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No, just plain no...


Dec 5, 2009 by Tek93

-Decent music player [when it works]
-2mpeg camera
-micro sd card slot
-mini usb port
-3.5mm headphone jack

-a RAZR is a smart phone compared to this
-buttons fall off
dirt gets in the slider easily
-apparently i got a virus on my memory card after i reformatted it THREE times
-you can only use motorola charging cords

do not get this phone.

Horrible Phone


Nov 3, 2009 by krzykvlybl

I've had this phone for about 2 years and can't wait to get a new one.

-the keys got all scatched easily
- the buttons fell off
- the flap for where you charge your phone doesn't stay shut.
- it shuts off randomly
- never fully charges
- if I ever took out my memory card it wouldn't accept it when I put it back in right away.

I've known other people to have this phone too and none of them like it either. I would NOT suggest this phone.

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Mar 9, 2009 by rwhetst

Anyone who has had this phone for at least six months knows that this phone is far from perfect. The only positive things I have to say about this phone are that I like the camera quality, the music player and the headphone jack so that I can even plug it into my car with a cassette.

The real things you need to know about this phone is that it constantly shuts off, even in the middle of conversations and especially when you slide the phone closed. I have had the phone for about 14 months so far because my contract isn't up yet. Also, sometimes it won't send my text messages. And this is the biggest issue I have with the phone..if i charge my battery completely up overnight I can talk on my phone for about 45 minutes before it has a low battery and without talking on it, it lasts about a day.

It has been the worst phone I've ever had. I would not reccommed it to anyone!

Definitely Not For The Impatient


Feb 1, 2009 by GDFan19

Well, I got this phone yesterday for a flat payment of $38.96.
I was skeptical at first, but my choices were either the razr 2 (which is humongous) or this phone. So I went with this one.
This phone is based of the KRAZR, which I had to live with for 2 years...if there are any other KRAZR owners/former owners out there, you know you have to have patience to deal with it.
It's the same way with the ROKR. A lot of times I'll attempt sending text messages out, and they won't send. So I have to restart my phone.
And if you're big on media (video, photos, music, etc.) use of the chip can also force you to restart your phone.
And then the obvious problem, fingerprints. But once again, if you have owned the KRAZR, you're already used to it. If not, you will get used to it.
However, I'm very satisfied with the music player. Having experienced the KRAZR, the music player is excellent.
Also, I love the whole layout of the phone. It's sleek, and attractive.
Also, I like the feature where I can continue a task with the slider down. That's probably common in slider phones, but I'm quite fond of it.
The sound quality is great, too
However, the memory is questionable. I have 2 chips; a 1 GB from my previous phone, and the 512 MB they gave me with this phone. I've had to spread out my photos & videos on those chips so my phone memory wasn't full. And remember, this is after ONE day.
But, I was very surprised to see the text message capacity. On my KRAZR, the memory was full at about 55 in my inbox and 55 in my outbox. On the ROKR, it's only halfway full, and I have 167 messages in my inbox and 153 in my outbox.

Overall, I'd have to say if you're inexperienced with Motorola phones, or just impatient, this probably isn't the phone for you.
If you have previous experience with other Motorolas, especially the KRAZR, and are patient, I'd definitely recommend it.
In conclusion, I can honestly say I am satisfied with this phone despite the cons.

Moto Rokr Z6m


Jan 27, 2009 by machine501

I recently had to purchase a phone, as I washed my Motorola razr v3m by accident (no, I didn't think it was waterproof!) Anyways, My Razr was deteriorating and I was looking to get a new phone anyways. So, I looked at the other phones my provider (REVOL) had, and decided on the Motorola Rokr Z6m. Excellent choice! I couldn't be happier! It's just the right size for my hand, connected to my jawbone flawlessly, as well as my Motorola HT820 stereo bluetooth headphones. I've never experienced listening to music in stereo without any wires... totally awesome. The battery charge is awesome... I can easily go 2-3 days without charging it... and that's with listening to music a couple of hours each day! Also has good signal strength... my razr had a problem with that. I'd highly recommend this phone to anybody. The Motorola Z6m Rokr Rocks!

Awesome phone!


Jan 25, 2009 by gothicseraph

A few weeks ago I bought the last ROKR from the local Alltel store.

