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Sharp Sidekick LX 2007


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best sidekick ever (way better than the slide)


Nov 26, 2007 by rentacop91

this phone is the best thing that tmobile invented. i chose it after i broke my wing and the switch was awesome. since i didn't use the video or windows at all on the wing i thought that this was the phone for me.

the 4 corners light up blue when you receive text messages and calls

big high res screen

great spacious keyboard (compared to the flat stupid keys on the slide)



swivel screen

megapixel camera

mms messaging

music player

myspace mobile

email supports my aim account


battery life could be a bit longer

all in all a very nice sleek sidekick with great features. but a suggestion for the 5th one is that since it is a phone for young teens they should include radio and possibly video then that would kill.



Nov 20, 2007 by AGLIDD

The T-Mobile Sidekick LX is unbeatable. This is the ultimate phone.

Big screen
Picture messaging
full keyboard
2 megapixle camera
rubber keyboard
loud music player
great reception
slim and small

Simply the best phone on the market!

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What the SK3 should have been & MORE!!!


Oct 27, 2007 by MarcusOLT69

The Sidekick LX is what the Sidekick 3 should have been and MORE. Instead we had to live through the horror that was the SK3 and the SK iD before the LX was finally released. This is a great device but not ground breaking but definitely GREAT. My SK3 was my 1st SK device. I was in shock that the screen colorization on the SK2 was better then the SK3. The frustrating thing about the SK3 was the battery life, the screen display, and the inability to send picture text messages. At points I think I couldn’t even receive picture text messages lol. The LX is a nice upgrade. For the price tag they could have added in sooo much more. But the LX really is only a cosmetic upgrade. Nothing amazingly new is added in. The big plus of course is the screen which boasts better colors and the camera seems to be a bit better now that the screen has been upgraded. But the LX can’t record or send any videos yet. The design is a bit on the square side so it reminds me a lot of the SK2 but it is thinner and lighter then the SK3. A nice addition to the LX is you can use any head phones for the MP3 player. Before you had to get only T-Mobile made ear phones but the head phone jack has been changed so you can now use your Sony ear phones or plug in your iPod ear phones and they work great. I love the added addition of sending voice text messages which is a nice plus. But you can only record 20 seconds of sound. Sharp has added in 4 new backgrounds so you won’t have the same old backgrounds as the SK3 & SK2. You still can’t use your own pictures to create back grounds which is a annoying. A nice new feature which I believe was on the SK2 but not on the SK3 were the lights that light around the SK whenever you receive a text message, IM, email, or voicemail it will light up nicely. Like I said I am rating this device a 9. It’s not perfect but it’s getting there.



Oct 23, 2007 by joshuwaa111

This is the best phone i have ever owned. I had the helio ocean before this and it was TRASH. The AIM is so good and the web browser looks wicked nice. The screen is GORGEOUS and alone makes the switch from a sidekick3 to the LX. Overall I'm extremely happy with the purchase.
big, beautiful screen
web browser looks great
AIM is the best on any device EVER
battery life is superb!
generally good reception
cool design
option of color
custom themes!
bunch more
could be a little smaller
internet isnt that fast

Overall, one of the best devices out there, go buy it tomorrow!!!

Gorgeous Inside And Out ThANK YoU ShARP!!!


Oct 24, 2007 by FordRules94

Finally got my SKLX in the mail today! I've used it non- stop the battery life rocks, same camera but the screen makes pictures look ten times better... This sidekick pushes the limits when it comes to overall speeds of traveling from app. to app. , for example i have 7 im's happening all at once right now and it doesn't even come close to slowing it down... the sk3 i had b4 this would have to shut off and restart to work again after freezing time after time from just 7 im's... I don't really want to say its the greatest thing out there but its definitely close!!! BTW CONS: The ring tones that you can purchase from tmobile for the phone are very muffled and quiet, but the ones that come stock with it are likely to break your eardrums with its sound quality and high pitched loudness!!! Final concern is the Internet, they just still haven't got the flash in it and pages are just as slow as the sk3 when they load... But once loaded they work and look beautifully! Last but not least, the blue looks totally different in real life compared to pictures found scattered around the web, Featuring a very very dark midnightly blue almost black, and what really helps set off the colors are the chrome trimmings and all four corner mood lights found around the device!!! I Love It!!! My opinion, Whats Yours?

Great on everything, except the phone part...


Dec 23, 2008 by rapaleeman

So I have had a ton of phones, most recently the Sidekick 2008 which I loved, but it was too small for me. So I went shopping and decided to drop the cash on an LX. The result is an ok phone with an amazing feature set in terms of messaging.

