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Good Phone/Bad Phone


Apr 6, 2008 by frozenlotus

Overall, this is a great little phone. I've downscaled from a Blackberry. Its so nice to be carrying a small device again, for one.

I do have one issue though...TEXT MESSAGING.

I have no issues when it comes to 'receiving' texts, but rather 'sending' them. 80% of the time, they go thru no problem. However, the other 20% is aggravating as hell!!

For some odd reason, they don't send out sometimes. Unless you restart the phone, THEN they send out any and all messages that were 'pending'.

I am on my 3rd phone, and I have spent approximately 2 hours total with Bell Mobility's Tech Support Department.

A good friend of mine has the exact same phone, it was he that persuaded me to purchase the ROKR, and he has had ZERO problems with his text messaging.

I don't know what the problem is, but if ANYONE finds out a solution to this very aggravating problem, PLEASE let me know!

Best Phone Owned...So Far


Mar 22, 2008 by MsAirrika

This is by far the best phone i've owned. I've had a Nokia 3595, Motorola i285, Motorola i450, Motorola i855, then i got the Rokr for US Cellular (which i must commend is a great cell phone service). It was a BIG step up from those other phone i know. Let's see...


~Stylish, Beautiful, Excellent Design! I got compliments all over the place people were more interested in my phone than me!
~Excellent Mp3 player with customizable Playlists and Visualizations
~That 3.5mm Jack really came in handy man!
~LOUD/CLEAR/CRISP SPEAKER! U dont even need external speakers on this thing unless u want that surround sound effect.
~Animated Wallpapers!!!!
~Camera is thee best i've ever seen on a phone so far
~The games on this thing are AMAZING
~and GOD that USB cord came in handy!

Cons: (I hate this part but every phone has its flaws)

~I had a issue with text messaging, like sometimes they would go through when they wanted to for some reason and i'd have to restart the phone just to get them to go through... That was a big pain in my arse!!
~A few times the phone shut down on my by itself.. (scared the living bajesus outta me!)
~The video quality isnt all THAT great but its decent for a phone
~Because this phone is a slider my hands would get tired all the time trying to text message and i would have to switch hands because the buttons are so deep down

That's about it. Like i said this phone is well worth the money man you've got to see it to believe it!

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A Real Review


Mar 19, 2008 by RnBsupastar

Okay everyone. I have had this phone since the first week of February. The next 3 days i had to get it replaced because the front face plate was coming off. So i got the new one. The little navigation button is fading (yeah like a rusty color) WOW. I love this phone so much that i am able to over look that. Also, i dropped the phone ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE time on the ground and i got huge, and i mean HUGE pot wholes now for scratches. That like a whole $251 down the drain. LoL.

1.Very good reception (kinda) I tend to drop calls but im with alltel. But not that i look at it, Ive never dropped calls before this phone. Lets just go with GOOD RECEPTION.
2. Good voice quality off and on speakerphone. I love that.
3. Mp3 player is very easy to understand and I just figured out a way to put songs from your MP3 to your ringtone. YEAH IM SMART LIKE THAT (look below for the way).
4. Camera is the best for a cellphone. Very crisp and clear.
5. Video- some what okay just dont like that format and when you put it on computer its very pixilated.
6. Love the lock button on the side. GREAT FEATURE.

CONS (omg the cons):
1. Gets smudged like crazy
3. Faded navigation button.
4. Phone started freezing the other day because of memory card (dont know what was wrong though).
5. TEXT MESSAGES: BIG PROBLEM. When i send a text that is more than a page long, it WONT SEND WHAT SO EVER. So my text have to be like 2 sentences long and that sucks.
6. Likes to cut off by itself. WTFT (wat the french toast).
7. Sometimes it doesnt like to connect with headphones.

Other than that the phone is pretty great. Its just LG's suck with certain features and Ive always thought motorola was the best until they started getting cheap with their sh*t. Okay, so the only way you can take songs from your memory card and make them ringtones is for them to be mp3 format. You have to transfer the song from your memory card to your phone.

This is an awsome phone


Mar 16, 2008 by Cricket11

This is phone is awsome. I work for CricKet wireless and Ive sold many of these phones. Eevrything works well. The screen is hard to keep clean but go get a 3 dollor microfiber clothe and your set. I love how slot for the micro sd card is right on top because I use mine a lot for music. I wish it had a flash for the camera but oh well who takes pics at night.



Mar 12, 2008 by motoguy75

This phone is actually a good phone. It does what it is made to do, and it does it quite well.

slim form factor
loud Mp3 player
loud ringtones
keylock on side
up to 2GB memory card
external memory card slot (finally)
2.0 Mp camera
screen is just slightly smaller than my SLVR
better wallpapers than usual
light, I have forgotten this phone in my jean pocket many times because my wallet is heavier than the phone

smudges real easily
POCKET still doesn't support BREW

Great phone...


