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Feature Packed Phone


Nov 20, 2008 by jtc8008

*Great Reception
*Slim, lightweight and comes with nice leather case, headphones, adapters, and small memory card. (Sprint)
*Touch interface responds accurately
*Volume is Loud and has better sound quality than the HTC Mogul 6800.
*Windows Mobile 6.1 includes GPS Navigation (Had to download the update)
*TV works well and Internet works just like desktop with Opera Mobile or Skyfire (Seperate Downloads)
*Picture Mail Finally works on WM6.1
*Phone reacts faster to button presses than the 6800 and new Touch Pro and Touch Diamond. Those phones are a little laggy.

*Touch Flow only shows contacts and other shortcuts with finger scrolling. Can't be customized unless downloading third party Application.
*Texting is difficult unless you download a full screen keyboard application. ( I just use the stylus)
*No flash on Camera
*Camera looks great when setting not in Auto Mode. Auto mode makes colors not accurate. However when manually adjusting color pictures look great.
*No full browser support that will allow java based games and videos to work perfectly. Apparently we have to wait for a new browser.

Overall it's my favorite phone I've had. Looks more stylish and smaller than the Mogul but does the same things better. I might upgrade to the Pro, but only thing is better is the camera and keyboard.

xv6900 Breath of Fresh Air!


Sep 19, 2008 by FknTwizted

This phone is finally what people that have had pdas in the past been looking for, small compacted, and touch screen. I have been a pda user for over 4 years now and will not go back to another "standard" phone... My back ground is in the cell phone field and I get to play with all the phones. My previously phones were, xv6700, Moto Q, xv6800, Black Berry Curve, xv5800, and by far this phone is the cats meow! Some will say "well it doesn't have a qwerty keyboard"... I say nay, look on-line and you will find one from free - $10. memory is larger then my others, I do miss the wifi, and the one handed quick button setup that the xv6800 had. But I wouldn't go back. All in all if you are a pda junkie GET THIS PHONE!!

-Larger memory
-Smaller design
-One handed with ease phone meant to be used with fingers not stylus but it does come with one.
-8 gigs memory (external Memory)
-voice quality and volume clear and loud
-THE CUBE (get it and you will find out about that one.)
-Contact list has a scroll you flick with your finger and it glides up no need for a stylus.

-no flash on camera.
-doesn't come with qwerty touch program.
-no Wifi.
-tough to get to external memory port.

Do NOT Recommend


May 18, 2008 by WAgirl

I bought this phone on a Friday night and by Monday realized I was not getting my calls, voice mails, or text messages! (I have not loaded anything on this phone.) The phone goes to sleep and does not wake up to receive incoming calls. I turn the phone on I get a half ring and then it shows I missed the call or text with the time of the missed call being the time I woke up the phone. When I call back I find out the call came in hours ago. The phone is also not even registering the calls even when I do wake up the phone. People are telling me they called and left messages numerous times and there is not record of any missed call - and no voice mail message! I tried a soft reset and it helped for a day and then the phone calls began not coming in. I WANT to keep this phone, it has so many neat features but right now it can't support the basic function of being a phone! I talked to Sprint and HTC - this is a known software bug and the fix is expected 3rd quarter 2008. According to HTC there are some phones working ok but many others like me that are having this same problem. I Googled this phone and found many references to experiences just like mine. I travel 100% - this phone is my lifeline. I should not have been allowed to purchase the phone and walk out of the Sprint store without warning me there is the large risk of my getting a phone that doesn't work! I'm swapping it out for another brand.

As i agree with Money magazines Feb review ... A+ "Touch/A- iPhone


Mar 3, 2008 by SoCalVDub

Epic phone hands down. "Anything you can do ... i can do better." With the utilization of the NUMEROUS third party apps out there and wicked fast internet speeds from Sprint (this phone isnt even RevA yet !!!) this phone takes the cake for smart devices available right now.

(insert VW joke here) For those interested in "unpimping" your iPhone (insert VW joke here/) check out PPCGeeks.com in the "HTC Vogue" forums for numerous Touch goodies ... also check out WM applications as well.

In life people complain about everything. "Somwhere out there a man is tired of that perfect ten wife." ... as well as saying that that $75 thousand Mercedes/BMW just doesnt "do it" for them. This phone does need an occasional soft reset just as your computer needs to reboot but this takes about a whole minute of your week so just make a schedule/habit of it ... its really no biggie. Everything has its hickups but its the final result that makes the statement and this phone shines proudly. With Sprints wicked quick internet speeds this phone is quite an asset to their existing lineup.

Excellent upgrade from Mogul...


Jun 2, 2008 by Clay330i

This a great phone. The increase in memory makes this phone a pleasure to own. My Mogul was crippled due to the lack of memory. The size and weight are perfect as well. And I don't miss the physical keyboard thanks to SPB fullscreen keyboard. That made the phone perfect. The phone is loud and clear during voice calls as well. And the ringers are louder by default. I have no complaints.

Verizon xv6900 Good Phone


Apr 28, 2008 by sschnurman

I've had the phone for a week and a half, now, so I've had the time to get more acquainted with it. I'm coming from a Windows Mobile phone (WM 5), so the OS wasn't much of an adjustment for me. Basically, I like the phone, although I have some negatives. I've added software such as SPB Shell 2.0 and TouchPad 3.0 to enhance the touch control. I tried to upgrade the lame speaker dependent voice control with Microsoft Voice Command 1.6, but was told by Handango that it was not compatible for this Verizon version of the Touch! Whaaaat? Geesh. I would have given this phone a higher score if Verizon hadn't typically modified it and crippled some features like the GPS. Overall, I like it, though.


