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really nice phone, but lacking in battery life


Apr 25, 2009 by knuckleballer34

Recently I switched to this phone from a Samsung T639, which I was really disappointed with. On the whole this phone is much better and a solid choice for T-Mobile users, but the battery life leaves a lot to be desired.

- Great reception. What you'd expect from Nokia.
- Loud earpiece and speakerphone, and pretty good call quality.
- Looks great (especially for a Nokia phone), has a nice feel in the hand, really easy to text on.
- Basic menu interface, easy and pleasant to navigate through. Good for basic users, but enough there for heavier users like myself.
- Quick menu response, no lag whatsoever.

- Battery life is not adequate. I go about a day on a charge, which was very disappointing. I do roam a decent bit, but its all on 2G networks, so theres no excuse for this.
- The menu is S40, but either T-Mobile or Nokia crippled it a little bit. Some basic options don't exist (like changing screen brightness), and a few items are scattered.
- Screen and keypad lights do the job, but could be a little brighter.
- The phone comes with only three preloaded ringtones, and two themes. Not a major issue, but kind of pathetic for 2009.

Overall this is a really nice, easy to use midrange phone, but the battery life really holds it back. The real problem is that Nokia still uses its BL-5C battery with the phone, which is outdated and not powerful enough for a 3G capable media phone. It's a good pickup and i'd still recommend it for low to moderate usage. Investing in a car charger pretty much handles the battery issue.

Also, for those who have the Nokia 6133: unless you live in a 3G area or can't stand the "hinge opener", stick with what you have. The 6263 is the same phone without the hinge and added 3G.

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Pleasantly Surprised


Dec 8, 2007 by RCH2005

Ok So I picked this phone up today 12-8-07 and its very similar to the 6133 w/ a few differences. They actually alllow mp3 use as ringtones on this phone, the 6133 did not. The phone is alot sleeker as well. The buttons are durable, unlike the 5300. Also. the TZONES has been completely redesigned on this phone and its AMAZING! Check out the video review for a preview. You can actually preview the ringtones before you buy them, way to catch up TMO! I have not found any instances of crippling on this phone yet. My only flaw would probably the speaker on the phone ear piece could have been better. Its sub-par. Its going to be interesting to see how this whole 3G ploy by TMO is going to play out in 2007 and I wanna be ready, hence why I bought this phone!

Sleek, durable, better than avg. camera.
Redesigned TZONES, easy mem. card slot on external, loads alot faster than 6133, loud spkr phone and ringing tones. Like I said, almost a twin of the 6133. Inevitable 3G.

Ear piece clarity and volume sub-par. included wired headset could be better but thats besides the point.

I really cant think of any other cons at the moment. The point is, that its almost a twin of the 6133 so if you've owned that phone, this phone is a pleasant little upgrade.

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Nokia 6263 Kit (T-Mobile branded)


May 14, 2008 by SteveT

Quick take: The Nokia 6263 is a decent inexpensive/free w/contract phone for sending txt msgs, & the occasional snapshot. Great choice for those who rarely use all of the extras, & for clamshell lovers.

6263 is attractive & modern, featuring external music playback controls. It is roughly twice the thickness of the Motorola RAZR v3 when folded, making it slightly uncomfortable in a pocket.

External & main displays are bright & crisp. A brightness setting for the main display might aid battery life.

Calls & Txt:
The keypad is large for entering phone numbers & texting. Call quality is just ok. Better than the previously mentioned RAZR v3, not as good as any Nokia candybars I've used, or the flawed 6555 on AT&T. This is due to the earpiece; not reception which was above average in my market.

Nitpick: It would be nice if users could delete all messages in a given folder without deleting each one manually; Five clicks to delete each message becomes an annoying waste of time.

Contacts & Synching:
Address book only searches by first or last names, not both at once. I've got 12 instances of "Chris" in my address book; on other Nokias, I could search by any text and get them in a few clicks. 15 keystrokes to call a contact is too many.

Included are the expected Calendar, Alarm Clock, Stop Watch, Notes, and Calculator, plus Countdown Timer & synchable To-do List. I use my phone alarm often; I loved that you can set the duration of the snooze time-out.

