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i like it!!!


Jun 7, 2008 by chelse08


-touch screen
-loud ringer+speakerphone
-large memory capacity for recent calls
-windows is great
-qwerty keyboard is really nice
-with htc there are so many add-ons you can install and make the phone look so cool
-syncing to comp is easy
-the screen tilts!


-does not have a side button for quicker access to comm manager
-when you open the phone the main buttons are on the left side (took some getting used to bc I'm right handed!)
-battery life is poor but understandable why
- cannot watch videos or you tube without having to tweak phone
-cannot customize ringers for alarm

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All in one.


Jun 5, 2008 by zc2

PROs: GPS and WiFi features work great. The tilting was a good idea, it's convenient.
Can be charged from a PC. Uses standard USB connector.

CONs: The weight. It IS heavy.
My hand hurts after an hour of using.
It need an adapter to plug in head phones.
Sometimes it glitches and hangs, but
I blame Microsoft for all windows-related crap (I have an experience with another windows-mobile based device, same thing).

Bottom line: It's good for those people who really need the extra features. For everybody else it's better to find something more light weighted.

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I Regret Getting This Phone


May 28, 2008 by blueeyestarz

I purchased this phone which lasted for all of 2 weeks. All of a sudden the LCD screen went blank and stopped working. I called Cingular/AT&T and of course they wanted nothing to do with it and one rep even told me to wait 2 more weeks then call back. I finally sent the phone to HTC for repairs and of course they tell me that there was a pressure crack under the screen which wasn't warrantable. Not surprised really. But they charged me $28 just to tell me that after I refused to pay an additional $200 to fix it after paying almost $400 for the phone. Obviously there is a problem since the phone was never physically damaged and who's to say after paying money to fix it, the problem won't happen again. This phone is crap and I won't recommend it or AT&T to anyone. Now, I'm stuck with an expensive, non-working phone.

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A fantastic phone


May 19, 2008 by arich97

First off, I just want to say that I don't work in the cell phone industry, so I don't know everything there is to know about phones. I do have to carry a Blackberry for work (company actually just switched to Blackjack IIs which I am getting used to and even preferring for the Windows and size factors). The Tilt is my personal phone as I wanted to treat myself and debated between the Iphone and the Tilt for about a month before I made my decision. I have had the tilt since about the 1st of February.


GPS - incredibly useful, I used Google maps/Windows Live, but I have went to the Telenav for the voiced turn by turn directions which is incredible as I live in Chicago and there are a ton of one-way streets & traffic problems

Reception - best I have ever had (I have a Blackjack II and the Tilt always has much better reception - sometimes 3G when the BJII has gone to Edge)

Touch Screen - just very nice

Slide-out keyboard & Tilt Screen - fantastic

3 megapixel camera - takes really good photos

MicroSD slot - very nice and not buried under a battery or something

Smarthchip location - just slide the phone open and there it is! Nothing under a battery even for this!

Windows - Syncs to Outlook easily, even has Microsoft Office Mobile Professional (meaning you can edit and CREATE documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoints). Runs Windows Mobile 6 Professional

3G - as fast as there is right now

So many options, I could go on, but these are the highlights


Dialing on touch screen can by kind of tricky, one hand use takes getting used to

Tiger Woods golf game won't fully download, it comes with a demo, but you can't download the full game as it says it isn't compatible with Windows, yet you have it at the start! A real mind-bender.

Battery life - try to locate a second battery & charging stand for your desk, it really helps as this phone (its basically a mini-laptop) uses the energy

Grade: A+ - Fantastic!

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Palm, Blackberry, and Apple need to take notes.


Apr 19, 2008 by chocolateman85006

I change phones a lot. I traded with someone I know to use this phone. I'm infatuated with HTC's phones. I have used the 8125, 8525, MDA, Wing, 6700 (Branded by UT Starcom) Mogul/6800, and now this: the Tilt. As no phone is perfect, this comes mighty close.

No headphones or case, like all of HTC's other current models.
No pocket MSN.

Windows Mobile 6.
3MP camera/video. The best I've used, to date!
Over 100MB of usable memory.
I get signal everywhere.
Instant Messaging. The 8125 and 8525 lacked that.
Speedy Internet. (I am doing my review from the Tilt.
Wi-fi.Screen tilts.
Sim card is under the screen. I don't have to remove the battery!
It can handle the highest SD micro cards available.
Can talk on phone and surf the net simultaneously.

No other company can touch this phone in the latest. Ignore the bad reviews, as most of them are crap! (Truth be told). I mean, come on! Give it a zero rating because one one thing? That's crap, son! You need to get one of these. It's good for business or for pleasure.

