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HTC Tilt 8925 / TyTN II


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superb all-around device


Oct 26, 2007 by Roadkill

Evilhomer nailed it - this is the perfect PPC device. But if you're not looking for a PPC, you'll probably find many things about it you don't like.


Technology is all-inclusive.

For me, at least, everything just works.
GPS fired right up with Google Maps.
Outlook set up by default for Exchange.
POP email was trivial to set up also.
Wi-Fi auto-searches and connects easily.

Tilt screen makes it easy to use sitting on a desktop. I've used it as an email platform and can type quite quickly using my index fingers.


WinMo6 is somewhat sluggish, but not as bad as other phones I have worked with. But it's just the OS - applications, once started, are very snappy.

Battery drains fast if you use Wi-Fi and/or push email a lot. I have to charge it daily if I leave those on. However, it lasts a good week if I remember to shut off Wi-Fi and use manual email updates.

Nit-pick - keyboard feel isn't great, and I keep hitting "send" soft key by accident since it is between the 'r' and 't'.

What's with all the !#$%@ bloatware? Get that crap off my phone.

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closest thing to perfect yet


Oct 24, 2007 by reverad00d

I work for at&t and got this phone the day it came out...been waiting for it for months.
heres my assesment after about two weeks

3 megapixel camera is amazing
Wifi works great
GPS is insane
Very clear screen
0 dropped calls
The qwerty pad is big enough to work with
Touch screen makes browsing alot easier
Comes equipped with word and excel
Windows Mobile 6 owns
Its an overall cool looking phone
The tilt makes it alot easier to view the screen when typing compared to the 8525 or the t-mobile wing.
Bluetooth and speakerphone has a great sound

like all windows mobile takes a while to turn off or on.
honestly thats the only problem ive had so far...if i find new ones ill post them

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Great phone!!!!


Oct 24, 2007 by Dale1313

OK I have had mine for about 2 weeks now. I enjoy customizing the phones I have and this one is very easy to make your own. My company just made a commercial and I love that I can just download the WMA file and play it right there, not to mention all the other work stuff I get in .doc/.xls/ .pdf
The 5 mb download took a few minutes after all it is wireless, but I just clicked download and went on following up on emails and didn't notice the time. Great that you don't have to stay on the same page to get DL's!!!
I have several personal MP3 ringtones and assigning individual groups is easy.
I had one big freeze and had to do a hard reset,-hold down the 2 - keys on the front and hit the little hole on the end-. I think this helped the phone because it seems to run much better then it did when I first got it.
Living in the Boston area connection is a big factor, this phone stays connected where my old Motorola dropped calls, when you are like 50-100 feet inside I-93 tunnels and still able to talk it is a great thing!
A blue tooth is a must for this phone and driving, the touch screen can be a little unresponsive at times.
This is the best windows mobile I have used, but it is Microsoft so nothing is perfect.
Media player works great playing videos and music.
If you like drop and paste the phone works seamlessly with XP, third party apps are starting to roll in for this phone and over the next few months there is going to be some really cool stuff.
Be careful of games you buy as some are not set up for this phone...make sure it is approved for the 8925.

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The Best Yet


Oct 9, 2007 by evilhomer

A list of pros and cons are futile since you can read those anywhere. Simply put, if you are a fan of PPC devices with the slide out keyboard, you are going to love this device. If you are looking for iPhones, flip phones, less complicated and featured operating systems and the thinnest and lightest phone on the market, it's not for you. There is no point in comparing it to anything other than PPC, sliding qwerty keyboard devices. It's like comparing cars to trucks. They are different vehicles and usually bought for different reasons.

This device is fully loaded, plain and simple. If you want everything PPC has to offer, there is no debate as to whether this device is for you. Contrary to the first poster who reported a weak GPS signal, I find it to be very strong and fast to lock on. I've tried it with Telenav, TomTom, Google Maps and Windows Live. All work very well.

Again, this is simple. If you want the full blown PPC experience, this is a no brainer.