Camera/Video Recorder:
There are welcome features: White Balance, Night Mode, and Self-Timer. Photo Effects include False Colors, Grayscale, Sepia, Negative, & Solarize.

Image quality of the 6263's 1.3Mb sensor isn't best or worst of its' class, with best results in bright sunlight.

Headset/Music Player:
Headset sounds good for calls and music. The cord is also the antenna for the FM tuner. It has ten inches of extra cord for the right earpiece. It gets tangled when not in use, & caught on things when worn.

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great phone


Dec 7, 2007 by jaysinferno

I currently am using a 6133 and I got the chance to use this phone for about 3 days and i gotta say i like it. it's a great sequel to a great phone

as far as new features go i like the additions including.
The new tzones is GREAT, it not only loads faster but you can now preview ringtones right from the phone.
The email options pretty cool it allows you the access similar to a blackberry on a much easier to use and customize.
The battery life I feel is better than listed it's an improvement thats for sure.
The text messagings easier on this phone to as far as adding files to each message.
It also seems they improved the voice dial a lot which anythings better than the voice dial on the 6133 it sucked!
It loads the memory card much faster, applies themes much faster and the video seems to keep up with the audio much better than the 6133.
I believe from the info i received you will be able to do over the air updates.
The fonts are slightly larger as well which when you cant pay as much attention it's far easier to read the menus and phonebooks.

i loved my 6133 so the cons i have listed are based on what makes this phone better to me.

I miss the spring loaded flip.
They moved the power button inside on the end key like most phones which is fine except now when the keys are locked theres no way to light up the cid to get the time without opening the phone.
The outside screen doesn't have an image on it when it's open but they are going to fix that in a future software upgrade.
It only comes with a 512 mb card but the 6133 didn't even come with one so i guess it's something

A con I would have is that since it's a more mp3 based phone when you open up a music or ringtone file it continues to play everything in that folder and you need to stop the player before hitting the back button or it will continue to play, but i got used to it quick.

I plan on buying this phone I do like it a lot and it's well worth the money.

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Great Dependable Phone


Sep 3, 2010 by surfloverla

I orignally bought this phone about 2 years ago but lost it on public transportation a year ago. I decided i wanted to have the same exact model again, since it worked so very well for me.

-Good music player
-Excellent speaker phone & Clear voice quality
(people can hear you clearly without a lot of background noise.)
-Good Pics & decent video for the time this phone came out.
-Nice clear screens
-Web loads reasonably well
-Great Free Online tools you can use to backup your phone & micro SD card to your pc.

-Battery Life (I use phone heavily but charge seems only to last about a day with original battery(BL-5c) without a recharge.

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a decent sounding music, speaker and regular clam shell style, that is designed to lay relatively flat when clam is open.

I highly recommend this phone, especially if you enjoy using the speaker phone frequently.

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Nokia 6263 - Replaced my iPhone!


Jan 22, 2009 by calvin169

I have had this phone since June 2008. I bought it to replace my BlackBerry Pearl, which was a nightmare. It is a pretty good phone. In October, it started to randomly shut off and the screen always went blank. T-Mobile sent me a new one. I also went back to this phone after using an iPhone.

-Awesome for texting. The keys are large, sturdy, and comfortable. The typing is a breeze, and the software keeps up with speedy typing.
-Organizer. ALMOST better than the Blackberry. Very basic, and user friendly.
-Battery life. Without heavy texting (50 messages a day), moderate call use, etc, it lasts for about three days on a charge. I text a lot though, so for me, the battery lasts about 8 hours.
-Music Player/Radio. You can use MP3s as ringtones. However, it would not sync with my mac.
-Screen. Bright, crisp, clear.
-Nokia operating system. Very user friendly, and better than Motorola.
-Memory Card slot. Perfectly positioned, easy access.
-E-mail capable

-Signal. I never EVER have full bars with this phone, even in urban areas. Also, if you are holding the phone in your hand, it easily loses service. It's so touchy. I constantly am losing service in the city, on the highway, and in buildings. And it takes a long time to regain service - sometimes up to thirty seconds.
-Weight. This phone is heavy.
-Speaker phone is VERY quiet.
-Earpiece on the phone took some time to get used to. It sounds very quiet, even on high volume. You have to position it just right on your ear.
-Body. The phone feels slightly cheap, the casing and the body become loose after a few months (even if the phone is never dropped), and makes rattling noises when typing.
-Music Player keys. If you have music and the keypad is unlocked.. beware! If you slip it into your pocket or bag, music will start playing - loud.
-My charger has randomly broken twice.

