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Oct 6, 2007 by mikosi718

I love this phone!!!!!!!

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Not that impressed after the LG8300.


Nov 1, 2007 by Pego

I decided to try this phone after all the great reviews, It is a nice phone but has many features missing that I was used to.

Nice build.
Slick slider

no single key to enter vibrate only mode
no single key to turn on the camera
phone book cannot see pics on the card they must be copied to the camera first.
The display always on mode should go off when the slider is closed but no it stays on. There should be a mode that the keys and display on when the slider is up and off when the slide closes.
Can't use the phone in the holster
The side charging connection is weak.

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Can't use MP3 as custom ringtones


Oct 24, 2007 by drewmcmanus

Simply put, Verizon suckered me in to buy this phone and now I'm stuck. When I went to purchase an upgrade phone I did a good bit of research including the reviews here and visiting the Motorola site directly.

What the Verizon customer service rep told me over the phone was that this phone can use mp3 files as custom ringtones. Unfortunately she either LIED or was INCOMPETENT becasue once the phone arrives I find out that you CAN NOT use MP3 files as custom ringtones.

I found this out via 2 hours of tech support calls. First the Verizon tech support said I had to call Motorola to figure out how to do it. Then the Motorola rep said sorry, Verizon has us disable this feature via the custom software and I have to call them to find out how to do it.

so I call Verizon back just to have a tech support rep tell me that no, the phone isn't CAPABLE of using MP3 files as custom ringtones. At the very least I expected Verzion to try and nickel and dime me into buying some "special" software to convert MP3 files but no I can't even do that.

To add insult to injury you can't even pay Verizon the outrageous fees they want to VCast music to use as a ringtone. Simply put, you're out of luck.

I like everything else about this phone but DON'T PURCHASE IT IF YOU PLAN TO USE VERIZON AS YOUR CARRIER.

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Annoyed but liking anyway


Nov 1, 2007 by food_guy75

Old ROKR E1 (AT&T) was lacking was a decent reception (at home) & camera (VGA). Interface design for the ROKR E1 was thoughtful but I can live w/ this phone's nuances (LOOOONG).

+ no S/W req'd, folders on root lvl of mem card are //my_flix //my_pix //my_music //my_sounds
Video capture is 15fps, NOT 30fps, max length = max card capacity of 2G
+ capture frame of vidclip to photo
+ 2MP camera (1600x1200) can rotate BEFORE capture
+ on the fly photo editing, crop/rotate/other
Solid build Quality, fit, finish, & feel. Prefer more rubberized coverage
battery life is very SICK 8D

CANT call a person in "Groups" listing, only txt/pic/vid msg,
LIMITED to 10 contacts per group. I have more than 10 for work/family/friends/business/etc

can't import ringtone$ w/o going thru Veri$on'$ (pay me now) $ervice. MP3 can't be selected for ringtone.
$pecial motorola miniUSB required for charging or PC data xfer (most new moto phones)
MPT S/W required if/when u$ing the $pecial miniU$B (Verizon's fault but as noted above, u can bypass this via mem card reader
number pad a little tight. Not good for heavy txt msg
no games included
- Memory Card issues...
none included
photos from internal phone mem and card mem shows up together, not independantly. Can't visually separate them (PhotoID pics, camera pics, default verizon pics) ALL show up when you access "My Photos"
? music, same but not really a negative
Slide show function shows ALL. Can't select pictures and define the slide show(s)
Must access mem card menu to move/delete groups of files (pics, vids, sounds, etc). Can't see the multiple files selected, unless you're doing 1 (pic/vid) at a time.
camera/Vcast TV button
no vibe then ring (either vibe or ring). Got talking Caller ID tho
If re-assigning a saved # from cell to home, you have to re-enter it, instead of changing it's type
no address/birthday fields
can't speed dial when edit contacts
Verizon defaults #1 to voicemail (I'd prefer #99)
No F-Key Setup

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solid to excellent in every category...


