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Good transition from e815


Oct 14, 2007 by treylloyd

I had been waiting for this phone since the z3 was announced, nearing a year ago. It was worth the wait. I'm moving from my e815 which, while it's a solid phone, was bulky and uninspiring as a clamshell. On that note, it's only the recent lineup on models that's keeping me with Verizon. Service is one thing, but their model lineup was as attractive as a moose's butt until the most recent five phones.

Pros and Cons:

-Beautiful phone!
-Screen quality is superb
-Fine sound quality
-Materials and finish are first rate
-Skinny enough for a pocket
-Good tactile response from the keys (you know when you've pressed something)
-I may be waxing Matrix, but the slider form factor is just damn sexy
-Generally good phone reception
Can manipulate the phone even when closed (unless you use the lock toggle for when the phone when closed)
-Good battery life
-Camera photo quality is actually impressive
-Media player option is good enough I may have to use it instead of my iPod
-Protruding lip makes the unit easy to slide open and closed with one hand

-Can't get the PC Sync working to save my life (and I have a masters degree... in SCIENCE!)
-Screen detail can be very small, even if it's clear
-Dialing and texting with one hand can cause a cramp in your thumb
-A little heavy
-Verizon really nickle-and-dime's you with paying for each additional sound, wallpaper, game (none by default), etc
-Speaker phone doesn't work great in the car; Should go with a good headset
-Navigating the menus takes some getting used to
-No standard equipment (belt clip, anyone?!)

-VCast TV is a mixed bag in Denver... reception is somewhat spotty and the screen doesn't allow a great viewing experience. On the other hand, I can catch some shows on the run, the sound is nice, and I can't complain too much since I'm watching a show on a 3x2 screen. We'll see if I stick with it.

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wonderful phone


Oct 17, 2007 by caj


great phone! first i bought the new lg VX-8550 chocolate but the sucky ipod-esque wheel got really annoy as well as the touch controls. then i got the VX-8700 and it was too glitchy and slow. thanks for the 30 day return period i got this on as soon as it came out. truely the best phone for verizon. I just bought mine yesterday. i don't really use any of the music or tv features but as far as i know every thing else is the best...

-strong vibrate
-best battery life of all my other phone, 16 days!
-crystal clear screen
-feels nice and sturdy
-great camera
-loud ringer
-buttons on the outside are well-placed
-easy to dial by feel, solid buttons
-clarity when talking, good service
-easy to hold (not slippery), especially while talking
-and probably the best feature is that it performs VERY fast, unlike most motorolas, no delay at all, that's good if you are always fiddling with your settings like i am.
-there is an almost invisible thing you use when sliding it open, it helps the screen not get any prints.
-very beautiful and simple, with great features

-you can't change the standard verizon interface, but because the phone has such a clear and high-resolution screen i got used to it.
-the ring tones are ok

remember, just because i forgot to mention something doesn't mean this phone doesn't have it.

good luck to all of you!

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Great phone with impressive call quality and features.


Nov 15, 2007 by Rockydog25x

This is the first time I've reviewed a phone but I think this is the best phone available on Verizon right now. I was using the Razr V3M and while it worked great as a phone I was getting tired with it's lack of features and it's horrible UI. I decided that I was going to go with the Razr2 V9m but had to return it. It was just too big and had a funky hinge. Since I was relatively happy with my Razr and not all that happy with my wifes VX8300's call quality I decided to stay with Moto and get the Z6TV.

What a great phone. It has a camera that takes pretty descent pictures and is a definite improvement over the Razr's camera. The music player also was improved with deeper more rich sounds and deeper base than the Razr or VX8300. I am also impressed with the battery life. I can get about 5 1/2 hours of talk time on a single charge and about 4-5 days of moderate use before it's down to 1 bar of battery. The call quality is stellar with great in-ear feedback so I don't yell into the phone and crystal clear voice sounds. I actually prefer it over a land line.

Since I was a long time flip phone user, I was a little leary about getting the phone because I have large hands but everything is laid out well on the keyboard and I've had absolutely no trouble using the keypad to dial, surf the mobile web, or text. The TV feature is kinda pointless for me because I don't have coverage where I live but the phone has other features I'm happy with so no big deal.

If you are looking for a new phone with great features and even more impressive call quality you can't go wrong with the Motorola Z6TV.

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This is simply Verizon best phone since e815


Oct 8, 2007 by bob1xxx

Ever drool over a friends gsm cool high quality state of the cell phone but live in verizons ugly cell phone ghetto? Wish you could have slick compact slider, with out Sony Erikson's hard to push slick tiny keypads, or with vx8550 hard to navigate spastic touch sensitive external key pad? Well look no further my verizon cdma friends finally, Z6tv is the asnwers to your prays .LOL. Ok it a bit of overstatement , but honestly until this phone came out I was seriously think of porting over to ATT, because of the low quality, un innovative, ugly phones verizon had in there line (only sprint is worse off) and the V9m broadsword looks sexy but is HUGE and one of the loosest low rent keypads Ive ever seen and it wierd sub mirco usb forces all new accessory's BOO! lol.

So with no further a due PROS:

EXCELLENT RF reception as good or maybe a little better than legendary e815.

Beautiful main screen clear bright colorful, with the slider close you have easy navigation of all of the phone functions, with real external key pad, and the 10 key pad with the slider opened is small but full function with keys easy to use (not hard to push and slick like Sony Erickson's).

Easy to access mirco sd card, slot is on the top of the not hidden behind battery door or under the battery.

key pad lock switch

easy to use media player for music and video player and if you use windows media player, it will sink up and transfer music to z6tv with just a standard usb cable and no additional software.

