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Great Phone minor complaints!


Nov 20, 2007 by bolocop

As a owner of several phones with several carriers, I can tell you the CU515 is a GREAT Phone with a few minor complaints.

*Loud earpiece and speakerphone
*Internet is fast
*Lightweight with nice profile
*Buttons are big and can't miss
*Good reception thus far
*Menus set up nicely. Right soft key is very useful
*Battery life is long
*able to silence ringer with a tap and able to reject calls with a hold of the volume key on the side
*Call log very detailed. Best ever.

*External screen is dim and can't control separately from main screen
*PTT button can be hit while opening phone. Luckily there is a confirmation prompt so PTT is not activated. PTT lock is available but seems useless.
*Earpiece is somewhat hollow sounding. No better than the KRZR, but worse than Nokias.
*"ok" button on 5-way toggle is easy to miss Not very precise
*MP3 ringtones have to be at 22K Hz sampling rate, not 44K Hz like most recordings. Can use "Audacity" to change this. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
*Browser is the mobile version. My Nokia N73 has a true browser, like on a computer
*message notification tune not customizable. Must choose from the 10 given

In the end, it's a great phone to make calls. There are many more PROs and hard to detail them all. Most of the CONs have been mentioned.

Excellent cell.


Dec 22, 2008 by Reilove

I just bought this phone a few days ago. It's fantastic.

PROS: Very fast response, easy to use navigation, sleek design, and quick charge time.

CONS: Gets smudges on it easily, Push To Talk button on side of phone is annoying if you don't have that feature in your plan, clock/calendar is unmovable and takes up a lot of screen space.

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They just keep making them better


Oct 27, 2007 by J like the letter

It's true, the CU 515 is a revamped version of the CU 500. It's dressed up to look something like the LG chocolate and retains the durable housing qualities of the CU 500 with a better speaker phone. All that said LG has introduced another good flip to At&t's lineup and a good alternative to the moto razr. I've carried this phone for a week and like everything except the phones user interface. It's very bland but works well and the 3G network zooms around at near broadband speed. If your looking at the new razr give this phone a shot, it's solid and gets great signal.

Worst phone I've ever owned


Oct 27, 2010 by silvertopboxers

This is the worst phone I have ever used. I think most of the trouble is the phone, but it may be AT&T too. It drops calls. At times even with five bars, I don't get calls that I find later were trying to come through. The camera is terrible. Many times I will try to retrieve a text and I get "service unavailable" even with five bars. So, I have to turn the phone off and back on to get it to work.
Don't ever buy this phone. AT&T has been no help at all. Their attitude is "Gee, that's too bad for you".

Hehe its ok


Jan 20, 2009 by paigepes3

Well its a decent phone..

-i like the keys, but i wouldnt mind if it was a full keyboard instead.
-good for calling people and texting

-That [...] internet key right in the [...] center, it sucks i hit it every now and then
-puch to talk is a pain in the ass, its right on the side.
-The colck and calander, why the [...] cant i get rid of it...its take up tons of space and covers up faces you have as backrounds.
-the front smudes so easy [...] !
-You cant put recored sounds as ringtones
-you cant customize your message sound
-you cant save messages like i could on my old phone..

over all id say dont get it.

Ed. note: removed foul language

Good RAZR Replacement


Sep 23, 2008 by behemoth85

I've normally sworn off anything that's not a PDA, but occasionally I'll borrow a phone or 2 that is not in use just to test drive them to help with selling and thought I'd give my 2 cents. This is from a PHONE perspective and NOT a PDA perspective.


-Display is bright, crisp, and graphics are pleasing to the eye; not to mention easy to read.

-Signal is pretty crisp and clear, very few complaints in this department.

-Speakerphone is EXTREMELY loud.

-Nice bit of internal storage on the phone alone, with room for expansion.

-Vibrate/ring a lot louder than most other phones I've used.

-Keypad is laid out well with the black on white scheme, not to mention the buttons are nicely spread out for those who religiously master T9 text. You'd be hard pressed to find a better "T9" phone that's out.


-Camera quality was a little dissapointing for a 1.3MP cam. And the phone must be as still as a stone unless you like blurry pictures.

-Feels a little bigger than most phones.

-SD card slot underneath the battery.

Overall an impressive entry from LG. A very good choice for the AT&T network.

owned 2 days


Sep 17, 2008 by jennyjo

bought phone thru LETS TALK, had more choices then At&T did. I got plum, my husband black. The first nite he was upset with the web browser being in the very center. We do not use the internet, so called att, and had it INactivated for now. The PTT I do not use, thinking of calling and seeing if I can deactive this also. So far on the 2nd day of use, GREAT!! Takes great pics. Still reading the owners manual. I recommend this phone. The smug marks are easily wiped off, but who cares, they hardly show at all. I plug my phone in every nite...good luck for those who purchase this phone, we are glad we did.

LG CU515 & Hearing Aids - Very Good


Jun 3, 2008 by Thermophile

Background:Carrier AT&T - Indiana
Resound Hearing aids

Hearing Aid compatibility - 5*** Finally, I can hear clearly on a cell phone WITHOUT using the T-coil -- although it is available -- WITHOUT any feedback - truly liberating. Indeed the sound is clearer without using the T-coil because of some feedback.

Mac compatibility 1 - I am a Mac user and the only I could get my address book over to the phone was to export the vCard, individually, and send using Bluetooth. I found that I could do 5-10 at a time BUT the phone number always had some extra characters and needed to be edited. At least it was better than keying everything into the phone.

Address book - there does not appear to be a way to quickly access an address without scrolling.

Great phone, PTT works great


May 13, 2008 by chadbordes

As a small business owner, i choose the LG for both looks and performance. I am glad I did. This phone performs on many different levels. The clients that I recommend the phones to seem to love it as well.

Battery life is great. I left the phones on for 12 days and still had battery life left. The phones are also true to form for the 3.5 hour talk time.

All in all this is agreat phone. I highly recommend.

The lg cu 515 looks arent everything


Apr 6, 2008 by catdadx

the phone looks great! LG u guys once again have made a phone that looks like a champ, runs like a scamp. The battery life is worst then sub-par, the camera has to be held perfectly still for it to work like it should. the phone is very delicate, not that i have dropped it but its so dainty lol. the phone will freeze up on u alot so don't get into texting or talking to anyone for a long period of time because it wont last. this phone barley works as a paper weight. the Internet is quick and the 3g movie technology rocks, but i have a laptop for all thats worth, i dont need a junk phone!!! leave this on on the shelf if you see it folks, its a faulty piece of junk, if you like pretty purple phones that look good and don't function though this is right up your alley!!

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