- Small size: fits in the hand well, doesn't feel bulky like other smartphones

_Highly adaptable with 3rd party software

_Touch Flo is nice although limited. SPB Mobile Shell 2.0 makes it more of a touch/iphone-like smartphone.

_Call quality: Very good. Also, I can hear my own voice well, so it helps me keep my voice down while I'm on the phone.

_I don't miss a keyboard, although the one that comes with it is fairly limited, so I purchased the latest Touchpad software. It's amazing.

_Speedy internet


_No GPS: C'mon Verizon.

_29.99 unlimited plan not available yet. I have the 45.00 one, but it is fairly useless to me because I have MSN mail, which won't "push". Verizon says that MSN pushes under the new 29.99 plan.

_I had it lock up some, especially after adding software. Hmmm... maybe the problem is not with the phone?

_Plasticy feel. The Sprint Touch equivalent phone has the painted rubberized finish, which is a nice and sure feel. Why did Verizon just get cheap plastic? Bad form.

_Sprint has entertainment services, Verizon doesn't.

_Pretty lame speaker dependent voice control. I tried to upgrade with MS Voice Command 1.6 but couldn't because Handango said that it is not compatible with this phone.

Awesome if you already use a PDA


Dec 25, 2007 by davidellis

I have been using WM phones for about 3 years. I've had good and bad. Most recently I had the mogul(ppc6800) and the ppc6700. WM 6 is great. I personally don't like BB's, due to no touchscreen. The touch is better than all of them if you understand the point of a PDA.

Feel of phone
Size of phone
Battery better than expected (still not great), but better than i thought for such a small phone.
RF is much better than mogul or 6700
Active Sync/Exchange is great
Additional Folders (to/from and Company Directories in Exchange Email)

the HTC Preloaded Clock

Three things will help you enjoy maximize this phone.
1. It is a mini computer. Turn it off at night when you charge it. (it helps minimize soft resets)
2. Know how to not cause "memory effect" for your battery. (don't overcharge it, and let it die the first 2 or 3 times you use it)
3. Don't be anxious and overuse programs. Use the program lists on the upper right where the X's are...

Best Verizon phone yet


Oct 21, 2008 by adrenaline0210

Ok lets start from the past. Always had high end phones and then figured id switch to the pda world. Got about a yr ago a samsung i760. Great phone quality however very buggy and touch screen was almost useless due to the fact it is recsesed into the phone. Went through 3 of them until I switched to the touch.
By far I am very happy with it. Don't listen to the posts complaining about battery and what not. There are many hacks you can do to these phones by searching through the forums. I have mine setup just like the new diamond and it is a lot more functional. Everyone that i show my phone to is in aww.

- Touch screen is perfect
- call quality is really nice
- wm6.1 after you find which ROM you want to use is superior
- useability to upgrade the phone interface to your liking.
- Does have GPS built in however Verizon cripples it so do some forum digging and be brave and you can unlock it.
- HTC brand is very nice quality.
- one of the only phones that i feel confident I will keep for 2 yrs, and thats a shock coming from me, usually swap my phone every yr or shorter.

- somewhat slippery, so if your not careful u will drop it alot. Get a rubberized sleeve case and ull be all set.
- Cant really think of anything else

Battery: I get a day out of mine with heavy texting, email, internet and playing. There is a hack in wich you get much better battery life out of it, that I have installed. Another key thing is dont have programs auto update like weather or email. If you set your email to auto synch all the time with the server you will cut your battery litteratly in half. If you want to read email just click send / recieve and your good.

Get unlimited Data plan, dont get screwed with outragous charges that I hear pple getting all the time.

HTC Touch....not bad, not great. just o.k.


Oct 9, 2008 by Eddie333

First and foremost if you have this phone or are planning on buying it you need to immediately upgrade the o/s to windows mobile 6.1 Pro. This update is available at http://www.htc.com/us/support.aspx . The 2 most notable upgrades are a full qwerty touch keyboard and the Opera browser. Before the upgrade texting on this phone is literally mission impossible, afterward it becomes much easier, but still not the best. The opera browser is the shiz! It's smooth, fast and reliable plus it lets you do youtube vids. Enough said right? Get the upgrade! Because this phone is windows based you can pretty much do whatever you want to it. Everything from customizing the cube to your background is customizable. TV on the phone is not great. The quality does not compare to the mogul, but its good enough. Telenav works superbly on this thing. Speaker is Great. No Wifi, no worries! No flash for camera, pretty much renders the camera useless in a dark or poorly lit setting. To wrap it up here the pros and cons list.

-Small and sexy
-2.0 camera
-blue tooth capable
-all in all pretty much a mogul minus the full qwerty keyboard and wifi.
-opera browser

-Texting is tough
-no light for camera
-wakes up randomly from sleep mode when charging

Great PDA-Great Phone!


Feb 2, 2008 by rnclark

I have owned several Windows CE/Windows Mobile devices and this is the best one ever. I purchased the PPC-6700 and liked the promise of what it could do but was disappointed in the actualy execution. This one does it all. I was worried about not having a physical keyboard, but they have come a long way with the "soft" keyboards and this one is a dream. Besides, I found that switching between stylus and keyboard is a pain--either you have the nice capabilities of the Blackberry (non-touch screen) or you go all the way touch screen. I give this one a 5!

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