-Great keyboard
-streamlined and easy-to-use software for messaging
-Huge 3 inch screen with obvious Sharp Aquos technology
-Thin but still sorta big at the same time, yet pocketable (could be a con to some)
-nice overall feel (rubberized backing, solid construction)
-Great reception
-Stereo Bluetooth (after update)
-Music player is basic, yet effective (3.5mm headphone jack included)
-Unique design yet still "professional" enough for my office (the blue lights are e a little much but still pretty cool)
-decent 1.3 Megapixel camera with powerful flash that is good for stills

-Speaker quality not the greatest (hissing and such due to lack of shielding from the magnets holding the flip down
-Internet is only Edge speed (pretty slow for casual browsing)
-battery life could be better (you'll get a day if you actually "use" the phone
-Video (after update) is really bad and not worth using (not sure why it was added)
-Phone itself is expensive (400 from T-Mobile)

All-in-all if you are not much of a talker then this phone should be a 5 for you. With that said factoring the average quality in the speaker and voice, and the battery life, it gets a 4.

good phone...crap camera


Dec 27, 2007 by mercy69

All in all the sidekick LX is an amazing made phone that has to offer yet (aside from the BB0 my main issue that i have with this phone is the camera. however if searched there is supposedly a black sidekick lx with a 2+ camera. the problem with the sidekicks camera is that when you take a picture the pics look as if it were a fuzzy dream. Listed below are the good qualities this phone has to offer

keyboard: very easy to use especially if you are a video game freak and is use to using your thumbs, if not none the less it is easy and faster to use especially if you have fat fingers.

Trackball: runs smooth unlike the side like all other sidekicks you can the trackball speed

Usb: yay i can hook up my phone to my computer transfer over songs and photos

Memory stick: i can save my files not on my phone only but on a little card that i can remove and change to expand my memory.

Internet: unlike usage on other sidekicks i am not restricted to myspace and myspace alone, i can go on sites such as this and rpg sites as well.

Battery: getting from work by bus can take up to anywhere from 45 minutes to an hr and some minutes. i have lived off of one cell throughout that time plus with a little extra before it gave its little sounds of 'I am about to die charge me up' noise

well thats all the good things on my top list about this phone i have. yes it has many other things about it but all in all those are the top few in mind to think about.

good for what I use it for


Nov 23, 2007 by jas80

Got this phone planning on switching to a sidekick plan, obviously. Well, tmobile lets me upgrade, sends me the phone, but I can't get on a sidekick plan since I'm on smart access. Fair enough, I'll run it prepaid. And I couldn't be more thrilled with the way that turned out. This phone would be a disappointment if it were my main phone.
As it has been stated, the speaker is awful, and the camera is worse. My texts seem to take forever for my recepients to receive, but I have some patience. It's bulky and feels awkward holding it to my ear. But I suppose the latter is typical of a sk.
I use my nokia 5300 as my main, and the speaker and same 1.3 mp cam outdoes this sk by far. Plus it came with a gig microSD.
So I'll keep using my nokia for music, pics, and calls. And my lx for net, email, IMing and texts.
Carrying 2 phones seems a hassle, but I really think I'd be disappointed if this was my main.

Best Multi-Tasking Phone EVER!


Oct 25, 2007 by dszczap

In the last 4 years I've had the SKII (which I had for 2 1/2 years) and wanted some multimedia support. Went to the MDA, hated the slide and the touch screen. I felt like i was doing a dance with it just to do anything. Went to the Dash (s620) and loved the ease to dialing the phone, but hated the way it would close applications on its own to free memory for the current application. If i was browsing the web and wanted to take a picture...Insuficiant memory, close unused apps. Never could take a picture quickly, and always missed the important stuff. So when I heard about the new Sidekicks, I was ecstatic!! The multi tasking is glorious!! The two button shortcut system is flawless. (wheel+b=browser,wheel+i=instant messenger, wheel+e=email,and so on), it makes going between every app takes on milliseconds. The Instant messenger is flawless, super fast, super reliable. Turn the phone off and back on, device will automatically sign back in. You can count on if for those most important conversations. Browser is just as slow as any T-Mobile EDGE device, and was to be expected, but formatting and speed of moving around pages is awesome once it loads. I can even go on my banking website, that I was never able to access on the go. And Phonescoop is glorious in it's full glory. With what the device does it does without skipping a beat, and never stops working. Call quality in the Chicagoland suburbs is awesome
-Awesome multi-tasking
-Awesome shortcut system
-Screen works awesome in sunlight
-Unbeatable AIM, MSN, Yahoo messenger
-Very good website viewing and support
-Keyboard is back to rubber keys,great feel,and layout
-Build quality is top notch
-Battery life
-3.5 mm jack plugs right into any speaker system or car
-Easy calling and great call quality
-Myspace is awesome better than Helio

-No video support
-No mapping software
-Speaker could be louder for speakerphone/music
-No animated GIF support
-Camera is poor in low light



Dec 16, 2009 by etzelryan

this phone is everything that a texter needs web,iming,email,full keyboard and blinking mood lights for elerts for messages. has a awesome big nice spread apart keys and the keys r raised and they dont stick like the sidekcik 3/slide. the screen quality is great bright lcd screen way improved from the sidekcik slide n 3.

the keyaboard is one of the best i have ever had and the keys r spread perfectly apart and there raised and theres these different affects that make the keyboard blink when u have an alert and the smily faces r awesome so u dont have 2 put them n ur self.

the camera is the worst i have ever had on a phone the flash is good but not good enough and the quality of the pictures when u look at them there horribal and the battery life is horribal it only lst abot one day on moderate use of it. and the call quality suxs. the software needs a major wayy to buggy and slow ......

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