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Excellent PDA phone


Mar 5, 2008 by markie_c

I am a previous user of HTC 8525. I bought this upgrade and it was worth it. For all those who complain about how slow this device is, well, it is if you let the AT&T bloatware get installed upon powering up for the first time. So...don't let it happen, just like the review below suggested, soft reset when bloatware attempts to install.

Nice solid construction, comfortable to hold and talk as a phone. If you like small phones like RAZR, then this is not for you.

Bluetooth - i paired my Plantronics 520 in less than 20 sec.

With Opera 8.65 Mobile browser, Internet is a joyous experience with 3G signal.

Battery cover is a little tricky to get pried open. I don't have any recommendations other than be careful.

Overall, highly satisfied.

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Tilt Review from ATT sales rep


Jan 29, 2008 by joseph7131

I received this phone at a HTC convention for att sales reps. I previously used the 8525. I love this phone so far. I use the phone for my personal email, phone calls, and internet browsing. The phone is very easy to use and has every feature imagined all built into one.

As a sales rep, I def recommend this phone to all my business type customers. This phone can be a gadget type phone like the Iphone but def a business user type phone.
Many Many feature-xm radio, built in gps, 3.0 megapixel camera, PTT, and much more.

*easy to use
*3.0 megapixel camera
*camcorder and multiple camera settings
*full qwerty keyboard
*very easy to setup email
*xm radio on phone
*built in gps
*microsoft office
*screen tilts
*internet browser

*the camera has to autofocus and takes a little bit before it will take a pic. not good if ur gonna take pic at a sporting event or concert.
*needs to be turned off occasionally cuz pic messages wont go through
*the send button on a text message will get hit on accident sometimes.

other than that .. the phone is an excellent device to own. I highly recommend it to anyone. ATT also lowered the PDA internet price down to $30.

*if you need your pda packaged changed... just email me .. haha. sorry im a sales rep.


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not impressed one bit.


Dec 11, 2007 by alpinst777

Well folks I too was one who really wanted to
like this phone , as of today Ive been through 4 replacements and they all seem to
have the same issues

1).Phone reception is crap!!!!! I have the 8525 and with it running side by side the
8525 has full signal (4 bars) while the tilt might have 1 bar!
this is true with every replacement phone I have been given, I live in Colorado springs
and the coverage here has been excellent even
when I travel in the mountains.

2) every time I replace this hunk-o-[...]
with a new one I need to contact customer support to get the internet settings right just so I can have internet access
and I'm paying for a data plan!

3)I haven't been able to check on the other features as Ive been [...] around with the afore mentioned ones for as many days as Ive had replacement phones!!!!!!!!

Overall I would strongly not recomend this
phone to anyone! if you don't believe me just please read the threads on AT&T's support
page for this device as well as other sites first wish I had!

Today this phone goes back to at&t I will
resume using my 8525 which has NEVER EVER
given me any trouble what so EVER!!!!!

just incase any of you are wondering I have used and owned about 12 phones of this style
over the past few years and am quite familiar with there operation

Ed. note: edited out foul language

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I like it


Dec 4, 2007 by cke

I bought the Tilt with a little trepidation, having always used Palm products. But I'm fed up with the Treo and Palm's refusal to make their hardware and software co-exist peacefully, so I journeyed into Windows land.

So far, I'm very pleased. I've had the phone for about 2 weeks. This device has achieved the objective of putting everything a business user needs in one small device.

Setting up exchange email was a breeze, and it immediately synchronized not only my mail and calendar, but my tasks and contacts with zero effort from me. I didn't expect that bonus.

The GPS is definitely worth the extra $9.99 subscription. I've used it several times, and am pleased. I finally figured out how to influence the routes it chooses, and now I'm more pleased. This is the first GPS I've used.

It's great that I can surf the web, receive email and talk on the phone all at the same time. I have not yet figured out if I can use GPS and the phone simultaneously. Has anyone else?

The Cons:
It's more complicated than I expected to make a phone call from the directory. I wish the contact search capability and the speed dial function was easier to use with the keyboard closed. I don't recommend trying to place a call while driving.

The keyboard is not as tactile as it should be, and it's hard to find the keys and avoid pressing 2 at once. This is not a fat finger issue but one of the keys being too smooth.

As others have mentioned, the applications take time to launch, and they consume battery if left running.

I'm annoyed that they did not include a wired headset in the package. Of course, it doesn't support the standard headphone jack, and I'm in a pickle when my bluetooth battery dies in the car.

The battery life is pretty poor. I've got to order a car charger since they didn't have any in the store. BTW, you can get accessories online for about half the price that AT&T sells them for.

I recommend teh phone.

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Oct 29, 2007 by enycertifiedg




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