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Sharp Sidekick LX 2007


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I Love It =]


Aug 21, 2008 by j26c

I've been using the Sidekick Lx for over a month now. I think this phone is great. I recently upgraded my "software" in the phone. and for you people saying it does not have video . mine does =] the mp3 player is great. very clear screen . and a lot larger than the other lx's . keypads are easy to type with. the internet is not so fast but its fine. this phone is GREAT. especially if you chat a lot or text message. like me . lol. overall this phone is rated a A from me. only thing i dont like is how low the volume is when mp3's are being played. and how you can not use your own uploaded songs and set them as your ringtones. well enjoy.

ilove my SKLX ;]

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Sidekick LX... Not bad Tmobile, not bad at ALL


Aug 5, 2008 by shantie519

I've had the sidekick Lx for about 2 months now. Its a pretty good phone, its very helpful if you have internet access on it. I never have to use the computer anymore because I have full internet access and all my emails come straight to my phone so I never miss a job interview or any messages from my friends. And its really comes in handy when Im somewhere bored I just need something to occupy my time. I love the camera because it has a auto-flash and Im a girl that likes to caught all moments even in not very light places. I could be better if it contain a video but hey who needs a video when you have a phone that takes great pictures. Having to buy ringtones now is not as cool as bluetooth but I can make an acception once out of a few months to spend 2.49 on a ringtone. Now the tracking ball isnt very good to me right now because my ball doesnt roll down anymore, but good thing you have a backup button. So overall I would say the sidekick Lx is one of the best phones Tmobile has out right now... So all I can say is T Mobile keep up the good work!!!

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best sidekick yet


Jul 22, 2008 by jebebugus

I've had my sidekick LX for about a month now and I love it. I was a SK 3 user for a over a year before i ordered my LX, and i can definantly say there have been many improvements.

Really bright, clear, big screen.
Keypad is great as always and is made of a better material than the SK 3.
Has picture messaging. Finally.
Camera seems to be slightly improved.
Web browser still works nicely.

you have to pay for everything. you even have to buy and alarm clock? come on tmobile. i just gave you 400 dollars for this phone.

completely locked down. i cant get bluetooth to work with any other phone. i cant get ringtones from anywhere except their catalog.

overall i highly recommend this phone. however, the fact that its so locked down and that everything on it is so expensive keeps me from giving it a 5.

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grand phone


Jul 6, 2008 by tcash2010

Ok well I think this is one of the best multi taskers out there this phone is great I every is tlking about bad speaker quality and poor reception well my speaker works marvelously and I live in corpus christi texas and the only time I get bad service is when im trying to txt when im in the metall freezer at work...even then I stil have 1or2 bars.

The only bad things about this phone is that u can use music as ringtones,you can't get tones off the internet

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SUPER but still needs work


Jun 5, 2008 by a.marines.wife

My first sk device the sk3. the up grade from sk3 to sklx was great!!!

i appreciated the BETTER QUALITY and BIGGER SCREEN. It has impeccable durability!!! i know some1 that has dropped it several times and is still working great! the EXTRA FLASHING LIGHTS are a great addition. its more exciting to get messages knowing you can customize the trackball lights with the outer lights. The KEYBOARD has a new feel2it. kinda rubbery and not so plastic. its better for girls who have nails because its easier to press the buttons. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that you can use your ipod headphones with it now.

NO VIDEO!!!!!!! i had a phone with video capture and i cant sell it or give it away becuase SK's dnt have this feature. IT FREEZES up when you are using multiple applications. TAKES A WHILE TO CONNECT TO "G" mode for the INTERNET to work. Even with good signal it can take a whole 5-7 minutes.
If you have a lot of picture (1-2g) the phone takes forever and goes slower for some reason. I have to delete pictures, move them2 another device, or RESTART my phone for it to work like it should.

OVERALL this is a very good phone. I am very happy i have it and will continue to use it despite its CON's....

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best ever ^0^


Apr 23, 2008 by pplgo

Im currently writing on my sidekick and i ts been about a week since I got the sidekick lx. It is my first sidekick lx and Im loving it! Listening to music, texting, writing this review, and using msn live msgr, at the same time. It is just WOW!!

great keypad
Big screen
Multi task features and
Internet browser

Lil slow on internet
Hard to make a phone call
Low sound when talking on speaker phone.

