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Shadow has mostly problems


Feb 3, 2008 by novaxx84

The reviewers that gave this phone good reviews must work for t-mobile.

cons- The alarm constantly goes off even though I have the alarm set to off. I checked the calendar and tasks and anything else that might be the cause and I have nothing set. This is a known issue. I have yet to find a fix for it.

The phone says I have -1 unread text messages, 1 unread picture messages, and 1 unread voice notes. I have read all of my messages and those numbers don't go away. Even after deleting all of my messages they still appear. This is a know issue and I have yet been able to fix it.

It is annoying that you can't just close a program simply by hitting end. Going all the way to task manager to close the program is annoying. Someone on here said that you would have to do that also on a pc. I don't know what pc they have been using but every pc I have used i have been able to close the program by clicking exit within the program.

The battery is also a problem. Of course if you use any device excessively you won't get much battery time out of it, however I have turned off all the functions such as phone, wifi, bluetooth, beam, , etc.. and have set the battery power to optimum. I still only get about 8 hrs of it before it needs to be charged again.

There is nothing to help with the slide feature. You constantly smudge the screen trying to slide the phone up.

The select buttons are too small and should be raised higher. Trying to reach them is difficult at times. It is very easy to accidentally hit the wrong button.

It would have also been nice if the buttons on the side of the phone were raised a little more. Trying to find them can be difficult. It is very hard trying to turn your volume up when talking on the phone. Most of the time I have to pull the phone away from my ear to find the volume up. That is annoying.

pros- the sound quality is great and has been the best from any phone phone has a nice look to it. i like the home screen but wish it was more customizable.



Jan 5, 2008 by ksoundd

I must say that this suprised me in its capabilities due to the regular phone style look. Who would ever expected that this would do as much as it does, its just like the dash, the wing with out the keyboard, and a mixture of the blackberry along with the dash and wing all in one.

Don't like the fact that I can't create word files or cut and paste like the wing or mda, but it's still a great phone.

Great for music lovers and those who create music like myself. It already comes with built in 144mb memory. Cool look also.

T-Mo Shadow: A Great Phone


Jan 3, 2008 by techie57

So I've had this phone for about a week and so far I am LOVING IT! That's easy for me to say since this is my first smartphone, but i do have some issues, albeit minor. I'm going with the bad first.


Sometimes the phone can't go into the task manager when Windows Media is playing. I have to stop the music and then go in to it.

There's no shortcut button to get to the task manager. VERY annoying.

The charging port/headphone jack is on the side. this becomes a challenge because you can't put the phone in your pocket when listening to music.

Battery life. Don't even get me started on that. I could get almost three days with my trusty samsung t609. With the shadow I can barely get one day out of it. It's getting better with use, but it's still pretty bad.l

Easy Menus. You can get to where you want to go pretty fast.

Interface is VERY user friendly and simple to use.

I can send texts and emails very quickly.

I very much like the idea that I can view and EDIT Word and Excel documents.

I can view PDF files.

Camera is superb.

Synchronizing to your PC is fast and easy.

Anything that I didn't mention in the Cons.



Jan 2, 2008 by A1H2

This is the best phone that I have ever owned. I have owned both the T-Mobile Wing and the Curve both big and bulky. The Shadow is very small and packs many features. Almost every features is on the phone and is very easy to use. The only thing maybe touchscreen should be considered to be added.

Shadow serious review


Dec 31, 2007 by ramit2500

I will be honest with you and tell you that I have only had this phone for 3 days. I will tell you that I just came from at&t to tmobile and I have used a ton of their phones including the Treo 650, V3, Blackjack, Curve, N75 and Ericsson w580i. This is the best phone Ive ever used. I know I have only had it 3 days but I believe thats all it takes. I have had no battery issues yet. Ive only charged it once. The screen is big and clear. Camara is awesome and you can turn the shutter sound off(I use the camera when I deer hunt and need to be quite). Right now, Im not using it for business purposes so I cant help there with emails and stuff but for a leisure phone its awesome! I would recommend this phone to anyone.



Dec 17, 2007 by marxamuel

I have had mine for a month. Again the saying RTFM applies. The device does everything they promise it will. It does it reasonably well. I have no memory issues or lockups (My Wing locked up 2 or 3 times a day)It connects to wifi better and faster than my Palm TX. This version of IE that is included works better than Opera(just fewer features). Blew my mind. I don't have data and it didn't seem to like t zones (but that could have been my fault).

I hated this phone at first and then I found most of my answers in the manual.