Not sure exactly what to say, so I'll just get right to the Pros and Cons.

great reception
bright screen
easy keylock
AMAZING camera (can do portrait and landscape)
good sound quality for music and calls
Can set the settings so you can have the phone closed while talking on the phone
GREAT battery life.

fingerprint magnet (forgivable)
can't use mp3's as ring tones

That's all I really have. It's just a great phone!

Very Disappointing


Dec 8, 2008 by LeahJ

I Bought the phone in March 2008, didn't have too many issues with it except that when I tried to send the Animations in an MMS it froze up. The only other thing I didn't like (maybe I just didn't know how to use it) was that my ringtones showed up in the music player. Other than that I liked the phone just fine...until it all went wrong.
About 9 months after I bought it, it froze up on me and I couldn't un-freeze it. The insurance company (who I have serious issues with as well) sent me a re-manufactured phone that froze up 3 days after I got it! I later learned from a teammate that he has gone through 3 of these phones.
I'm through with this phone.

worst phone....ever


Oct 27, 2008 by jenshaka

1: text messages won't go out...it's gotten so bad I have to restart my phone every single time I want to send a text.
2: it doesn't charge very well anymore whether it's on the wall charger or the car charger
3: the center arrow button has fallen off atleast 2 or 3 times
4: battery life is shot

1: it's a relatively small phone so it fits into my clutch bags
2: it has great reception
3: fun features

Worst Phone Ever!!


Oct 5, 2008 by gezika

I have had 3 of these within 3 weeks.

The first ROKR:
- the keys locked up and i had to take it back and get a new phone. And when I opened the "contacts" it had the wrong picture next to the Contact.

The second ROKR:
- in the middle of a call it would drop the call and the screen would show the Motorola powering symbol, though the phone never actually power cycled. And when I opened the "contacts" it had the wrong picture next to the Contact.

The Third ROKR:
- Same problem as the second..Plus, when I receive a text and i select "read" it goes to the Motorola Power Off screen and then it actually POWERS OFF! And when I try to use my shortcut soft keys it bring up the icons on the home screen and freezes for a little bit. I absolutely hate this phone.

Plus, the smudges and fingerprints are never ending! It is hard to text on because the "1", "2" and "3" are up under the slider. The mic picks up every sound in the room which makes it hard for people you are talking to to actually make out what you are saying. You have to be in a very quiet place to have a decent conversation. The letters and number are all gooey from where the filling is coming out.( I have only had this phone for about 2 months)

I will never buy Motorola again. Before these ROKRs I had 3 RAZRs and a KRZR that all glitched and crashed.

The only "PRO" to this phone is that it has a loud ringer volume... that is when it decides to actually work.

ROKR - Not So Much


Sep 26, 2008 by jakekatz

I got two of these back in March 2008. At first they were cool and worked. I got two 2Gig MicroSD's for each card in July as we were travelling and needed music.

Now (July/Aug 2008) each phone continually says "Unable to Charge" and "Invalid Battery" (They are the original batteries that came with them)

I have two Car USB chargers and two wall USB chargers that came with the phones. They all produce the same error.

One phone is able to pull/push/pull/push then it starts charging. The other, well, lets just say it depends on the position of the Sun and Mercury to get either the "Invalid Battery" or the "Unable to charge" message.
Removing the battery for about 5 minutes
power on
power off
attach USB charger
power on
Charging Battery!

Phone #2 now reboots/resets itself. Sometimes by just touching a key, mostly by 'sliding' it open. You can imagine how frustrating it is to answer a call with the slide only to have it reset.

I've used the Motorola Phone Tools to flash the phones to the latest firmware, but that only produces the errors MORE frequently.

I've sent Phone #2 in for repairs, it's been two weeks now :( No word. Cell Phone Withdrawals!

= Sleek Design;
= Great reception;
= Great blue tooth/Car stereo hands free works like a charm;
= Music player is easy to navigate;
= MP3's sound really really good;
= Airplane mode is a great feature!
= Used as a USB Internet Modem works very well (But expensive without a data plan)

= Short battery life;
= Silver 'text' buttons are for small fingers;
= The [Clr] button is next to [End] button, fat fingers always cancel my text messages when I just want to backspace to correct typos!
= JAVA Music Player font is WAY too small for most human eyes.
= Pops between (upon loading) MP3's, very annoying when the volume is up and the BASE at +10 on the stereo!

It's now an old phone, most places don't even offer them anymore, so I wont tell you to NOT get one.

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