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Awsome Device


Nov 30, 2007 by Nitric

I gave this phone a 4 because, the slide feature need a ledge or bump to help with ease. The other con was setup of the key board. This is only my opinion, I had a Motorola Q so I was use to emailing and texting with that setup of a keyboard. The pros are: light, sleek, stylish bright screen, and ease of navigation through the menu. I love the phone it was a good investment. For those that have never had a smartphone this is the one, because its half that and half regular phone, meaning it does everything that a smartphone does, and everything that a hightech media phone does. With my Q I could do a lot of the things that this phone does.



Nov 18, 2007 by Dead-Pool_25

I love the Shadow, the only issue I have with it is that HTC uses a ExtUSB port on there phones ( except for the SDA ) so you need an adapter to use normal headphones on it.

But I have read a lot of cons people posted that are just plain WRONG.

one of the more common ones
" cant turn off predictive text mode "
If you read the manual ( page 45 ) you would know how to select the text entry mode, just press and hold * key until the input menu comes up and select multipress mode instead of XT9 mode.

second con I have read is that there is no way to customize the home screen. There are ways to do it. You just have to download a home screen maker like the ones from Microsoft or madbeetle.com

Nice Job HTC..Phone is awesome


Jan 31, 2008 by mixtapeking1900

I upgraded to the shadow last week, i had the dash and just loved the way the shadow looked I had read a bunch of reviews and most were negative about battery, the camera, other stuff

I'm glad I went ahead and got this phone, The battery life isn't the BEST I'll admit to that but it does get me through the day, text messaging all the time, a few calls, some internet, couple pictures (i have yet to use Wi-Fi on this phone) but the battery has not died on me.

When you First get the phone I'm sure your like me and most people and leave the sticker thing on the screen so it doesn't get scratched or anything. Well I made a phone call and thought wow call quality is pretty low, but i punched a hold in the little screen protector and noticed call quality is just the same as my dash. So if you complain about the call quality your either deaf or need to do what i did.

The New Homescreen is also awesome, i rarely have to hit start because everything is on there, music player, messaging, photos & settings!

Another thing i should add about the Sure-type Keyboard, its Really good, I hear people say that the BB Pearl is better but the only way i can see that is that if the Pearl can guess your whole sentence or text message because the shadow's is great.

So now I'll get onto the Pros and Cons

-2MP Camera (takes good photos)
-New Neo Homescreen
-Added Program + Storage Memory
-BIG Screen
-Navigation Wheel
-Very Minimal Lag Even with 201 MHz Processor

-Can't really pick the program for the Button on the side(limited to only like 10 apps)
-Like someone added in previous review
"No thumb or finger stud to assist with the slide"

Battery Life (not the best but def not the worst)

It's okay, but I wouldn't suggest it


Feb 28, 2008 by qwerty2006

Well I gave this phone 3 stars because it's okay but for most people I feel it wouldn't be great. I see a lot of good reviews, and they are all right, this phone is a good phone--but it isn't solid. Before this I have had only blackberry, and I was very happy with them, the OS, and everything they have to offer. I heard great things about WindowsMobile phones so I figured I should get the Shadow (it was the best looking one in my opinion). When I first got it, I was blown away by how beautiful it is, the screen, and all the little features it has--but after a while it wears off. It has now been 3 months I've tested this phone, and I can't wait to get rid of it.

-Beautiful screen, I mean it's amazing!
-Easy to type with once you are used to it
-The camera feature is nice, and the camera is sharp
-Loads MMS quickly
-Front screen makes you never have to access the phone itself
-Track ball is a nice change

-I have horrible service in my home (I live in South Florid and have TMo and NEVER had this problem with another phone)
-Call quality is not great
-Most ringers are not loud enough
-Very hard to customize phone
-Setting a custom ring tone is next to impossible
-Keypad doesn't light up with top screen
-Took me forever to learn to FWD a text
-Emails take too long to come in (and even longer to load once they come in)
-Battery life is horrible

I know a lot of people mention the battery life so let me state what I do. I am a texter and I text about 200 a day, I get a couple emails, make a total of 20-40 minute call (a day), take some pictures ..that will have my phone almost die throughout the day.
Before I used to pair my Blue tooth but that made it die quicker, and if I use Internet, it is horrible (battery life).

No wonder when I got this phone, T-Mobile gave me a free car charger!

I wouldn't recommend this phone to a person who LIVES with their phone, but if you sometimes use it, this phone will give you no problems.

Great phone!!!


Apr 23, 2010 by VTECgarrett

This phone is awesome. Only prob I really had was the scrolling wheel. It went out after while, but overall great phone.

