I love the keyboard "size", I think I personally prefer a full qwerty. Your mileage will vary, many people LOVE this keyboard. The built-in apps are excellent- especially MS Office mobile and even adobe reader- that fills out the productivity stuff quite nicely. Easy setup to sync.

Everyone else has said it, I will too- the battery life on this phone is well, terrible. I couldn't last a day. (And yes, NO bluetooth, NO wireless, "terminating" apps, etc). In my opinion, I shouldn't have to "manage" the phone just to keep the battery running to 10pm. That's ridiculous. I think any shadow user would easily sacrifice some phone thickness for more battery life. But the biggest con of all? The audio quality. I felt it was TERRIBLE. The phone sounds tinny and shallow, and the speakerphone was worse. Absolutely NO comparison to any phone I have previously used. (yes, plastic is off!..)

Overall-- the phone certainly has some really great features, and its use online in my opinion is really good--- excellent display, good responsiveness in wifi and/or EDGE. But it's a lousy PHONE. Too bad.

Great - If You Don't Want To Use It As A Phone


Nov 18, 2007 by mrsflo

I really liked the Shadow -- until I received my first phone call. For the first few hours, it was a wonderful experience. It paired easily with my Plantronics Bluetooth. Wi-Fi set-up turned out to be much easier than I anticipated. The screen was beautiful. Applications were easy to find. I was even getting used to the keyboard with few problems.

Then I received a call! I couldn't hear the caller. I thought perhaps I didn't have the earpiece over my ear because the caller sounded so muffled and far away. Once I confirmed that the phone was in the right position, I tried turning up the volume. I could hear the caller only minimally better. Was I losing my hearing? Losing my mind? After all, who makes a cellphone that doesn't function well as a phone?

I then compared the volume (or should I say lack of volume) of the Shadow with my husband's Pearl. No comparison. I wasn't crazy after all. My husband's Pearl was actually too loud, and I had to turn it down.

The Shadow is going back. I like the bells and whistles, but my principal use for a cellphone is as a phone.

My shadow doesnt even like it


Nov 14, 2007 by lghater

Let me start by saying that the thing is slower than molasses sliding down Clark Grizwald's house during Christmas.
Sure the phone is sexy, but Justin Timberlake is definitely not bringing this one back!

I like the sure type (takes some getting used to) but the phone sucks. The battery is terrible. with all the advancements out there cant we get a battery that actually gives you some decent talk time? CMON for Christ's sake!!!!!!

The call quality sucks too. I heard people better on my cup and string.... The speaker phone is lousy and every time I show the phone to people, they get their grimy sleazy finger prints all over the screen. I clean it and then it happens again when I go to slide the damn thing up.......

AND WHY IN THE WORLD wont it END a call when I close the slider... CAN YOU SAY "MORONS"
CMON HTC. stop cutting corners so it can have a $149 price tag... I would have paid an extra $20 for the thing to end the call when I closed the slider.......YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nevertheless, i will go back to another handset like the PEARL and be much happier.......... Maybe one day the Shadow will come out of the dark

Looks Nice but Lacking


Nov 12, 2007 by cellbiggy

The phone is nice looking. The operating system is quick and it comes in a nice box but that is where that ends.

The call quality is poor, and the case is flimsy. I took it back the next day.

Not impressed...just doesn't compare...:-(


Nov 13, 2007 by raelynn

Okay - so let me just say I'm basing my review off the other phones I've had. I've had the BB Pearl 8100, The T-Mobile Dash, and BB Curve...now the Shadow.
I was excited because it was smaller, sleeker, and looked pretty cool. I have had the Shadow for less than 24 hours and am considering taking in back and getting the Wing or another Dash.

*Cute - nice looking
*Jog wheel works well
*Bright screen
*Speaker phone is okay - it could be better - kind of a high pitch sound to it, but
it works better than the normal speaker on
the phone
*Easy access to media player which is nice

*The sound while on a call on the actual phone is TERRIBLE!! Even with the volume all the way up I have to press it against my ear and sometimes even put my finger in my other ear so I can hear the other person!! REDICULOUS!!
*For some reason when I was trying to change the profile on my my faves whatever I changed (ring-tone, picture, b-day, anniv. date) at first it wouldn't change instantly like normal - so I rebooted the phone did it again and it took. YEAH!! THEN - when I woke up this morning and someone called me it had reset to the generic factory settings!! WTF?? Lol - seriously I just don't know.
*The ring tones are okay - but again comparing to the Dash or the Curve it's not that loud to me even set on the LOUD setting.
*Battery life, lol, after taking it off the charger and making a 15 minute phone call the battery life was at 87% - which seems kinda crazy to me. That's with no Bluetooth on or anything....
*Media player - again sound - it's not that loud put is decent.
*Brightness: to me the keypad is lacking. Some keys are hard to see in a dark environment...especially the keys around the edges.
*Camera - clear but washed out looking...I expected something better.

I'm disappointed in this phone over all - again comparing it to the others I've had it just doesn't blow me away like I initially thought it would.

HTC Shadow...full of BUGS!!!


Feb 28, 2008 by urbancowboi87

i gave this phone a rating of 3 because while it does have a lot of bugs it is still a stylish decent PHONE. when you try to use the smart part the bugs come crawling. i downloaded some things from the windows mobile website and when i tried to install them it would say error not enough storage memory...i had a 2 gig memory card plus over 70,000kb of memory on the phone. my only other complaints are the battery because if you talk more than 3 hours a day with minimal Internet usage you will be recharging this thing within 8 hours. also after a week of use it would not allow me to modify any settings on the phone even after doing a hard/master reset. after talking with a tmo rep we decided this phone was just not for me. i went to a pearl the next day after talking with a rep and i hated that phone. so now I'm going back to my Motorola. my advice is to stay away from this phone unless you bugs!

fun to play with, but overall sucky sucky


Jan 19, 2008 by moohair

the UI was nice, sound quality was okay, but other than that this phone was sucky sucky. OH and also the syncing process messed up my computer. this couldnt have been my computer fault because ive had other SMrtPhones and BBs, but this was a first through the shadow.

the battery on this phone was not okay, it struggled to make it through the day.

tasks manager froze up a lot. i mean a lot. i had to go through the day turning the phone off/on a ton.

it felt like a cheap toy. its suppose feel like a real phone.

the wheel was cool and all, it responded well.

overall phone was probably below average. i would not recommend if you were looking for a SMrtphone. this ain't it.

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