Mar 21, 2008 by gnahce

I upgrade to this phone from a Moto E815 4 months ago and I have been consistently happy with it. For me, the most important thing is whether or not it works well as a phone, and all of the other features are secondary. As a phone, the reception is as good as the E815 , and the sound quality is excellent. The phone is very sturdily built - the slider is more solid than the flip on my E815 was. Compared to the E815, the vibration feature is much stronger, so that it's actually usable again.

For extras, the music features are alright. You can upload songs directly to your phone via Bluetooth and they will play normally (although a phone speaker is just never that great for music). The camera works well, however the picture quality is not particularly impressive for 2 MP. By comparison my old Minolta 2 MP digital camera produced far sharper and far more vibrantly colored pictures, and the camera on the Blackberry Pearl 8130 is also much better. The camera also lacks a flash which would help immensely. The video recording feature works just about as well. The TV feature is not available in my home area, but I did get to try it out in Vegas. TV works reasonably well, but the picture may be choppy if you are anywhere other than a max bar region.

Good size
Solid build
Excellent reception
Excellent sound quality
Good vibration level
TV feature works well
Camera works quickly

Lint and dust seem to get into the keypad area
Keys are a touch on the small side
Activating the camera rather with the camera key is retarded (you have to hold it down and wait - single press turns on the TV function)
Camera picture colors always a bit off (not very vibrant)
I think I like flip phones better than sliders (personal preference)

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Great phone, short battery for texters


Mar 8, 2008 by billythekidd55

I got this phone a few days ago and I love everything about it. The screen is beautiful and bright and everything is set up nicely

One thing that bothers me is that if you text alot your battery doesn't last very long( likely do to the sharp screen)

I haven't tested how long it lasts when not in use.

All in all great phone but with a weak battery when texting and talking alot

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truely a great phone


Feb 24, 2008 by bigack

iam not going into a long review or a bunch of pros and cons, ALL I CAN SAY ALL THE POSITIVES IVE READ ON HERE ARE TRUE, AND THE NEGATIVES ARE MINOR OR UNIMPORTANT!!! its truely a perfect phone!!! thanks verizon

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Very Solid Phone


Dec 7, 2007 by toddraderman

I rate this phone a 4. I have yet found the 5 phone, but the Z6tv is a great solid feature packed phone. So far I have loved it. Had the Venus and although I like the look of the Venus it felt cheap and gimicky were as the Z6tv phone feels nice and built right. I would recommend the phone in the slider family.

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I Miss my E815 Motorola Z6tv


Dec 7, 2007 by 80sman

I MISS my E815. that phone was the best ever. upgraded on verizon for new every 2 to the Z6tv. Spent more time cleaning the faceplate than talking. Texting is cumbersome. Call quality is great. reception ok not as good as my E815. became too much of a hassel so i returned it for a LG VX8700.....Major Upgrade. Good or better camera. Much happier now.

*great call clarity
*Great camera quality
*Light weight
*Good Reception
*great screen quality
*good soung quality
*mp3/song player good
*memory(sd)expansion good

*Cant set pictures taken as wall paper
*ringtone versatility is poor
*rizr feature hangs up on calls too easy
*texting is a hassel
too many features for average user

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Bye bye E815 Hello RIZR!!


Dec 6, 2007 by JJR

After 2 years it was time to trade in the old reliable E815. I orginally tried out the LG Chocolate which was more annoying to use then I have patience for. It also did not play nice with the Bluetooth in my car. (My wife traded in her chocolate for an LG8350 and is experiencing the same problems and has switched to my old Motorola E815). The Rizr has been flawless with the bluetooth and the signal strength does not bounce up and down like a giger counter (Chocolate). Reception and sound quality have been excellent. The only thing I miss from the 815 is the missed call signal. Not that big of a deal, but it was nice when you missed a call to have it let you know. Not sure why all Verizon reps are pushing the LG's but for me I'm sticking with Moto.

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