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LG Voyager VX-10000


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It's OK but better things are coming.


Nov 21, 2007 by flip69

I got it today and have been playing with it. It is definitely NOT a iphone killer. The push to unlock button on the front is very annoying but maybe there is a way to shut it off. My biggest gripes and scrolling though the contact list just works poorly. And the side button does not move the contact list. Either the phone doesn't respond to my finger movement or it selects one when I just wanted to scroll. Maybe the firmware will be improved but my friends iphone works 1000% better. Also moving around on a browser page is very difficult. This is really a warmed over envy. It seems that LG rushed this together when Verizon pushed them to do something like the iphone. LG is a great phone manufacturer so I would think that in 6-12 months they will really have a iphone killer but then again apple is not standing still. Also the plastic holster does not hold the phone firmly as it can fall out very easily. And the leather pouch which holds the phone horizontally is nice but you would never feel the vibrations in that mode. I would say a nice try but no cigar. I will return it in a few days and go back to my 8300.

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here we go!


Dec 8, 2007 by mooonnaaa

this phone is HOT!!
i love the way it feels, looks at first glance, it's SO light, thin, and absolutely gorgeous!!
.....................but just like dating, looks are NOT everything ;) i use phones mainly for browsing, chatting, SMS'ing, and the likes. kinda like a mini laptop to go? so if you utilize voice services more than data, this phone may be for you!

pros (most comparisons are to the iPhone since my blackberry curve is in a league of its own!)
+ clear!
+ camera is THE BEST!!
+ volume control and level is better than iphone
+ beautiful LCD
+ nice UI
+ built in GPS

+ no chat clients!!!! aim and yahoo are done via SMS'ing and gchat, icq, msn would be through web based clients i presume?
+ no push email
+ too many services / options to choose from and was WAY too confusing... i didn't have the patience to decipher what was / is free and what wasn't

...i only had it for two full days and didn't get the chance to completely understand it inside out, but the lack of chat clients AND push email were enough to take it right back. i believe they may offer a push email service but i think it was extra, i can't remember.

but if you don't need push and chats, i would recommend this guy over the iPhone ANY DAY!

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No way


Dec 1, 2007 by baseball000

Ok, i bought this phone expecting to have a wonderful upgrade to the lg V that i already had.
Lets just say i was very disappointed.
After having this phone for just one week the touch screen is starting to give up on me. the inside of the phone is great and works like a charm. It can be slow at times and the camera isn't very good but the inside is decent. But i just couldn't live with the boring, non sensitive outside touch screen for 2 years so i returned it and bought the lg env. this phone is a lot better and more durable. For all those wanting this phone, wait for 6 months at least so they can work out the bugs.If you don't you'll be stuck getting a replacement every week and you will hate yourself. Besides, that refurbished equipment is never very good. Until then i suggest the env or the original v if you are looking to save money on the phone.

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Not as good as I expected.


Dec 4, 2007 by CharlieDe

First let me say that I was the FIRST person on line for this phone at my local store when it first came out, got there at 6 am. My major complaints are: The ring tones are extremely low, the vibration isn't as strong , both compared to the V. Also the lock feature is ridiculous as if you make a call , hang up and go to make another the phone must be unlocked again. And yes I changed the setting on the phone to be unlocked most of the time. Also as someone said before if you call your voice mail or any other number that requires you to put in numbers you must unlock the phone again.
The mobile TV is cool but why make the screen so big and not use all of it ???? No speaker phone on the outside?? Touch screen is not very responsive , and as people have said before, sometimes you wind up getting something you didn't want by scrolling. But all of these thing are not as bad as my music going off 4 times this morning by it self when the phone WAS locked??? is the phone possessed??? I also have a problem with humming , please try this on your phone and let me know, open the phone and hold the inside to you ear in a quiet room , do you hear a humming coming from it??? I do !!! I been trying to exchange this phone since I got it but no store has them in stock to do so.

Not phone bashing just stating the facts of my experiences

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Nov 27, 2007 by gman555

I read up on this phone for a month prior to running around like a lunatic to receive the last one the day before Thanksgiving. I got it home and as I kept navigating through the menu's etc I kept saying when is this phone going to have the 'wow' factor!!! I had the iPhone for a month and had to clip ATT service (absolutely terrible btw). So i kept my phone as an expensive Ipod with great web capabilities assuming wifi. Some reviews called the Voyager the iPhone killer, I couldnt disagree more! I have it less than a week and im going back to get the the Pearl that I had before this.
Ok so heres my take in an outline format:

-phone has good clarity when making calls
-web tv is pretty good, assuming its not buffering
-web browsing is close to the iphone, prob the best your going to get next to the iphone
-i do like the internal keyboard, texting is a breeze
-battery life seems pretty good

-cant here when it rings!
-navigator goes in and out of signal
-anything that is down-loadable to even make this phone remotely cool costs a fortune from VZ..totally disappointing there VZ.
-i feel the layouts on just about every screen are so basic
-touch screen is terrible compared to iPhone
-speakers only sound good when the phone is open
-my plug in at the bottom is very hard to get in/out
-camera is weak

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80% there, not a good biz phone


Nov 28, 2007 by ackerman73

I had the phone for about 10 days and I used it extensively. It is fine for casual users who are interested in downloading music and tones, etc from Get It Now. However, it is NOT designed for busy people needing a phone that can keep pace with them.

