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Sharp Sidekick LX 2007


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EH! I left Blackberry for this?!


Jan 25, 2008 by Nat111

What was I thinking leaving blackberry for a sidekick.. The software is something you CANNOT compare. Emails in 5-10 minutes versus emails in an hr or more. I read something about someone having problems with not getting emails in a day or so. Now look I am a fan of tmobile been with them since 2000.. happy with their service... just don't like the excuse being that my sim card needs an update and that's why I am not getting my emails!! Come on.. I never had a problem with blackberry.

-wide-huge clear screen
-keyboard amazing by far the best feature on the phone
great text messaging system... layout
Syncs wirelessly with outlook (CON only if you buy the software throught tmobile.com for $9.99)

-volume for ringers notifications mp3s.. LOW
-Speaker Phone not very clear
-Regular phones calls not even so clear.. hear hissing
-Internet not only slow SUPER slow..no wifi
-Pictures are fuzzy
-MP3's CAN'T be ringtones what year are we in 2008!?
-Need to pay for everything even downloading a calculator.. phone can get expensive if youw ant ringers $2.49 a piece... themes and backgrounds... very pricy

Overall.. not such a bad phone very basic... I am 28 yrs old.. definitely think its more for the younger generation bec. it's really basic... for email maniacs definitely the Blackberry!

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Dec 31, 2007 by bkfinest006

huge comfortable screen.
lovely keyboard that u love to press.
new alert sounds.

speaker is not loud
(you will not hear it ring in another room unless u can hear a pindrop)
no T-Jingle.
takes tremendous time to charge

this is a great phone for communication,
when you are on a phone call the speaker is greater than that of the sk3, and deffinately the ID. no crackling noise. the keyboard is a breeze the buttons give you great tactile feel.
great reception. i replaced my enV with this and i do not regret it at all!
the only thing wish it had was video video video. geez, if only they would just complete that little gap.

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The realist review of the phone


Dec 26, 2007 by kenney_mannn

I love my sidekick lx. I have the blue one but now I wished I had the brown but whatever. Lets get to the real deal.
full spacious keyboard
good grip
no video
I don't know why but my phone takes more than six hours to charge. YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
I know why it takes six hours. I have had this phone for 2 weeks now and I have only had 2 fully complete charges. But the other times the battery was not complete but still went the whole day. I also noticed the internet is hella slow.
Bottom line
I'm 17 and this is my first sidekick and I am pretty satisfied with it. I just wish the screen could be used in the brightest mode without killing the battery so much. And I might have to go get another battery for my phone because everyone says their sidekick takes no more than 1.5 hrs to charge and that is if the thing is all the way dead.
Thanks for reading my review and this is my first review and I am looking forward to keep u posted about my charging problem and if it gets better.

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I love This Phone SO Much


Nov 21, 2007 by mr225v

I love this new sidekick i have had them all!!! (including the id) and this is by far the best!

*The only thing that could be better is the camera*

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Cool but could be better!!!


Nov 11, 2007 by bgale14

I Got my sidekick Lx blue about two weeks ago and i can hardly put it down. This phone makes me wish that i was more into the whole texting email scene. I am new to smart phones but not unfamiliar. My previous phones were a Blackberry Pearl and an HTC dash. both of which were exchanged which eventually led me to my LX. The screen is amazing and the interface is really easy to use once you get the hang of it but there are a few little simple things that Sharpe could have done to make this phone the complete package.

-awsome screen
-love the soft touch keyboard
-trackball is really fun
-very customizable
-nice size though still a little bulky
-good looking Internet
-pretty good reception
-love the quick links
-email is very easy to use
-myspace link is very nice
-camera is good
-flash is the better on this phone than any other phone i have owned
-cool sleek look

-mp3 player is not loud....AT ALL
-battery life...barely lasts a day and a half
-screen scratches easily
-Internet is real slow
-needs regular updates to keep it working at efficiant speeds
-corner buttons don't light up
-really expensive

Overall this phone is a great phone and is very entertaining and it is definitely worth a look. But i would wait for the price to drop before running to the store to purchase it.

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Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nov 7, 2007 by robertacevedo07

Love this Phone! I used to have the Sidekick id and decided 2 upgrade and couldn't be any happier. I lover almost everything about it it. The only cons about the phone is the fact that it does not play video, record video, and it has only a 1.3 megapixel camera. If the camera was at least 2.0 megapixels, i would have given this phone a 5 out of 5. but over all, the features on this phone are great and the keyboard is so easy to use.

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Its Not That Bad


Dec 27, 2007 by itz lorenz xD

I just recently purchased this phone. I think its not that bad. It has its good and bad features.


-wide-screen is nice and big

-keyboard easy to use

-mp3 nice and clear

-battery life long

-bright colors

-signal phenomenal [chicago]

-FLASH great edition

-3.5 mm headphone jack

-Amazing shortcut system


-Speaker Phone not very clear

-Internet slow

-Pictures are not very clear even with flash

-NO VIDEO thats a killer

-Corner buttons don't light up

-pretty expensive

-MP3's CAN'T be ringtones

-Cooler if had wifi =)

-Didn't come with wrist strap

I only had it for a day but I think I can live with it. If you purchase this phone you HAVE to get the Internet browser plan to use the web browser and the instant messenger.

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My Third, and Best, Sidekick.


Sep 25, 2009 by WillSkLX

This was my third sidekick, and I loved the hell out of it. I had to give it up because my dad switched networks to AT&T, and I received an iPhone to shut up about leaving T-Mobile. (Things fell through with AT&T and I'm getting the LX 09 next week.)

- Sleek Design
- Improved Screen
- Upgraded notification lights
- Hybrid keyboard, (Between the 2&3)
- Video, with the OTA that is.
- Micro SD Slot
- USB charger

- Still has a crappy camera
- Still has fair call quality

Overall, the best sidekick I've owned to date. It brought the luxury back in owning a sidekick. Not everyone had this phone, like the iD, and it gave a status to an owner.

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I looove it!


Feb 2, 2008 by young_techie

-Big,crystal clear screen
-cute design
-easy to text,email,IM
-has a GREAT data plan(only $20.00)
-great IM clients(AIM,MSN,YAHOO)
-web browser
-good music player
-can download cool "themes" onto it
-nice size,tho not super light
-good call quality(tho I mostly text,etc not talk on it)

-Can't make your own ringtones,they MUST be purchased through the download catalog for $2.50 each
-coverage could be better
-a little heavy,but dosen't bother me much
-no alarm clock!
-web browser is slow at times(usually pretty fast in the morning or late at night tho)
-no video

Basically I give the LX 5 stars because It's perfect for me.The pros out weigh the cons so I really have no major complaints!

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Oct 24, 2007 by trendsettr84

got my kickLX on friday 19th. and i have not been able to put this phone down. awesome phone overal ofcourse better then the kick 3.i was very surprised when i started using it. if you have the kick3. you laggin!!


longer battery life
larger clearer display.
lighter then the kick 3.
very surprised on how good the reception was.
much more, YOU just need to cop it.


mp3 player not very loud.
ringtones are still limited to only 10.
ringtones you purchase arent loud.
still 1.3 pixels.


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