If u love to multi task and do something else rather than just talk on ur phone this is the phone u should get!

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Sidekick LX is a step up


Feb 27, 2008 by BradQue

I just got the SK LX last week and after getting familiar with it have to say that as a communication device (text and email anyway) it is unbeatable. As a phone, it is acceptable but unsafe.

Outstanding screen - one of the best if not the best I've seen.
Ease of use and very easy to set up PoP email accounts.
Very straightforward IM and Texting ability.
Smart looking, thin, and appears to be pretty solid.
TMobile Customer Service and ordering process was superior to other's I have encountered.
Decent but basic browsing ability.

No voice dial or automatic answering capability and that makes this thing a death device if you try to use it while driving.
Lacks any form of video capability or ability to view sites having streaming video (like my IP security camera).

So, if it's portable email, texting, and IM'ing that you want, this is the device to consider. If you are looking for a more robust Internet experience, or plan to use this as your primary mobile phone, not so good.

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Best one yet.


Feb 12, 2008 by Nightwish.

I've had this phone for about a week. I've owned basically every past sidekick besides the first one. These are the pro's and cons I noticed.


1. Screen Is Gorgeous. And seems springier than past models.
2. It's obviously slimmer, the chrome accents and texture do help alot.
3. The keyboard is a cross between the 2 and 3 making it the best yet.
4. The camera is slightly better than past models. I believe it was the pixelated screens in the past that distorted the photo's so much.
5. Multiple E-mail accounts. I don't have to use the browser to check other e-mail accounts.
6. Corner lights. Conveniently placed in the chrome accents. Now your really notified when you get a message when the blue lights in the 4 corners light up. They can also be turned on at will using Menu+Shift+P.
7. Micro SD slot. Holds my music, pictures, and other information.


1. Call quality. The magnets still effect the speaker. Giving the slight buzz.

2. Form factor. Not easy to be so stealth about texting. But...It's a sidekick. It screams show off.

3. Long Turn on time. It takes a while to turn on. Due to all of the software it has to run.

4. Camera Flash. Waaayy to strong for close up dark picture taking.

The Pro's outweigh the cons. Great phone. Flashy as ever.

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loving this phone


Feb 6, 2008 by fancyface

this phone has been the answer to my prayers a far as an computer on the go\\\. I really enjoy the sidekick application for the MYSPACE\\\\ it was very user friendly and it is much easier to get to with out going through the Internet only thing that i as having an issue with on the sidekick lx is that fact that People have a hard time linking up to me via bluetooth\\\so i have a music that i cannot use. i someone knows how feel free to let me know.

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Good Phone worth considering


Feb 5, 2008 by dallyman

I like this phone a lot


* Good Internet integration ... it is really nice to be connected to AIM, MSN, and YIM at the same time and that it automatically logs into these services as soon as it connects to the network. Also the ability to get weather and news alerts delivered to the phone makes this a phone that can easily rival my smart phone devices (Windows, blackberry, and Palm)
* Good reception
* Nice quick commands to access features ... such as holding the menu then pressing N to start a new message
* good battery life!! (if you are not experiencing good battery life, let it charge overnight until the battery charging animation stops)
* Very good at multitasking and very quick at switching applications
* Very good gaming phone (although, I do wish I could play some of the SK2 or 3 games on the phone) One of the only phones I have used that allows me to play games on talk on the phone at the same time (using a headset)
* Nice applications available from managing finances to checking weather
* Good integration with Outlook using Intelisync
* Nice set of free themes available online that can be installed to the SD card


* 130 message holding limit and it gets annoying at 100 messages by consistently telling you to delete your messages
* Only phone I ever owned where you have to pay 3$ for an alarm clock ... yes, you can use your calendar for this, but I would rather have a separate app for waking me up with the most annoying ringtone possible
* The data service is sluggish at best and I often experience dropped data services
* I cannot explain this at all, but doing a #646# to check the minutes used does not work; in fact, it cuts me from the network every time I try. #225# works though.
* Cannot install games or ringtones to the SD card to save space on the phone
* The camera is awful ... very blurry and grainy photos
* Internet is very slow ... does not seem to load at edge speed
* Spell check would be nice

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