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not as pleased anymore


Mar 17, 2008 by esifritt

I got this phone only a month ago. What made my decision to buy it in the first place was the nice sleek look, the raised keys, and other features such as camera/video,and good speaker phone. However,I have had a real problem with the service and signal. I go to school in Chicago(where the service is good & always available) but I live in the deep country and when I am home all signal is UNAVAILABLE! (even when I do get to the nearest town- no service!) which means I cannot receive ANY calls or make ANY calls.I had a Samsung x427m (which is now considered prehistoric) before this phone and I had better service/signal with that outdated thing than I do now. I don't know if it's just my phone-but if nothing changes soon I am switching to a Razr V3- like my sister- because she gets service ANYWHERE at ANYTIME!

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So far, so great!


Mar 8, 2008 by kathymcc123

As someone who two years ago had submitted a review for the Samsung A-950 for Verizon I now am with AT&T and just purchased two weeks ago the LG CU515 in Plum.

Only Pros.

Great battery life
Great speakerphone
Great key size, so easy to dial
etc., etc., etc.....

Only con has to do with AT&T and their choice of having Push to talk. But, that's not a big deal.

I like it so far. I like the purple color, but hey. I loved the Osmonds back in the 70's, and Donny Osmond loved Purple, so brings me back. LOL

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I Love LG!


Jan 10, 2008 by gordon1fan

This is my third LG phone that I have bought. This LG CU515 is a upgrade from my old LG CU400. LG seem to get better and better.


Slick design
thiner and smaller
Big Screen
loud ring-tones
ear and voice volume is great
Great signal
Blue-tooth works great
Battery life is the best anywhere


Does not have voice connect

Overall this is a really great working cell phone. If LG keeps this up, I'll be a fan for life!

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good phone


Jan 4, 2008 by zaranth

I've had this phone for a few weeks. I needed a phone for work and I chose to get this one. Mainly because it's plum. :)

The things I like about the phone are the size of the keypad. Nice big keys. I also like the feature that lets you hear what numbers you are pressing while dialing. This works good for dialing while driving. I like the screen resolution and the pictures come out decent. I like how the photo key is on the keypad and not on the side. I had an Audiovox that had the camera key on the side. I was constantly taking picture of the inside of my purse and running the battery down. I also like the fact it works my Samsung bluetooth headset, so I didn't need to purchase a second one.

The few things I do not really like is the lack of voice dialing. That is why I gave it a 4. My LG Chocolate has the voice dialing and it is extremely useful while driving. I also didn't like the limit on message tones. I like being able to download and use other sounds.

I'm not much into texting or web browsing with my phone so I've no comment on those features. :)

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nice phone, but two major (in my case) problems


Dec 2, 2007 by aubreyxxlicious

I'm not sure if anyone else had this problem, but i am a very fast texter, and the software just doesn't seem to respond quick enough. i can feel myself pressing the 7 key, for example, four times. but the letter still comes up to be an "r." it happens to the other keys, too, and i am forced to text less than half the speed i normally would on a faster-responding phone. i read the other reviews that the battery life is quite decent, but i find myself having to recharge it every night. maybe i do text too much, or i just use it for pointless things too much. i don't talk much on this phone, btw. but i had a nokia 6102 before this one, and i had no problem with it. i would play games, text (much more than now), and call people. i would only have to charge it every three days or so. my dad has the same phone, and he says his battery is fine. he talks on the phone A LOT, and I'm not sure if its my phone thats the problem.
does anybody else have the "plum" color? thats the one i have.
maybe its just my phone.
please tell me if you have the same problem.

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Dissapointed by Lg


Nov 19, 2007 by warlos

After waiting and reviewing several phones for 4 months and waiting for this one to come out i got disappointed.
I had 4 lgs before .They were always good before.I am porting my service from verizon.
The phone has a problem when putting someone on hold while getting another call and when toggling between calls the phone freezes and crashes.
I got 3 cu515 and all had the same problem
I ended up getting the samsung 737 instead.
no problems so far.
Decent camera, 1.3 mega pixel camera
You can watch Cellular Video in landscape
Music sounds good on the phone's speaker
Good reception, I have been able to get service everywhere... So far.
Decent battery life.
Front screen is to simple.
Faulty Hardware or software causing the
phone to freeze.
Are they not testing testing the phones before or what.
Anyway i think Lg is not the same anymore

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Speedy Phone


Nov 16, 2007 by mastershake130

Ive had this phone for a week and it is really smooth


Keypad is big and easy to use
SD not under battery
Speedy and easy to use menus
Listen To MP3 through speaker
Clear Calls
Easy to use speakerphone

Screen is ok but can be better
Easy to press side keys
Media takes few seconds to load

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great LG


Oct 31, 2007 by jonesbm

This is much better than any other LG that at&t has produced thus far.


good battery life (on 2G mode)
fast processor
great earpiece volume
EXCELLENT speaker phone!
can use the phone when it's closed on speaker phone mode
great signal strength
good music player
good camera (better than other LG 1.3 mp)
sleek design

external screen is very dim
buttons can feel "cheap"
smudges easy, but easy to wipe off

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Dec 11, 2008 by trachi

I can't believe LG does not have a way to disable the PTT side button. Called LG support and was told "Sorry, you'll have to make the best of it". Well, no I won't, it's being returned for a Moto RAZR.

PTT lock is virtually useless. This will probably be my last LG phone purchase.

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Absolute dissapointment!!!!


Jan 20, 2009 by dawnjo

I have had this phone for less than a month and wanted it from the first time I saw it (on line), I loved the color (PLUM) and it seemed to have all the options I wanted. I have never in my life been so wrong about anything!

> Can't think of any!!

> Color is totally different than it is shown to be on line, so dark it almost looks black!
> With the keys being the (almost) same color and made of plastic make it look really cheap!
> The screen is really small, it seems like there's a ton of 'wasted space' around the screen that could be utilized to make the actual display larger!
> Battery life is horrible, I have to charge it every night!
> The features aren't very 'customizable'
> The reception SUCKS!!!

I went from a Samsung SYNC (which I LOVE) to this, I have gone back to using my SYNC (since AT&T won't let me return/exchange the LG) until I find a phone that meets my expectations!!

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