Mar 4, 2008 by quikfeat

Great phone though costly on the mobiPCS network in Honolulu. I was not getting too good reception where I work with the first RAZR, however with this phone I get maybe a bar now whereas I was not getting any with the RAZR so reception is a lot better with this phone. It is about the same size as the KRZR but in a slider. Has about the same features as the KRZR but with a music player. I would highly recommend this phone!!!

to many problems for my liking.


Feb 9, 2008 by robyn

ok so I have had this phone for a little over a month, I got it Dec 26 2007, and at first i loved it. but then i started having problems with the texting, it wouldn't always send the text i was sending nor did it tell me that the texts weren't sending, i had to go look in the out box, to get the texts to send i would have to turn my phone off and back on wait a min and they would send, so after a few weeks of this i got sick of it and went back to bell and told them about it, they gave me another Z6M. so about a day after getting yet the new one i was still having the problem, and some more new problems. the new problems were the phone turning it self off and on by it self, it not always reading the memory card, and i were to go and reply to a text it would turn it self off and back on, or if i was in settings once again turn it self off and back on. so i go back to bell and tell them about it and they tell me to up date the softwear so today i went to do that, i got to the point where it was unplug phone for the usb cord, turn it off and back on and plug it back in. well the computer couldn't find the phone when it was plugged in, the update locked media gallery and internet, and i don't know the code to unlock it i tryed the end of my phone number and what i put the lock code as, nothing worked..

so if ur thinking of getting this phone i would hole it off till they have it right and don't have all these problems. its an amazing phone, but all the problems just turned me right off and fast. and I'm looking forward to getting a new phone.

Nice Try


Feb 9, 2008 by bikerbear1105

If your looking for an MP3 player, this phone is for you. If your looking for a dependable phone with a strong signal, keep looking.

The sound on this phone is great when it comes to playing music, but it kept dropping signal and never really got a signal above 1 bar in my home. My Motorola 710 always got 3 to 5 bars in the same locations.

The killer on this phone for me was the buggy software glitch. I used the voice command to call one woman, lets call her Lisa, the phone said it was calling Lisa, the display said it was calling Lisa and the display even said Lisa's number as it was dialing. Problem.... it called Debbie. I did not realize this until I was well over my head in a conversation with "Lisa" as I was actually talking to "Debbie". By the way, No, they did not know about each other until that call... Thanks Moto.

But then there was the pairing of the Bluetooth H500..... Can we say Pain in the A#$... What a pain, even the sales guy could not get it to pair. My 12 year old son got it to work about 5 hours later, but the first time the phone was shut off, so much for that.

Moto... give me signal!!!! I can not live with the bas signal and it messing up my love life.... it goes back today.

ROKR Z6M - Great Phone (except for texters)


Jan 25, 2008 by kx250ryder

I am an Alltel customer; I got this phone because the LG AX-380 Wave phone has a glitch where you can't voice dial with a Bluetooth headset if the contact has multiple numbers stored.

This phone was the only other Alltel phone at the time that had the City ID feature pre-loaded that still had Bluetooth capability which I needed for driving (60 miles a day minimum).

For those that don't know, City ID gives the city and state of any incoming call (as long as its not from a toll free number); it costs about $2.00/month. Great for my job where 120+ dealers call me from local numbers that aren't necessarily the ones programmed into my phone. Unfortunately, the above mentioned Wave also does it for outgoing calls too, which the ROKR doesn't.

Overall the phone is great in terms of style and functionality, but it has two huge flaws which seem to be inherent to all Motorola phones:

1.) "Unable to Charge" - To clarify for non-Moto users, your phone will randomly say this when you plug it in to charge. No rhyme or reason, just unplug and plug back in and you are ok again. But if you plug your phone in assuming its charging, and you wake up the next morning and find it plugged in and yet dead, you want to drop kick it (it will happen to you eventually).

2.) Personalized ring tone system. A Motorola phone lets you set different tones for all the different events of your phone (call, text, alarms, etc.) yet you can set only one personalized ring per phone book contact. In other words, you may have your phone set to vibrate once if a text comes, but if the person that calls you has a custom ringtone programmed, it will ring when they call, and it will ring when they text. So you have to listen to a 30 second long ring tone every text you get, or the alternative of having no custom ring tones for contacts, so the preset vibrate can work.

If 1 or 2 is a factor try another brand.



Jan 24, 2008 by TripleFreeze86

Im not a big fan of slider phones and i never was or will be..but this slider phone is well worth the hype!

i had a rokr for about a month be4 i got rid of it to upgrade to the v9 and i got to be honest as much as i love my razr the rokr is right there with it..with the exeption of not having a massive front screen lol

fast stylish, nice, easy to use, good battery life, good camera, LOUD PHONE

i LOVE the jump music feature in this phone! i miss it soo much lol

no flip
smudges easily
small buttons

all in all id say this phone is well worth the money

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