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Great Phone


Oct 18, 2007 by fcpd384

I just started my sabbatical from using the Verizon Wireless 8830 Blackberry. I was just too darn accessible and wanted to slowly ween myself from the Blackberry.

I activated the Z6TV on Tuesday of this week and I really think it's a great phone with all the features that I want in a phone (minus the e-mail).

- Very nice screen (clear).
- Load ringtones with options to add to the collection (using xxx-xxx-xxxx@vzwpix.com). Supports MP3 uploads with no problems.
- Menus are functional & easy to maneuver.
- Small enough to carry in your shirt pocket. The slider function is great.
- The vibrate is strong. I really like the vibrate and ring option.
- Even though a camera is not an important feature on a phone for me, I was impressed with the quality of the images.
- Battery life for all day usage meets my needs. No complaints. I will probably update to the extended battery just to have it.

I really don't have any cons; however, the phone will smudge easily (finger prints).

Overall, I highly recommend this phone. I try different phones out a lot and I think this phone is one of the best Verizon carries.

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i hated this phone


Mar 15, 2009 by ndnjic

okay so when i first got this phone, i was pretty pumped seeing how i'm the type that likes slider phones and i thought the features were pretty cool. i hated the camera/tv button but i guess that all could've been avioded if i could've locked it. but this phone would constantly turn off on me by itself at random, either by sliding it up, or after sending a text. and then i drop it maybe the second time and not from a very high place might i add and the screen cracked, then the buttins on the inteface stated coming off, and so i took the phone back, and i had to pay 50 dollars for the same phone when it did the same thing... so i just agve up and bought a whole new phone, and now im quite satified with the dare. although thetouch screen is a bit on the sucky side.

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Great all-around phone


Jun 3, 2008 by moley

The Motorola Z6tv from Verizon is a great phone for all the basics and more. I've had many phones over the years, and Motorola really does it right.

Great form factor: size, fit and finish, are great.
Reception and call quality are outstanding even in known weak areas.
Bright, crisp QVGA (240x320) screen.
Nice hardware buttons (volume, etc) including a manual sliding lock switch on the side.
Uses standard mini-USB data cable/charger.
VCast TV looks great on this phone. Probably the best phone so far that includes the option for VCast TV. (I'm really over touchscreens, so I don't like the Voyager much).
The external speaker for speakerphone, music, TV, videos is very loud and clear.
Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) works great with minimal delay for video. This was an issue on every other phone I had with A2DP.
Bluetooth and USB DUN tethering works GREAT! Very quick speeds especially through the USB connection.

No USB storage mode for file transfer, only PC Sync through the Music mode. Hint: Download Verizon's Music Manager software for an easy way to transfer/convert music to the phone.
No BitPim support.
Texting is a little tricky on the top line of buttons due to the slider, but this is easy to get used to.
My 2.5mm headphone adapter I had for my LG doesn't work on this phone. Luckily I had an old mini-USB headphone adapter from my V3m RAZR that works great.

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MOTO Rizr Z6tv


May 28, 2008 by obxmh

Have had this phone for two weeks now. Me and my wife both upgraded from Motorola E815's so we had high expectations. She got the LGVX8700 and I got this phone. Am overall very happy with it. Have been wanting to try a slider, and have no regrets.


Great reception, have been able to continue conversations inside of Lowe's building supply with no signal bars registering on the screen but phone did not drop out.


Phone is a smudge magnet, however they all are if you stick them up to your face with oily skin. Put a screen protector shield on it and it helps alot. Also will keep screen from getting scratched.

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Simply the Best Ever


Feb 23, 2008 by anchor

This is probably the best phone I have owned and that's going back more than twenty years.


This is a great looking phone that is light but still feels like you have a phone in your hands. The slider works smooth and the best part is you rarely have to use it because everything can be accessed with it closed except numbers.

Most important to me is the sound quality and ability to maintain signals in fringe areas. This phone excels at both in fact it kept calls through areas all other phones would drop.

Blue tooth hookup is fast and easy to turn on/off. Worked with both of my Motorola and Jabra and voice controls were excellent without training.

I have an IPOD so I seldom use this for music, but it seems to have everything you need to do that.