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Awesome phone


Oct 8, 2007 by gdtilt

I used a 8525 for awhile and have just recently got the Tilt. I am very happy with the Tilt and find it very sturdy and solid. It also seems to react very quickly, overall I think this phone is awesome and would not swop for anything out there right now.

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Great overall,but...


Oct 13, 2007 by Bronx1977

-Slide mechanism very nice feel. better than the 8525
-A more solid feel than the 8525 as well
-GPS feature a big plus
-Camera very nice, the best Ive seen on a phone!
-Reception is excellent.
-keyboard upgrade, and works very well
-Placement of SIM card Excellent (behind the tilt screen)

-The darn power-on button is at times impossible to press. they should have left it the same as the 8525.
-The OS is a is a bit slow to react at times.
-The slide has been switched around from the arrangement on the 8525. now unless your left handed, you have to uncomfortably flip around the phone to slide it. Then you have to reach at the bottom left side of the phone to reach the stylist. (very annoying, they should have left it the same as the 8525 (stylist at the top right))
-Oh and when you put it in camera mode and slide the screen open the capture button is now at the bottom left instead of the top right. Very Very Frustrating. Definitely a design flaw.

But don't get me wrong I love this phone, but the cons bring my 5 down to a 4!

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Short pro-con review of non-att branded unit


Sep 27, 2007 by jonkbriggs

Screen not VGA but good
Processor fast
WIFI very good
3G very good
Well built - very solid
Good menuing and touch screen

Bluetooth kind of weak

I have literally had most every phone on the market. I get 2 to 4 phones per month more or less. This phone is the best all around phone I have had. Be prepared for the size, it may be a little bigger and heaver than you may be used to but I have to say that its not a bad size and comfortable. The phone has a lot of features and if your not familiar with smart phone be prepared to take time to get used to using it. Everyone has different needs in a phone which make different phones better or worse for different folks. If your looking for the all in one everything phone this has to be the very best on the market so far.

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Great Concept Horrible Execution


Oct 25, 2007 by clarko26

Ok so like some other poster I waited weeks for this phone to come and when it finally did my first thoughts were:
Great form factor, I thought it was built very well the tilt feature was solid.

The ability to customize was unlike any other phone ive had(even though I definatly like the htc plug better)

The GPS was very good I didnt have any problems using it at all.

Speakerphone worked great and sounded great while playing all my mp3 files which was another plus.

Well for starters its like having a brick in your pocket. Recommend having the belt holster.

This phone is by far the worst when it comes to processor. I had the phone for two weeks and during that time I had to do multiple soft and hard resets.

Too much like a computer than a phone. Everytime you start a program such as, media player, camera, phone, gps, wifi you must go through and stop all programs to get the phone to work correctly and not lag. That is if it dosent freeze on you.

Overall I think the phone is a great concept and agree with the way they set it up hardware wise. This phone however is not for those who are looking for a solid windows mobile device without the hassle of a pda/pocket pc. Again its a great concept and I may think about giving the next round of them a try but for now ill wait for the blackjack 2.

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A Slow PIece of Crap


Oct 21, 2007 by Carlos23

Yes People this phone is Crap don't buy it ATT needs to know they can't sell this crap. I bought this phone thinking it was the latest and greatest. I previously had the iphone but got bored of it. So I got the tilt.

Beautiful looking phone nice color feel.
Great keyboard.

windows 6 sucks, very slow and lags
takes a long time to even do anything with
the phone. The phone is trying to do so much
it bogs down and just crashes.
So i would not recommend this phone at all. I have taken it back to the store and just got a regular V9. hopefully att can come up with some good phones because verizon is looking good with the voyager!! lol...but feel free to express your opinions.

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Big & Heavy & Slow


Oct 18, 2007 by mbranscum

This is a big, heavy phone. It is slow and at times it stops responding. The touch screen sensitivity is inconsitent.

Did I say it was heavy? Wow, this is the heaviest smartphone I've ever held.

Couldn't handle it. Took 7 steps to get to an instant message.

Wake up Microsoft. Take some lessons from RIM. You need to downsize, streamline and simplify your OS.

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