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I love it!!!


Jul 1, 2008 by lnknprkbas

To me this phone is everything I could ask for, touchscreen, keyboard, music player, great web broweser, and great camera. Overall great multimedia capabilities. My only one disappointment since I came from the Juke is that I cannot do anything other then listen to music when playing it from the phone. However I have come accustomed to listening only when I am not using the phone. Very satisfied espeicially with the rep who sold it to me becuz he threw in a a car charger ear phones and belt clip for free. And I still get ehe $50 rebate.

This is a wicked awesome phone!


Jun 29, 2008 by mizz-cassiez737

Well i got my voyager this past Wednesday and i LOVE it! its feels great in the palm of your hand and its just like WOW! So these are some of the things you might use if you were to get it:

Internet Browser: Pretty good, i recommend flipping the phone open while using it.

Mobile TV: ITS AWESOME! I'm with verizon Wireless and they offered me a free month to try it out, and i said HECK YEAH! and i use it ALL the time!

Texting: OMG i LUV the keyboard! i text on it all the time!

Camera: Well the quality is great but there is no flash! And it takes a long time to load, but like i said GREAT quality!

Touch Screen: its actually better then i expected! its really great, but sometimes u just have to tap it a little harder.

Music Player: Its really awesome! great quality, and its really cool!

I love how you can customize menu fonts n stuff! you can change the fonts, and the color!

Overall, as a 12 year old, this phone is great for ANY age! Thanks phone scoop pplz! cause all the reviews on here helped me pick the voyager!!!

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Voyager funtastic multimedia phoneIf


Jun 9, 2008 by thewolf

If you played around with the Voyager before the last firmware upgrade, you have an incorrrect view of the Voyager. Last upgrade mades it possible to scroll on a web page before it is totally loaded. This is something the iphone does and greatly quickens browsing speed. At the same time, a major improvement was made in zooming inand out of a web page. Now, a button or rocker switch activates a slider on the screen that instantly zoomsin and out of web pages. It is a great feature. These improvements now make the browsing experience on the Voyager as good as the iphone!


Web browsing now equals iphone experience. Fun to use.

m.youtube.com not only allows Voyager users to see ALL of the same videos that iphone users can see, but Voyager users can also read viewers' comments on each clip which cannot be done with iphone.

2mp camera has auto focus and takes great pix.

Phone service is amazing thanks to Verizon. Much better than Att.

Battery is removable and extended battery is available.

3g speed...not Edge


Print on emails is too light and attatchments can't be read.

No wifi

Adobe flash not plugged in browser.


Voyager is a great phone that is better and easier to use than the iphone in many ways. Despite what you heard, Verizon ui is easy to use if you have any common sense.

I sold my 3 month old iphone for the Voyager and I have absolutely no regrets

Voyager: Good


Jun 7, 2008 by awesomeperson

The Voyager is a good phone. I would not call a great phone, but I have never been able to call any phone that


menus are not very customizable

a little large

if you drop it or whatever, the phones done for

to get it you have to upgrade you service

touch screen can be a little annoying because although it responds fairly well, you sometimes have to tap it three or more times

shuts off on occasion randomly

still have to use mobile YouTube


since there is so much on the phone, I have to charge i about every day


the lock button on the side is useful

for the most part the touch screen is good

keys are nice and spread out

has a full keyboard

antenna for tv is well hidden

full html browser

if you use the extra features, they are nice

2.0 megapixel camera and camcorder real nice

moving backgrounds!! real cool

All in all the voyager is a good phone if you are going to use all the features on it. if you are not interested in them, then you better get the env2.



May 15, 2008 by Albie05

I purchased my very own unit of the highly-anticipated “iPhone killer” known as the LG Voyager right around the time it was released, which was at the very end of 2007. I purchased the device for $199.99 after mail-in rebate and a $100 credit for renewing my contract. The touch-screen is nice, however its more of a push screen because a lot of touching went unnoticed if I didn’t press with pressure. The menu interface was not as complicated as I expected; it was very easy to navigate and had very little to no lag time. It is, however, watered down with Verizon’s standard interface which disappoints me a tad-bit. The phone comes equipped with a 2.0 megapixel camera with auto-focus, numerous customization options, and a camcorder. There’s no flash on the device which doesn’t bother me a whole lot, but I honestly think that if this phone was to be considered to be an iPhone killer, they should have upgraded the camera to 3.0 megapixels, or at the very least have a CCD lens rather than a CMOS censor. The camcorder is decent for a phone and I have uploaded some flicks on YouTube with satisfactory results (for a camera phone that is).

Overall I think I would have to give the phone about 3.5 out of five just because I think they could have done a better job with it. Nothing too horrible about the device, just some flaws that should have been tweaked before they released it.

+ touch screen concept
+ camera quality is decent
+ battery life lasts a whole lot longer than my previous Samsung a990
+ loud speaker phone quality
+ great reception
+ not as brickly as the competition
+ large, vibrant screens
+ ample memory space

- touch screen is more of a push/pressure screen
- camera should have been 3.0 megapixels
- no flash on camera
- cannot use speaker phone when closed
- crippled bluetooth as other Verizon phones
- ringtones not too loud and sound muffled due to placement of speakers

Not as good as I'd hoped


May 10, 2008 by ponderous

I wanted to love this phone. I've always been a huge fan of LG and was excited to get the Voyager when I was up for a new phone this past April. After 21 days with the phone, it was returned to the store today.

