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HTC Tilt 8925 / TyTN II


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PUSH ???


Oct 16, 2007 by winedineny

Bought the phone primarily for email & internet acess, in addition I need an "international" device.

internet is fast, large keyboard, lots of nice ringtones.

Had a problem setting up the push service, the feature that makes the screen change from vertical to horizontal stopped working after 2 days, phone froze on the 3rd day. I reset it, however, the email is NOT true "push" it takes a few minutes.

Will give it another few days. Anyone able to answer the "push" situation.

Anyone know of a blackberry with a large keyboard - Rim should consider this especially since there are OLDER folks who have bad eyesight and large fingers.

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Not impressed


Oct 11, 2007 by hershfield

I have an HTC 8525 which I accidentally dropped so the screen is now busted. I was really looking forward to upgrading to 8925, as that would justify the expense of getting a new phone. Well, I got mine in the mail yesterday and I must say I am very disappointed.

The first thing I noticed is how slow Windows Mobile 6.0 is. You hit a key or a tab and sometimes you wait 0.5 sec. Sometimes 5 sec. If you keep hitting the same tab hoping that it would work faster or that the phone somehow did not pickup the first tab, then when it unfreezes it truns out you have tabbed through several options on the next page. Very annoying.

The speaker on this phone is inferior to HTC 8525. I played the same mp3 on both phones and HTC 8525 was more powerful (read loud) and had more bass. It is unfortunate that they downgraded the speaker.

Finally, I only realized this after I got the phone, Blackberry Internet Service only relays emails once every 15 minutes, so the benefit of running Windows Mobile 6.0 is lost on me.

I did not try GPS. But all the other features are similar to 8525. I must say the 3.0 camera is nice.

This phone is going back to the store today.

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Feb 5, 2008 by Gixxed

I have been using the 8125 for over a year now so I was familiar with this Platform. I gotta say, Everything about this phone is better. I have no complaints

Pros: Everything works great with the phone. I really like the built in GPS receiver. I use a Program called TeleType which does not required network service of any kind. Big Plus for me. Have had no dropped calls. Sound quality has been great for me

Cons: Only came with one screen protector. I guess you cant have everything. I do not like the Carriers software that is stuck on the phone

I recommend this phone to anyone who is use to this platform and would like an Upgrade

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Wasn't to happy


Feb 2, 2008 by seuguy

I can't exactly blame HTC for this one. I have to place the blame on Windows Mobile.
Battery life sux, especially if you use bluetooth, gps, internet, music, pretty much anything.
I have to squint to see the screen.
User friendly? Nope, again this I have to blame windows for.
The keyboard is nice though, and I like the fact that I can create and edit word and excel documents.
Heavy phone, practical to me is being able to fit comfortably in my pocket.

Best advice, spend your money on a BlackBerry or iPhone.

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Not super impressed with this phone


Apr 25, 2016 by chadbordes

It was a great idea, but I never got used to the physical keyboard since I came from the blackberry 8300. It did offer at&t's push to talk which worked well, but in all the phone was clunky and slow. I had it for about 2 weeks before I switched back to the Blackberry 8300.

Pros: windows mobile, synced contacts, phone was clear, never dropped a call

Cons: Bulky, keyboard was awkward, and it felt more like a brick in my hand.

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HATE this phone


Apr 10, 2010 by cehutchison

Granted this is my first smartphone and my first experience with At&t, but I HATE this phone. I have had it for 18 months now and have had at&t replace it twice for it not working. I still have it because I can't bring myself to pay the huge fee to cancel my contract.
Anyway, the camera has no zoom on regular mode. Panoramic photos are okay. If I get a text message while the phone is in my purse or pocket, it 'unlocks' the screen.
And don't even get me started about the reception, it's ridiculous. I drop at least 60% of my calls. At least once a day I have to restart the phone in a attempt to get it to send a text message. The internet only works about 20% of the time.
It is a sturdy phone and the QWERTY keyboard is excellent for quick typing. I am counting the minutes until I can get out of this contract and find another phone and carrier.
I live in Salt Lake City, by the way. I travel frequently to Portland, Oregon and Phoenix, Arizona. The phone has had terrible reception in all three cities.

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Don't by an HTC tilt phone


Aug 15, 2009 by mcooley3005

This is my second windows mobile phone. The other worked wonderfully! This one has many bugs. First, they dumped the voice recorder button off the side. I use to use it while driving, but now I can only access it with the stylus--so not while driving. Also, it freezes up constantly. I have to wait for it for minutes--often while I'm in a hurry, or rest it by pulling out the battery. Then, once it catches up, if I've tapped more than once--it goes through the taps quickly and freezes up again. At times, it is useless! I want to through it down and stomp on it! I've taken it in, but it works fine when I take it in--like a car that won't do the bad thing when you take it to a shop--only when you're using it. Looking elsewhere for my next phone. Definitely not an HTC. Plus, when I've called them, customer service has been rude and not helpful.

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Jul 6, 2009 by Exizide

very nice phone

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Oct 15, 2008 by tbryson92110

It's basically a miniature laptop; I use it more than my PC! Mostly because it is so convenient.
I can be watching a movie and say who is that actress? And look it up. Or get directions linked to onboard GPS! Or check e-mail or the weather or the movies or buy a DVD or play a game on a Flash website or watch YouTube or check my bank balance and paste it into an Excel spreadsheet or jot down a letter on Word, then send it out...
Need I say more.

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Bulky and Touch Screen Not Finger Friendly.


Sep 9, 2008 by smtelegadis

I know, I know it's not fair to say that it isn't finger friendly, but lets face it most people are lazy and don't pull out the stylus unless they absolutely have to. That being, I found the features to the phone excellent.

Slide Keyboard
Tilt Screen
Bright Screen
Responsive LARGE Keys
Replaceable Battery

Bulky (Slide keyboard comes at a price)
Poor Interface
No Multi Touch
Requires (Kaiser Patchs) in order to function well.
Poor Battery Life (Common with all 3G phones)

AT&T is a crap shoot for me. I work in the City of NY from time to time and the reception for 3G to GSM is spotty due to the buildings. I have to say they've improved on the voice side but the data can be a bit slow when moving in and out of 3G.

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