The other thing to remember is that it is a Windows Smartphone device. I found that Windows Mobile devices are rather particular. It's not like a palm which you can torture and it will still work. You cannot install everything from anywhere, play around with the registry and settings ad infinitum and expect still expect it to behave well. Microsoft devices don't seem to be that way.

Once I came to respect this limitation my experience of the device improved dramatically.

Bottom line is that if you treat the Shadow as a phone and not a technical curiosity it will work just fine. This won't be my last phone, but it will do for a while.

For extensive PDA functions or a device that I could push to the edge, I will just keep my old TX

Finally a Smart Phone that's Cool too!!


Dec 16, 2007 by jarcy2000

I have had virtually every phone that became available on the market for years. Razr's Krzr's Lazr's, Pentium, titanium, anything and everything that was new. I don't usually buy or use T-Mobile phones but buy them from the manufacturer so i can be among the first.
The HTC Shadow intrigued me and I changed my plan to MyFav so I was forced to purchase a phone from them. I had it almost 24 hours when it died a quick and painless death. Black screen wouldn't boot up at all.
I called T-Mobile and they overnighted me another new HTC Shadow (their dime) and I have not been able to put it down for 4 days. It is awesome, the file structure, syncranization with my PC, the ease to operate, voice recognition, great picture quality both still and video. AND most important to me it has been able to correctly deal with every music file i have thrown at it. It truly is a SMART phone and I love it . . .of course it's cool too!

Score another one for HTC


Nov 22, 2007 by langs520

I got the Shadow a couple days after its release to replace my Dash, and overall I've been pleased with it thusfar. First, a couple of cons...

1. Battery life. It's flat out subpar. I think I'm up to full capacity by now, and it still is a stretch to get a day's use out of it.
2. Task Manager. It takes a couple extra steps now with the new interface. Thankfully, with the extra memory, I don't have to use it quite as often. I'm keeping an eye out for a hack to use the side key to launch it.
3. Suretype. I've definitely gotten used to it, but the predictive text is not 100% accurate like a full keyboard.

That said, here's why it's a great phone...

1. Form factor/look. The Shadow is small and sleek, without sacrificing functionality.
2. Keyboard. Nice size keys, and the rubberized finish makes using the keyboard a breeze.
3. Interface. Outside of the aforementioned Task Manager problem, the new interface is really nice. The submenus are easy to access with the scroll wheel (which I'm also quite fond of), the photo slide show layout is cool, and I rarely need to use the 'start' menu.
4. Camera. I've seen a couple gripes about the quality, which I kind of agree with, but I really like the way the interface is set up. It works like a regular camera would.

Again, this is overall a really nice phone at a good price. Call quality has been fine. Reception is good (Milwaukee area). Best of all, the Shadow is very user-friendly. Definitely an adequate replacement for the Dash!

SHADOW is it reall


Nov 6, 2007 by joymrt03

pros This phone has everything and does it well except 3g

cons-none much better then any blackberry could ever be. This same phone will still be better then any blackberry even 5 years from now

There's a Shadow in the Phoenix Area (T-Mobile)


Feb 10, 2008 by RonnySmart

I would like to say that cell phone manufacturers in general need to WAKE UP!!
Geez... I just wonder what some of the people are doing and thinking when coming up with a concept for new phones!

Overall, this phone is probably one of the better ones and I have tried a LOT of various phones and PDA's. Too bad it's connected to TMo.
I tried using this phone as a modem and chatting with their internet department several times, I had the pleasure of being hung up on 3 times because they get tired of trying to make it work. Even my sales person was hung up on when calling tech support. Ridiculous!!

A Few Pros:

*Nice bright large screen. Very clean/clear.
*Windows 6
*NICE Camera! Very good quality for a 2.0 camera.
*The battery life is excellent.
*The reception is one of the best for T-Mo.
*Slider is sturdy.

My Cons:

*Who in this world LIKES XT9?? Everyone I know does NOT!! Get rid of it.
*No flash, though it seems to work pretty good in incandescent light.
*Not really a slider fan, I would like to see this phone in a clam shell form factor by HTC.
*Speaker is not clear and tinny sounding. (and YES I took the plastic-wrap off the phone!) (and NO I am NOT piercing holes in my speaker screen)
*Those ridiculous flaps on the USB slot. Pain in the Arse! I'm cutting mine off.

Even with the negs of this phone... it is a keeper. Of course, until something better pops into my vision! 8)

If you like sliders, this is the phone for you. Just expect to get hung up on occasionally by the internet support dept or the PDA support dept. Shame on them!

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