A great, basic phone.

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Not as bad as made out to be


Nov 11, 2008 by gcg

I have had this phone for a number of months now and while it's not earth changing it has been getting some shots in some reviews that I think are just a bit to harsh. Let me preface my pros and cons by saying I am not a phone geek that has this page as the first thing that comes up when they log on to the internet. Normal guy, 3 kids, 2 of which are teenagers. Now that I got that out of the way...

1. Build. It's big and solid and I like that. Flip is not flimsy.
2. Loud Ringtones. I like being able to hear it ringing when I am in another room.
3. Strong Vibrate. Again. I have had phones that I don't feel vibrate in my pocket or hear when on the desk etc. This phone as strong vibrate setting.
4. Phone works good on the 3G network.
5. When texting (the teenagers!) the software is quick. I had major issues with all Motorola phones with this. No problem here. If you are a quick texter the phone will keep up with your fingers.
6. This really isn't a pro or con but the camera is good enough. I don't buy phones for the camera but this will do fine when sending a picture back to your wife from the grocery store when making sure you are getting the right brand of whatever your buying so you don't have to go back to the store!

1. The only MAJOR con I have is the earpiece. I have read this in other reviews and it's true. If you talk a bit to loud in the phone you will hear a "static burst" in your ear. I have never had a phone do this before. This is irritating and in 2008 have no idea how this could happen or gotten thru testing without anyone at NOKIA noticing. Not good and I shaved half a point off my score because of it.
2. The button to turn on your camera on the right hand side of the phone is a pain to push in just about everytime. If you are in a hurry to turn your camera on to take a picture good luck. You need to be very deliberate when pushing the button.

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1st time unhappy with nokia


Oct 29, 2008 by mom of 3

I am a t-mobile customer and have always used nokia's and have been extremely happy. But this phone is driving me crazy it deletes my screen savers on both the main and mini display at random times, that is just the beginning once that starts it will freeze when I take a picture then again when I go to the gallery or any other apps locations. I have to hard boot it and then it can take up to 5 or 6 hard boots in a row before it actually comes back on. The newest problem is that it freezes while I am on the phone and I will have to hard boot it. I am waiting for my 5th phone to be sent to me from t-mobile they won't upgrade to a different or newer nokia model. The 1st one was bought in March 2008.
I like the phone other than that, the picture quality is good and the storage space for texts is great as well as the picture space. The sound quality is also good I don't have any problems with that or the speaker phone. The size is perfect and so is the weight of it. If it wouldn't keep freezing on me it would be an excellent phone.

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Great phone for the money


Oct 3, 2008 by VinnyM69

I got two of these phones about 6 months ago w/contract. I'd have given it 5/5, but one phone had to be returned after about 4.5 months of use. The screen would die intermittently. I've seen complaints on here about the battery, but mine lasts 2 days between charges which is fine with me. I'm not a heavy voice user. I mostly text, which this phone is great at. I've read on here from one reviewer that the Nokia PC Suite doesn't work with this phone, but I am using it frequently with Windows Vista.

All in all a great phone for the money, which was free for me with contract.

Good reception
Nice design
Large crisp display
Good camera
Large buttons for us guys that have normal sized fingers
Good easy to use UI and it's fast
Improved T-Zones
Good quality external speaker
512mb MicroSD card, USB cable for PC connectivity, and stereo ear pieces all included with this phone
3G ready if we ever get that where I live

Trim fit around the keypad is not flush on one side, a minor issue for me
Ear piece sound quality is poor

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Double Trouble


Aug 23, 2008 by yagers

The features and size of this phone would be a winner for me except that the screen has now gone black on two seperate models and T-Mobile is sending me a third. Although my rep says he has never seen any returns on these I gotta believe that the identical failure means there is a flaw in their screen connection. I bought this model instead of the Nokia 5310 that had poor voice quality. Next time I'd go Motorola!

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