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Motorola has done it again!


Jan 27, 2010 by grantsincox

I have had the ROKR for a few months now and so far it is great! It holds up very well and is very stylish. U.S. Cellular has great coverage making the phone 10X better

*Awesome music player
*Great graphics
*GREAT picture quality
*GREAT video quality
*Good video length(7min15s with micro SD)
*Micro SD card (EASY ACCESS)
*Easy slide
*Great call quality

*If you insert the micro SD card it will freeze and then sit there on the M logo and then It will do it repatedly. I found a way to fix this though. go to the music player. It will say PLEASE INSERT microSD card. then quickly put in the card. it should say inserted: micro SD. then youre set to go.

*Attracts fingerprints easily
*Scratches easily
*Slow if micro SD is inserted and you getting into media gallery.

Overall a GREAT phone and I recommend this phone 100%

Rokr and Roller


May 5, 2009 by bassistchick13

I bought the ROKR almost a year ago, and it worked, and is currently working just fine. The screen broke, but it got stomped on.
Looks good
Good sound
lasts long
easy to use
not flimsy
generic usb hole; already owned a cord with the mini usb to usb cable
good camera

screen gets dirty
turned on/off by itself for a week

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The Worst phone ever.


Oct 15, 2008 by indeekid7290

i have had the rokr e6 for us cellular for over 9 (very long) months.
it is one of the worst phones ever.
it glithes alot when you slide it up it shuts off.
my contacts/memory card has been deleted 3 times.
my camera never works.
im the kind of person who is a freak about there phone never drops it never does anything wrong.
ive gone through three.
and each one of them with same or more problems.
like the music player
nice camera.
freezes 24/7
drops calls like no other
scrathes way to easily

Awesome Phone


Mar 28, 2008 by promyst

This phone is the best.

niiceeee Music Player
doesnt freeze up
feels like good quility, solid feel
easy slide
preloaded ringtones are actually kinda cool
2 gig memory support, i just plugged my chip in, formatted it, and i was on my way
easy and customizable home screen

minor fingerprints

Overall a nice solid phone, HIGHLY recommended



Mar 15, 2008 by ROKR

Finaly Available For Pocket!!!!!!!

=Attention graber (Elegant)
=Camera and Camcorder(the best 2mp cam out there!!)
=Mp3 (simply awesome)!
=Smooth slide!
=Excelent Screen!!(Perfect Graphics)
=Bluetooth works like a Charm!
=Feels Durable
=Excelent call quality!!
=Great Signal magnet
=3.5 mm headphone
=Key lock switch
=Aesome pic Settings (5X zoom, 4 color modes (including negative), 6 lightning modes, 4 resolution settings, 3 quality setings, and 6 shutter sounds
=Battery Life (can last me 3 days using the Web, camera, mp3 player, messaging and talking on the phone for about 3 hours)

=Finger prints

=Texting (Still cant seem to get used to it but i barely have 3 days with it so we'll see how that goes)
=Kinda Slow Internet (Thats the service (Pocket) its understandable because they are barely growing...they are doing an awesome job in the communication market... hey for $50, unlimited everything, cellphone warranty and taxes included, thats awesome!!!)

Some reviewers say they have had problems with messages not sending and the phone restarting its self... I havent had any kinda trouble with that...it has gone awesome, its prob a software error they corrected allready.

I would recommend this cellphone to anyone out there looking for a great multimedia, showoff, elegant, yet slim and with great Call quality cellphone!!!

A step forward, maybe 2 steps back


Feb 6, 2008 by rchmny81

When it came down to renew my contract(US Cellular), it came down between this phone and a v9m. I looked at all of the options and weighed that the z6m had more attractive features than the razr2 (hot swapping memory cards without removing the battery, 3.5mm jack-easy to stream in car and almost same size to my krzr).Razr2 came with headphones but the micro-usb headphonesthat I didnt really like. Plus with USCC, the z6m came with everything I needed like a 512mb card, headphones and mini usb cable!

It was a no brainer.

Than I got home.