Well What can i say


Jan 7, 2010 by Bennyboy

Well what can i say i bought this phone about 2 or 3 months ago and got pretty familiar with the hard ware with in a week so it is not hard to use just confusing at first. But when i bought this phone BRAND NEW there was one big problem with it when i got a text the ring tone wouldn't shut off i posted a video on youtube so just go to the link at the bottom and you will see what i mean but HTC wont replace it but that is the only thing i can find wrong with the phone

Nice big screen
Awesome key pad nice big keys
Good 2 meg camera
micro sd slot
Easy to navigate through the menu
LOUD speaker


Hate this phone!


Mar 4, 2009 by wordygirl4ever

I am on my second Shadow, T-mobile replaced my first due to problems and I hate these phones
I find this phone awkward to use as far as the menus go. Some are useless and all are hard to navigate. I thought I'd get used to it but after 8 months I still can't easily find my way around
My biggest problems were with software glitches
I text a lot and am having problems with texts getting hung up. If I have a text that I delete without opening it, it'll still show I have an unread text with no way to get rid of this message short of powering down
If I receive a MyFaves call and miss it, even if I dismiss the message, it'll show I have a missed call until I call them back or power down
It could take up to 30 seconds to hear my MyFaves callers (that was just my first phone, the second doesn't have that problem)
If I miss a call my phone doesn't notify me that I did. Nor voice messages! I'll go into my mail box and have 8 messages because I wasn't notified they were left.
T-mobile sent me a new phone and it does almost all the same things my old one did. I don't have the problem with not being able to hear my MyFaves and I DO have a problem with my screen scrambling when I make or receive a call; the screen will stay scrambled for the duration of the call.
I now don't have a ringer for inbound calls even after resetting all the settings.
My first Shadow when in the closed position, wasn't flush, so when it was in my purse or pocket, it would slide open (thereby bypassing the 'lock' mode) and it would then call my number one on MyFaves.
The fact that you can't download games is icing on the cake. And if I'm nit-picking, the 'space' key on this new phone makes a weird sticking noise whenever I use it and the pre-emptive text is horrible. And I detest the fact that the ' symbol isn't on the keypad, you have to go to the symbols menu.

- none

- Shoddy construction
- Software glitches
- Problems with calls
- Hard to navigate
- No game downloads
- Etc, etc, etc

buy a different phone


Dec 28, 2008 by rrettig

i have had this phone since it came out and have had nothing but problems with it.

yes it is a nice looking phone and the wifi has been handy BUT....

1. the alarm settings are horrible.

2. the phone decides when it wants to actually ring. most of the time i know i am getting a call because i happen to see it light up.

3. when calls come through the screen at times is a jumbled mess and i cant really see who is calling.

4. i have already had to warranty the phone because the screen went black on me (and had the same problems with both phones).

5. even with all applications closed it freezes and i have to wait.

6. i am getting a lot of error reports

7. i have to take the battery out about 3 times a day to restart it...powering off doesn't help.

8. camera sucks. the only way you can zoom is if you are taking a picture while trying to send a mms message.

9. when i do power down it takes forever for the phone to work properly. it sometimes takes 30min to have access to my contacts.

don't waste your money. even the employees at tmobile laughed when i told them i bought this phone. i was asked "why would you buy that one. it is one of the worst phones we have"

Best phone ever


Oct 15, 2008 by sapnalona

Reception-The best reception I ever had! I get 2 bars in my room. I live in a neighborhood with low reception. With my motorola it's on and off 1 bar or none. That's why I upgraded and decided, "You get what you pay for."

Sound-I'm impressed. This is the most crystal clear phone I ever had. I wanted a sound that is natural, not like we're both yelling at each other.

Volume-I'm hearing impaired and if I can hear this, you can too. I don't know what other people are talking about when they say it's not loud. Use volume button to turn it up. I don't have to have mine turned all the way up.

Tone: Volume can be set.

Screen-Big, so easy to read, nice color and display. Wow.

Pictures-The best picture phone I ever taken. Crisp, clear, sharp. Nice colors.

Organizer-I can set it up to make it display on screen to remind myself of appointment.

Alarm-Has many different alarm tones to choose from. You can set the volume too!

Caller Id- I don't understand by somebody said there's no caller ID. There is caller ID!

Texting-Can be fast if you know how to use it! You can set it up to ABC mode if you don't want the prediction. If you do like prediction, you can add your own words to words bank. Also tells you when your message is sent. Leave you options to save to sim.

Cons: I think it'd be nice if they have external display like Nokia so you don't have to slide or press your phone to see if anybody called or text.

Alarm: I wish you can set your phone ringer off, but still have alarm tone comes on.

But I'm not complaining! I love my phone!



Sep 9, 2008 by boyintl

I personally own the shadow and have loved it since i have received it. I was a little upset with the overall battery life, but then i visisted on the HTC reps onsite and they sent me the extended battery which actually seems to last for about 3 days now. Overall excellent phone.. of course couldnt be better since you can run Emulators on it =)

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