Cons: The touch screen interface is not very good. You will find yourself selecting items when you meant to scroll. The Iphone is much better in this respect.

The phone's external screen locks constantly. There is a shut off for the auto lock function, but it will still lock more often and more quickly than is comfortable. For example, if you hang up from a call, then open it to text, when you close it again to check your missed voice mails, the phone will be locked. Then, after unlocking it, you need to select the 'phone' icon to enter your voicemail password. It doesn't read like a big deal, but in the heat of battle this is a major pain in the butt.

The vibrate feature is very weak. I kept it in my sport coat inner pocket and I never felt it vibrate.

There is no speakerphone.

There is no zoom/flash on the camera.

The phone is basically a format to get the user to spend more money on Verizon Get It Now services and is more appropriate for teenagers with money.

Pros: The screens are spectacular.

The texting keyboard is a dream and much nicer than the Pearl, for which I traded this phone.

It is built well and looks very nice.

Overall: This is a half-baked effort by LG. The phone feels like it was rushed to market to capitalize on the Holiday sales. There is clearly a lot more thought that could go into this phone to make it right for serious users.

I switched to the Pearl (Verizon gives 30 day trial) and I'm much happier with it. The Pearl feels well thought out.

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just an average phone


Nov 23, 2007 by trentvz

I dont know what is so great about this phone. Its bulky, the sound quality is so-so and whats so great about the touch screen. Maybe I was expecting more. No external speakers( when the phone is closed). This is just an average phone in my opinion. A lot of hype for nothing. And for all you people who paid $300 at promo price and 400 plus at full retail...wait till next month when its going to be $150.

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Not really worth the 4.11 rating


Mar 7, 2008 by rytiffany

Cool factor
Touch screen works
Great reception
Sort of like the browser
All things considered the battery life really wasn't that bad. It is a touch screen and I used the hell out of everything on it
Great bluetooth reception
Feels solid build-wise
Cool factor: Everybody wants to play with it and get their finger prints all over it.
Music takes FOREVER to load. like 5 minutes for 8 gigs
The whole phone is slow. It wasn't designed to browse the internet. It can but it wasn't designed to. It's supposed to but it needs a lot of help.
Tons of flaws with the mouse cursor on the inside with the browser for sites with drop down menus.
Mobile TV is worthless. No reception anywhere.
Data is slow.
Incoming calls sound muffled sometimes.
Speaker phone only works when it's open.
The keyboard on the inside is just big enough to be awkward for thumbs but too small to type on. The touchscreen keyboard for entering websites is actually far better in my opinion, if the processor could only keep up with the input.

Overall I loved it when I first got it but after using it for 3 months I don't think I'd tell anyone to get this phone for $350. $150 might be more reasonable. Really not a big fan. Anyone who says this thing is better than an iphone hit their head really hard.

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phone is way way too much hipe


Nov 22, 2007 by broken98

cons:internet browser slowest ive ever seen
none responsive touch screen
very ver boring menu (vzw os)
price too high
impossible to web navigate web site with front screen.
no wifi
no 3rd party apps

pros: camera is ok
screens are nice looking
phone is cool looking

phone should have been a windows or other os phone is no where i phone

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Half-arsed effort


Jan 1, 2008 by bluecoyote

MAN what a bummer. Both screens are crisp and bright, and the calls were crisp and clear, but the execution leaves a TON to be desired.

The outside touch screen is unresponsive, despite the vibration feedback. Making matters worse he software is too slow to keep up with you, so a series of fast presses may lead to some irritating buzzes that are more confusing than helpful, and you may have to press several more times just to get what you wanted. Those of you claiming this to be an "iPhone killer" by merits of its touch screen have obviously never used an iPhone.

Despite having EVDO, page load times are simply TOO LONG, especially for simple sites like Yahoo.com. Compared to my Blackberry 8703e (Sprint) and my iPhone (AT&T EDGE), the Voyager takes over TWICE as long to draw up these sites. I had the Verizon tech look at mine because I simply could not believe it. He said it was 'normal.' Broadband my arse- this is one of the slowest phones I've seen.

Even once a page does load, scrolling around on the touch screen is a pain in the arse- fortunately, you can flip it open and it's much better, but the touch screen STINKS. It's AWFUL, and I never got it calibrated right. Unlike on the iPhone, a lot of Web 2.0 sites don't work with the Voyager (like Meebo and Seeqpod.) Like the iPhone, your own applications cannot be 'officially' installed.

VCast service stinks and it's annoying to navigate- I'd rather have YouTube, as the clips were all of pretty low quality, but that's a Verizon thing, so I can't harp on LG for it. The Music player is decent though- no complaints, and it didn't crash on me.

IMing was OK, but Verizon's rates stink, and the application was really weak. I like the phone a lot when it's open, it's a shame that when it's closed it's such a piece of crap. If you want a high end feature phone on Verizon, look at the Blackberry Pearl. If you want a slick touch screen phone, get the real iPhone.

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