Supreme battery life, clear colorful screen, loud ringer, good speaker and 2.0 pixel camera, with very fast voice commands make this the best Phone I have bought.

Some Cons: different size output, Not easy for a beginner like like me to figure out music xfer.

If anyone can tell me how to get my ITunes from computer to phone, I would appreciate advise.

Overall: One excellent phone Highly recommended.

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Z6tv is an Excellent Phone


Jan 4, 2008 by gambit3

I have had this phone now for about two weeks and I must say that this is an AWESOME PHONE!!!!

-Strong vibrate
-Very good battery
-Crystal clear screen
-Feels nice and sturdy
-Great camera
-Loud ringer
-Buttons on the outside are well-placed
-Easy to dial by feel, solid buttons
-Clarity when talking, good service
-Very beautiful and simple, with great features
-Skinny enough for a pocket
-Key Pad Lock Switch
-Portrait or Landscape mode for Photo's & Videos
-Mobile TV is crystal clear


The only two cons I have are not that big of a deal. It would have been nice to have ESPN MVP access and the music player does not play aac. (iTunes Format). I have to convert my music to MP3s to listen. Its a shame Verizon disabled this because the phone specs on Motorolas website says it does.

Overall the best phone I have owned to date.

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Awesome Phone


Jul 4, 2008 by turney1968

This phone is great it restores my faith in Motorola. I just moved to this phone after the razr2 and what an improvement. To all of the other critics of it going to the tv mode on v cast when the camera button is pressed hold the button down a little longer and it will go straight to the camera. This is a great phone, but read the manual it has some hidden features that you will enjoy.

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Decent phone


Mar 6, 2008 by spalatnick

This is my first slider and first review. I am coming from a VX8300.

PROS -- I agree with many of the pros listed elsewhere and will only list a few
Can answer calls and use most of the functions without having to open the slider (the only time you need to open it is to enter numbers or text)
Nice good feel in the hand
Crisp clear screen
TV -- sharp picture (lousy choice of channels)
Ridge to open the slider
MicroSD slot on top

TINY type size, no apparent way to increase font size or the clock
ITAP -- use it's choice or type it all out
Speaker on the bottom of the phone
Buggy and laggy software, hit a command, wait 2 seconds, hit a subcommand, wait 2 seconds....
Screen can not be seen outside in bright daylight
Dial-pad is sometimes unresponsive, buttons don't give good feedback unless pressed hard

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Best phone I've owned thus far!


Oct 20, 2007 by Smooth

Overall, highly satisfied with this phone. I consider myself a practical but enthusistic user, meaning I demand the basic functions (the phone works, doesn't drop calls, is clear, and is easy to operate) but I can appreciate the little nuances of special features (text message input, camera functionality, etc). Previously owned the LG VX4500 (4 stars) and the LG VX8300 (3.5 stars), so I'm new to Moto, but with the Verizon interface it doesn't matter much these days anyway.

-Excellent battery life, right out the box. Im averaging about 5 days standbye time with moderate use of the phone
-Display: vibrant colors, good size screen.
-Camera: I think it takes great pictures. CNET said it was marginal in this area, but I disagree.
-Text Messaging: it has the new iTAPn, which I consider a great improvement over Verizon's previous interpretation of T9word because you can scroll through the varies entries that meet the letter combination you put in.
-Construction: The phone feels very solid. It has a good weight, buttons feels responsive when they're pressed. I considered the Samsung u740, but the construction didn't feel solid.
-Sound clarity: excellent!
-Reception: Always has 3 or 4 bars of regular service and EVDO

-Price: one of the more expensive phones, hopefully it will come down
-There's no leather case available so far, and I can't see how one could be made, given that this is a slider phone.

I haven't tried the VCAST TV functionality because it isn't available in my city, but I probably wouldn't mess with it anyway, given the cost ($14-$30)

Overall best phone I've owned, and I would have to say top midrange-upper range phone from Verizon thus far.

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so far so good


Oct 6, 2007 by mabdre

i got mine about a week before launch and have enjoyed every moment of it. so far i haven't found any cons about the phones. their have been alot of pros: signal,sound, and features

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