Bottom line, the phone wasn't what I'd hoped it would be. The calendar application was borderline useless. The battery life was probably the worst I've ever seen on an LG phone. The web was slow. All in all, I endured three weeks hoping it would get better... it didn't. I was happy to exchange it for my Blackberry Curve which came out in the stores today.

If you're considering the Voyager, don't.

Side note: I know it's the trend, but I'm really starting to think that touch screens (although uber swank by design) have no place in a cell phone. I found myself in need of more tactile feedback than the simple vibration when I pushed the screen. Give me buttons!

Great gadget, mediocre phone


May 2, 2008 by GuyinLACA

I have been a long time Motorola user and I decided to give the Voyager a shot. I have been pleasantly surprised in many respects, but the phone does have its drawbacks. Overall, the Voyager is an excellent multimedia device but it lacks in several areas that I've stuck with Motorola for.

-Excellent call volume
-Good call quality in strong signal areas
-Awesome keyboard/great for texting
-Attractive design
-Good battery life when used primarily for calls/moderate texting
-Almost all functions can be done from the touch screen
-Customizable shortcut/Fn menus
-Phone comes with data cable (easy to load custom wallpapers & ringtones
-Excellent voice dialing
-Camera quality is very good

-Reception fluctates a lot and is poor compared to the Motorola V9m/MAXX
-Call quality deteriorates quickly when signal is poor (happens often on this phone)
-Ringer volume needs to be a lot louder. "High" on the Voyager is quieter than low on my Motorolas.
-The phone scratches easily/fingerprint magnet
-Speakerphone could be clearer
-The touch screen is mostly a gimmick, and I find it missing presses and has to be calibrated often.
-Scrolling can be frustrating & I've found no foolproof method.
-The "touch to unlock" feature is really annoying; They need a more reliable way to unlock the phone.
-The phone locks the screen during a call making it hard to enter a numbered option.
-If auto-lock is off, none of the buttons merely light up the screen; they function as if the screen was active. This results in accidental dialing sometimes.
-Can't use the speakerphone with the phone closed (BIG DOWNFALL) Conversely, you can't dial using the internal screen & keep the call going when you close it.
-NO camera flash
-Phone occasionally creaks when opening / closing it.
-There should be more display themes. The black and red is cool, but it's boring after awhile.

Overall, this phone is great for texters; the Motorola V9m/MAXX are much better for calls



Mar 21, 2008 by voyager08

I have owned about 13 phones and i have not had each of them as long as i plan on keeping this one! This phone is great with calls volume is good! Everyone complains about ringtones' volume. But my phones ringtones are loud!

You CANT have Verizon's default menu.


Letters that appear to text work great!

They were smart enough to put something in call calibration. Which is to improve the way you use your touchscreen.

A lot of space to store stuff in

1,000 Contacts is the max!

And more!


Worthy upgrade to the enV.


Mar 16, 2008 by Ron96

I have to say that this device could have been better. For the most part it was pretty good, call quality was decent, so was audio. But video looked washed out and pixelated.

I also felt the battery life could have been better. I got about 4hrs talk time out of it. It also has a web browser, which is pretty much the same as all the other WAP browsers around. Speakers were good for music. It supports Verizons high speed data network. I dont know about you guys but I'm not all that crazy about Vcast TV, the video quality is horrible, and it takes quite a while to load a stream.

Cell coverage was what you'd expect from Verizon. The camera could have been better as well. They removed flash from this phone which people will miss.

The touchscreen is just ok. It can be sluggish and unresponsive at times, but theres much worse out there. It was also strange that in the web browser it used QWERTY, but when texting it used T9. The phone opens to reveal a nice spacious QWERTY keypad, similar to the one on enV. Works pretty well and is a breeze to type on.

Well if your looking for a worthy upgrade from the enV, and you'd love a similar interface and disliked the small external display then this may be worthy checking out. Otherwise Id suggest waiting for something better. And let me tell you better already exists.

LG enV VX-9900 to LG Voyager VX-10000


Mar 15, 2008 by HelloMotto

I previously had the LG enV VX-9900 which was the best phone I have owned. (see my review in the LG enV VX-9900 forum). The Voyager is everything the enV was plus more. The important thing to remember for a potential buyer is to make sure the phone has Firmware version 7 which among other things added the ability to calibrate touch response.

* Sturdy solid build and feel, no cheap feeling creaking plastic parts.
* Sharp screen resolution - both screens
* Loud ringers
* Variety of ringers
* Responsive touch screen, although scrolling takes getting used to
* Strong vibrate
* Amazing picture quality
* Good Battery life
* QWERTY keyboard is spacious, no cramped buttons like the Moto Q or Treo

* No ability to use speaker phone with clam shell closed
* Speaker sounds a bit muffled
* Browser is limited

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