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Sharp Sidekick LX 2007


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Sidekick LX .. wonderful phone


Oct 7, 2008 by johnsonroda27

this phone does it all and is the best multi-tasking phone i have ever used.. it also has the best keyboard i have ever used on any phone.. only cons are no gps, no 3g, and no wifi..

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Sidekick Lx


Jul 16, 2008 by Killah152002

I own tha Sidekick Lx (Expresso Brown) and I love it. And it will be even betta once I get tha new OTA update. It will contain a video player and a new media player( dat has video playback and music player)

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sidekick lx


Mar 17, 2008 by bwizzy

The sidekick lx is the best sidekick of all side kicks. The screen is amazing on it and the keyboard is a mix between the sidekick 2 and sidekick 3 making it an amazing keyboard. The internet browser is fast to me because I had the sidekick id before and its a big difference compared to that. Highly recommendable.

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The Best SideKick on the Market


Jan 15, 2008 by purple83337

This phone has been the best sidekick i have ever had. Here is my review

Pros : HUGE beautiful screen
Love the gel key bored
Camera is OK
Internet is incredibly fast
Very easy too customize
SLIM ;) it is the thinest s.k. ever
Great flash
Great reception
Leather back cover ...... nice

Cons : The camera could be better
NO VIDEO !!!!!! come on
No video messaging

This phone is great for all the SIDEKICK fans i definitely recommend this phone to any one who loves to text.

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Jan 12, 2010 by HumanGoulash

This phone was flat out garbage. I got it for free after a Mail in Rebate, but I wouldn't use the phone now if you paid me to.

It made calls. Usually.
Keypad and texting was perfect. That's the only reason this wasn't voted a zero.
The coloring schemes were pleasant.

Requires data to function, yet data is mind numbingly slow for a majority of the time.
OS is difficult to adjust to.
Pictures came out a bit hazy, unless in perfect lighting.
Media player was quiet, both with headphones and speaker.
Ear piece was a bit too quiet. Don't attempt calls in heavily congested areas.

I assume this phone would be a fantastic choice for a person that texts only, or rarely makes calls, but in my opinion it was a whole lot of hype for not a lot of jazz.

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best sidekick i've ever owned!


Aug 30, 2009 by hu420ct

i've owned a sidekick 2, sidekick 3, sidekick slide, sidekick 2008, and a sidekick lx, and BY FAR the lx is the absolute best sidekick i've ever had. instead of rambling on and on, i'll just give you a list of the good and bad.

-great battery life (and i am CONSTANTLY on the internet, texting, IMing, etc.. lasts me 2 days before needing a charge)
-fast internet browser.
-AMAZING crisp, bright screen.
-customizable themes/backgrounds.
-camera/video is pretty damn good.
-camera has a VERY bright flash.
-instant messenger apps are hands down the best i've ever used.
-good size, big but not too big, feels comfortable in your hands.
-sturdy swivel.
-large QWERTY keyboard with well-spaced out keys (MUCH better than the slide and 08's keyboards, same rubbery grippy feel as the sk2.)
-blue alert lights in the four corners are pretty cool.
-rubberized case won't slip out of your hands.

-can't stream video (no watching youtube.)
-no animated GIFs on webpages.
-no built in, customizable, decent alarm clock (calendar one is a pain, but you can download one through the catalog for $2.99)
-the trackball lights up pretty dim, hard to tell (unless you're in a pitch black room) if it's blinking green, blue, or red.
-boring color choices (either a super dark, almost black "midnight" blue.. or poop brown.)
-the silver paint on the trim surrounding the phone chips off pretty easily.

obviously none of the cons were dealbreakers. just some minor annoyances. even still, i am OBSESSED with the lx. i haven't put it down since i got it. its definitely worth the money, i'd recommend it to anyone who's thinking about getting a sidekick. i only gave it a 4.5 coz nothing is perfect, but the lx is pretty damn close.

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Best phone out there


Jun 22, 2009 by hello112

I've been a sidekick user since 2004, had SK2, SK3, and now SKLX 2007. I still haven't found a phone with such a complete automatic over-the-air backup and Solid integration of software and device.

Pros: Battery life, Complete Integration of applications to each other, Online Backups (Contacts, To-Do's, calendar, Notes, even game settings and scores), Jump button (very fast jumping between applications=this is why I stay with Sidekicks).

Haven't found a phone yet that can jump between apps as fast as a sidekick (try and find one, if you know of one, let me know).

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Jan 30, 2009 by Cell phone lover_Hayden88

this is the ABSOLUTE BEST phone i have ever had! its got SO many features and i am an absolute FREAK about phones, i couldnt live without 1, so trust me, if you have t-mobile and you're looking for a phone with lots of features this is the one for you! =)

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the worst phone ever


Dec 3, 2008 by ikepa69

now i have had alot of phones but the side kick lx is the worst phone i have ever had its very slow you dont recieve all your myspace messages or your email messages the ringtone is very low you can hardly hear the person thats talking to you. the

battery power dont last long at all and u have to purchase all your ringtones. you cant get them off the net. and those of you who know about myxertones it doesnt work. not to mention that in order to have walpaper u have to buy them through the company or go on a computer and make one. you cant take pics you have taken and make them your wallpaper like other phones.

the camera isnt good at all and there is not alot of space on the phone im sorry i bought it cause i wasted my money

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Sep 11, 2008 by DaKid815

I got the Sidekick LX when it first came out and the phone is average. Not very well on reception but only when i am driving out of town i get the Phone icon saying i get no service.

*Awsome screen display (Bigger than all sidekick's)
*Swivel screen does not get stuck
*When phone powers on or you get a call there are 4 lights around the phone that light up in blue (Looks really cool)
*With update you can drag and drop video files (3GP) and watch them
*Easy interface, Very user friendly

*Battery life does not last long at all
*Speaker on the phone is not good at all (Nothing like a nokia 5300 or 5610)
*Internet on the phone is very slow
*The silver paint around the outline of the sidekick it tearing off (Not a huge deal but makes phone look disturbing)
*Phone to me still seems to bulky
*When you have alot on the phone (Memory) phone will lag when going from different icons on the phone

Overall not a bad phone but if you are going to spend the $300 to $400 to buy it i would just save it and get a iphone and have it unlocked.

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