Thats when it searched for service, rebooted over and over once I put my existing memory card. After reformatting both memory cards, the phone worked fine until I used the music player. Same thing, rebooted over and over.
After my 2nd one, I called into USCC and was informed that there is a glitch with the software. 2 days later, I got the Razr2 and have been happy since, granted, with an extended battery.

Great screen
Loud Speakerphone
2mp camera
Reactionary slider
When music works, sounds better than most musicplayer phones

Decent battery life

Software glitch when using a memory card
Bad placement of certain buttons
Send/End key should be bigger
More internal memory(only has 14 mb,z6tv has 50)

Overall, I wanted this phone so bad after coming from a KRZR and I would maybe consider it again once a software update is avail.

Rock on Motorola!


Feb 2, 2008 by Luv_D_Rokr

i gave the Motorola Rokr a 4.5 only because there is a small glitch with the txting. The glitch hardly ever shows up when txting(the glitch is that every once and a while it will refuse to send a txt msg). On average I txt 7000 a month and many people have complained about the buttons being hard to reach they do not seem to be a problem for me. This has been an outstanding phone and on a list of my top 5 phones it ranks number one. the phone has never dropped a call. People say that i sound very load when i am talking to them on it but i am whispering. The call speaker is adjustable during the call from the ringer volume buttons. I think that this phone easily beats the lg chocolate (my friend owns one).


* great camera (2 mega pixel)
* great screen
* easy access memory card slot(up to 2gb)
* great layout for the main menu
* outstanding during a call
* great microphone
* battery life is good
* great show-off phone
* mp3 player delivers same quality sound as an ipod.
* very scratch resistant
* feels very solid but at the same time light
*well built buttons (stood up to tourcher and still going Strong with out sticking
* holds an enormous amount of contacts
* spring loaded slider with gripper bar

* no flash (but i never need it)
*outside screen gets smudgy but wipes off easy with ur t-shirt
*hands free calling is slow to load up

For anyone that is thinking about buying this phone do a little research to decide if the phone is for u. peace out homeys!



Oct 17, 2007 by black berry

Its a decent phone... I'm going to just flat out give you my opinion...

-2.0 MP camera w/landscape
-access to memory from outside the phone
-great music player
-stereo bluetooth
-screen lock is nice

-hard to access the keypad (slider top half is cumbersome, and the keys are deep into the phone, i have small hands too)
-2gb limit (will change soon I'm sure)
-no flip so now you can scratch the screen up easier

I don't know but maybe its just not my thing, but I like to have a music player separate from my phone, thats just me.. If I were going to get a new phone right now I would go with the Razr2, I like flips, the screen is bigger and it's a better looking phone (new and fresh) the rokr is just a krzr that slides...

Moto ROKR Rocks!


Oct 18, 2007 by EvilFurby

I changed from the v9m to this phone and I am not disapointed.

I will go right into the Pro's and Con's

-High Resolution
-Key lock
-Very Loud
-Top Load micoSD slot
-Came with usb cable
-3.5mm headphone jack from streaming music into car speakers!
-a2dp Bluetooth
-2mp camera
-Keys are hidden untill needed
-Good battery Life (15 hours of music in airplane mode)
-ANIMATED wallpapers!!!!!!!!

-Smudgy exterior (not as bad as the razr2)
-Camer has no protection, very exposed
-keys kind of hard to reach

So much I like about this phone! I would recommend to anyone considering this. I had the Razr2, which was amazing, but this is the razr2 in a slide for with tons of better features, like the TOP loading sdcard, no having to remove the battery.

Also 2gb of space is fine, just pretend they are 2gb mp3 cd's and you will do fine, bigger memory cards would just slow everything down!

MotoRokr Z9


Mar 11, 2011 by a.b.c9876

I absolutely hate this phone. At first it was good, I liked it...Then tragedy struck.


-Bluetooth doesn't work
-Can't forward ringtones
-Can't send pics
-Can't see pics when they're sent to me
-Constantly turns on and off
-Constantly freezes
-When calling it breaks up during the convo.


-Good music player...when it works...

I don't recommend this phone to anyone.

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