Excellent bluetooth reception with headsets (haven't try BT stero head set but it is capable)

2.5mm headphone jack

strong vibrate and able to set vibrate and ring .

good 2.0 megpixel camera and video 320x240 result with length determine buy memory card size.

Loud ring tone volume

Loud speaker phone option

The positives for this phone is list goes on and on ...... Right know it simple the best phone on verizon,

Cons None unless your a text fiend LOL

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Great Phone


Apr 23, 2008 by Janthe man

I have had this phone since it came out and I Love it. It is the Best Motorola phone that I have had to date. Motorola does not come out with the newest phones when the others do, but this phone was worth the wait.

Pros: Good reception
Nice feel
Keys seem fine
Camera Good
Clear pictures
Battery life is good
Extended Battery is Great
Blue Tooth Reception is Good

Cons: Always wiping phone from smudge prints

Overall I really like this phone. For a plain phone it does everything one could want and I am very happy with it.

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Great Phone


Oct 12, 2007 by Bikergal18

Just got it last night, so it is new, but so far I love it. I was the first one to buy it in the store I went to, so the guys there were all excited!

1. Size is great. Feels comfy in your hand.
2. Easy to navigate. I like that you can leave the phone locked, but then just slide it up to use the menu, then close it again and it goes back to lock.
3. Sound is crisp and clear. Great reception.
4. Can't wait until we get the Mobile TV. The guy at the store said hopefully first quarter of 2008 for my area.
5. Texting is good. I thought it may be hard with the slider, but no problems.
6. 2mp Camera.

1. NO flash on camera, but that is fine for me.
2. Screen can get smudgy.
3. The little door that opens for the charger, I can see that getting broken off.
4. I would not recommend it if you are harsh on phones or always drop your phone. Not that it is flimsy, but not a lot of protection for that screen.

I had the E815, which was a great phone. Not real flashy, but solid and reliable. This seems like the best parts of that phone, but more style and features.

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This Phone Is Awsome


Oct 25, 2007 by honors21

I have had these phone a couple of weeks now and all I can say is wow. I let my V9m go for this one.

Pros:~nice size
built solid for a slider
Can transfer Ringtones and pictures via bluetooth
media flo (tv) is clear and crisp
Nice color on the screen
loud Ringers
calls are clear
Can us bluetooth stereo headset for music,vcast,as well watching tv

Cons: All I have is the phone is a fingerprint magnet I read some were if you a little spray wax it will help but DON'T spay right on the phone us a cloth.

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Rizr review


Oct 7, 2007 by Drootz

So far I am really happy with this phone granted I haven't had it very long. But THIS phone is WAY better than the LG Chocolate phone VX8550 which I returned through Verizon's 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Both phones are very similar in design, but the LG had a touch face Clear button that I kept accidently pressing with my big sausage fingers and brought me back to the main menu whenever I used the circular scroll wheel. After about 2 weeks of that I had enough. So far the Rizr’s button configuration although very similar to the LG actually has buttons and not just a touch face so this has been working far better for me since I have big fingers.

Slider phone (not a huge fan of clamshell)
Great battery life
Portrait or lanscape mode for photo's
2 megpix camera takes pretty good pics
Good size buttons
Rugged feel (almost rubberized outside feel)
TV capable (but not in my area)
Configurable center circle shortcuts
Great signal, reception and clarity.
Lip on front screen for sliding
Easy to use
Decent standard ringers

Verizon's crippled software
Fairly heavy for such a small phone
No belt clip (I really miss this from motorola phones wish they would include them again)
Camera button on face of phone goes straight to Vcast TV service not to camera? (may be configurable to but haven’t figured it out yet.

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been w/ it for a while now....


May 17, 2008 by dtmenace

the phone is still great. it's durable and sturdy feeling. my friend just bought the world phone version offered by verizon & i would have preferred his metal # plate to our black painted plastic version.
my only issues with the phone since my initial purchase are the chipping # plate (the paint is wearing around the #'s and symbols on the touch plate); and every once in a while, the phone shuts down without any action to do so.
i have returned one phone for this already & now figure that it is just an inherent flaw in the driver/OS.

it is the best phone i have owned to date, the best motorola phone made to date & the best phone that verizon has offered yet...

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Top quality phone


Jan 11, 2008 by k9blitz

I never thought I'd convert to a slider from a flip, but when a quality slider like the MOTORIZR Z6tv comes out, I had to at least try. I am not at all disappointed.

I had left the RAZR for a LG8700 which was a great move, but it made me hate MOTO products. The Z6 has sold me again.

The slider is an easy common sense phone with obvious solid construction and easy form. Past sliders tend to be big and thick, but not this. The screen is a perfect size and the picture is crisp. My photo's look great.

I've yet to pair it with a bluetooth, but for now the battery life is as good as my LG8700. Regardless, the phone charges very quick.

The thumb notch and key lock are a must for sliders and the Z6 has them both.

I don't do Music on my phone so take my review for what it is if you're looking for music quality.

The camera works perfect. It's quick to pop up and ready for a picture. I don't expect my phone to perform like my Sony Digital, so for a phone pic it's great.

The software is typical Verizon boring, but the menu and funtions are quick without delay. My RAZR had delay issues which were embarrassing.

I think this phone is the end result of years of fixing the complaints about the RAZR's and taking the best of the LG's.

MOTORIZR Z6tv is the a phone with all the bugs worked out and all the best from other phones.

If you are a die-hard flip phone person, I challenge you to take this phone for a spin. You won't be disappointed.

Great phone. Cons: Fingerprints and smudge marks on the screen.

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