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problems towards the rumor


Mar 26, 2008 by PO3Cjeff

ive had this for a little while and i have web music text all that good stuff but after 2 months my screen just stays white and will not display the screen when i slide it or even if its closed and it was never dropped till today i threw it across the hallway



Mar 21, 2008 by ktsmiles

I like the style, look, and ease of the phone... but the phone falls short in regards to speed and camera.

The speed of the phone is SLOOOOOOW! I type text messages faster than the phone can keep up and the internet access is worse!



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A Rumor of War


Mar 7, 2008 by GravityFails

There is, in certain sciences and statistics, something called the correlation fallacy. The Latin term is "cum hoc ergo propter hoc," which means "with this therefore because of this," and it's generally defined as the assumption of cause due to association. Let's say that every time Erin goes to the mall, it rains. Therefore, Erin causes it to rain by going to the mall. This is an example of a correlation fallacy.

The Scoop's hidden keyboard is another example of a correlation fallacy. While I love the phone itself (got mine in spiffy turquoise), the keyboard is next to useless to me.

People assume that a QWERTY keypad is, itself, the reason for faster text messaging, a notion at which I fling meaty wet boogers. A QWERTY keypad on a phone forces the user to text with two thumbs, while the preferred predictive text input on a numeric keypad is the old one-thumb method. Anything you do with two thumbs is naturally going to be faster, including but not limited to hitchhiking, plum removal, and texting on a numeric keypad.

On a large QWERTY keypad the thumbs must traverse much more space than on a numerical keypad, and the brain must make many more decisions in order to winnow out the proper key press for any desired letter. (8-key alphabet on numeric, 26 keys on QWERTY.) You do the math. Also, the current QWERTY layout was designed to slow down the first touch-typists working on manual typewriters in order to prevent key jams. My typing brain is mapped to my fingers, not my thumbs, and I'd wager that's true for most other people as well.

This is not to say that the QWERTY keypad is entirely without merit, or that those who enjoy it are wrong. I think they're loving it for the wrong reasons, but hey, whatever works. Personally, I'll stick with T9. It's more efficient, and it's faster than a QWERTY layout, which was never designed to be used only with thumbs in the first place.

Running out of space. Rest of the phone is awesome.



Jan 21, 2008 by jeanni_r

This phone is awesome! I love the sliding keyboard, texting has never been easier. New color's would be nice, but I am happy with the black and blue. I like being able to download songs onto the memory card. Only down fall is not having a flash on the camera.
If you want a sliding phone, buy it!!!!

Rumor says ... Excellent


Dec 10, 2007 by otihoit

Excellent Phone for me. I love my new Rumor!

Best features:
The slider is very easy to use and feels solid.
The keyboard allows for full and easy texting with nice buttons
Speakerphone is very clear very nice
Display is beautiful
Design is solid and sleek
Weight and size is just right

Room for improvement:
The camera is really nice but I wished it had a flash too.

Overall, an excellent product.

Awesome Phone


Oct 26, 2007 by cfrancis

The guy who said "It sucks" is crazy! I doubt he even bought the phone because he said he ran to the store to buy it. The phone isn't even in store until mid to late November! What a LIAR!

Anyways the phone is amazing! I love the sliding keyboard feature! I also am very impressed with the appearance and overall quality of the phone. The screen also turns when you are using the keyboard. So easy to text or send Emails.

If you set up your email on it it will automatically alert you when you receive emails, just like a PDA!

Highly recommend it. It is a great buy!

Worst Phone Ever


Mar 28, 2008 by LGsucks

I have had 4 of the lg rumors and all 4 of them have had the same problem. I do not recommend this phone to anyone it is terrible! unless you want a phone that shuts off every-time you try and send a text message...

Not That Great.


Mar 18, 2008 by xrockout06

When i first got this phone, i was very excited, and yes for the first couple of days i was loving the phone. Then i started to notice that the battery life which is very important (cause if you have no battery you have no phone) started to run out very quickly and only lasted for 2 hours and all i did was talk on it once and send a couple of texts. that BLOWS. Then after having the phone for only a week the screen cracks, i didnt even drop it, it barley tapped a wooden ledge in my pocket and it cracked it DEEP. I was so mad but ALLTEL (which blows) would not take it back or replace it. I was so mad after spending $150.00 on it. Here is a quick list of pros and cons...

camera is nice (could use a flash)
signal and phone calls pretty clear.

the full keyboard is practically useless because of T9word.
the battery life is bad.
the phone is not durible.
it feels plastic.
the screen gets dirty.
it does not have bluetooth transfer.
ringtones dont link with contacts when they TEXT you.
the service (alltel) is not good.

i could go on and on. now alltel does have good signal but their customer service team is the worst and there coverage on phones is horrible. i just ended my stay with them, and i am switching to VERIZON. i hope it is better.

LG Rumor 2


Apr 4, 2011 by becauseasher

Pros:Good Camera
Good Keyboard
Good Display
Games preloaded
Not touch screen

Cons:Music Player shuts off when using it
Bulky Phone

All of my experiences owning this phone, Alltel USC, Sprint


Aug 2, 2010 by narn3049

I've had the chance to own the phone on ALL the carriers it was available for. Which pretty much means it a thorough test from me, and at all summed up I got a 4.0 in ratings.

The phone was purchased in a blue color. I owned it for a short time before it and FELL got dunked. It was dried but the mic never worked again, so I paid tp get a new one, or refurb, which worked ok and then came to the issue of the port breaking.

I'd say the first phone was the best phone out of the Alltel bunch. I never experienced problems with it, (MORE WITH ME BECAUSE I GOT IT WET. LOL) but it never really had any issues,

The blue rumor was an excellent phone, and probably the best phone that I've owned on sprint's network. Probably NOTHING even close. The Rant was probably the worst qwerty phone on sprint I ever came to recognize. Constant dropped calls on that phone and the phone would always freeze, and overheat and power off and the battery was the most suckish thing ever. But thats a different review. This phone was dropped repeatedly and had tons of good features that weren't available on the scoop. The ending of this phone was it dropping and the top breaking from the bottom. It had a lot of wear on it.

The phone was ok. I got it from a family member with a broken charger port, but was able to charge it by holding pins down in right way. it worked good and had good features as well. It seems the owner dropped the phone a lot as it was chipped, dented and all of the keys were worn. This phone has a couple issues, but I'd get it if I could.

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