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AT&T T68i


May 8, 2003 by Jared Baumann

I am the Telecom account manager for our company and so I get to use and test many different cell phones. I got one of these in the other day and tested it for a week before sending it off to the assigned employee. I liked the color display, the joystick, and the small size of the phone. Some of the down sides were that it has a slow GUI and its button were so small that they were hard to use, and I do not have large hands. The sound quality was okay but not as good as other GSM phones that I have tested. One of the biggest downfalls of this phone is the reception, while not terrible, the reception was lower than my expectations for a cell phone. Overall I give this phone a 3.5 out of 5 rating.

This phone has many features but fails on Voice Quality and Support


Oct 5, 2002 by Craig G

I bought this phone from AT&T as it was suppose to be the best. I admit that it does have many features but getting them all to work may be a challenge. Voice quality and reception, which to me are most important, are quite poor. There is no external antenna and calls tend to not go through or get dropped quite often. The phone is prone to lockup as the software appears to have many bugs in it. I tried to use the Ericsson HBH-30 bluetooth headset with this phone and encountered many problems. After about 5 calls to Ericsson's inept customer service center it was determined that the software version on my phone would not support all the features of the bluetooth headset. Even though this was initially suggested to the tech support representatives, it seemed that they did their best to avoid the true issue. It was not until I was in the AT&T store and had my hands on a whole rack of T68i's to test that the Ericsson customer support admited the flaw in the software. At this point they stated that I could send my phone to Ericsson at my expense to have a software upgrade but would be without my phone for about two weeks during this process. This was unacceptable to me as the phone was only two weeks old and when I contacted AT&T it was clear that most of the phones in their inventory had the same software version. After such a poor experience I personally would never buy another Sony Ericsson product. Rumor has it that Sony and Ericsson may be ending their partnership and there is no doubt in my mind that Sony Ericsson does not care about their customers. This is another example of a product that was rushed to market before the engineers had a chance to work the bugs out. Forget the Ericsson and go buy the Samsung S100/S105 or Motorola T720. These two phones are far superior to the Ericsson.

Waste of Money, Air Time and Service


Feb 7, 2003 by Sammy Hooda

The T68i is a fairly decent phone if you can acutally use it. The reception on this phone is horrible I couldn't get any service to save my life and that is a fact. If you are looking for a good flashy phone that will catch people's attention with features and funtions this is your phone but don't forget you will need another phone to make all your phone calls with. This phone and AT&T GSM service are both a waste of time and money don't bother with it at all. I have been a loyal Nextel and Motorola customer ever since I owned a cell phone but switched to AT&T for the T68i and $99.00 unlimited talking. No wonder AT&T can afford it because you can't really talk on it so you never use up more then 500 minutes a month. All in all if want a phone to actually use to make phone calls please don't get tied up in AT&T GSM service or with the T68i and if you really do want to please take over my contract so I can get out of this hell hole. Sony needs to stick to making playstations and Ericsson speaks for itself with it's stock prices so they should stick to that and let the professionals like Motorola keep making the phones. Only thing holding me back from switching back to Nextel and Motorola is a $300.00 contract terminating fee with AT&T, I hope to find a way out of it soon or else just keep my EXPENSIVE T68i for show!



Jun 30, 2002 by Vlad Vaynrokh

I love it I love it and I love it

Great battery

Great Futures

Great Voice Quality ( I use it in NEW YORK with Voicestream don't know anything about other Networks)

People who want to know which one is better

V70 or T68I cant compare two. T68I is winner

V70 looks good thats it

It has same features as V60 plus GPRS

T68I has everything that you can imagine


Not worth buying


Jan 13, 2003 by Kin Wong

I've been wanting this phone ever since I saw it on a magazine and finally I got it. It was fun and attractive at first but this phone got annoying and boring. So I sold it and purchased the Nokia 7210 (which is a whole lot better than the T68i).

First of all, this phone lacks polyphonic ringers which the Nokia 7210 has. Second, the reception is horrible. I can't even get a bar in my house while I get almost full reception with the Nokia 7210. Third, the joystick. It was quite interesting at first but after a while it gets annoying (trust me, it does). And fourth, this phone only has 256 colors unlike the Nokia 7210 which has 4096 colors and much brighter. Oh yeah, one more thing, this phone lacks speakerphone and a radio which I think is quite useful sometimes.

There is a couple things I like about the T68i. The games are much better and and there are better wallpapers.

Overall I think this phone is just for looks. If you're looking for a color screen and stylish phone, I prefer you get the Nokia 7210. You won't regret it. I sure regret getting the Erricson T68i.

Cool toys, lousy reception


Mar 23, 2003 by Marc Luoma

I live in the boonies, but travel a lot, including international trips. Therefor I'm shopping for a GSM phone with good reception. I tried the T68i for only one day of the 14 day free trial period before returning it because I couldn't get a signal at my house. The Nokia 6590i I traded it for gets a strong signal in exactly the same locations.

PROS: looks cool, lots of toys and multimedia features. Joystick interface is somewhat intuitive.

CONS: really poor reception. While the signal strength meters on phones are not completely accurate, they may provide some comparison: in places where I got no signal with the T68i, I get 4/7 bars of signal on the Nokia 6590i.

CONCLUSION: If you use a phone in strong-signal areas and want the latest multimedia gadget, the T68i is a good choice. If signal strength is ever an issue for you, keep shopping.

Footnote about Cingular: I've received good service from the local Cingular store. When I took the T68 back, there was no fuss and no hassle, only "sorry you had a problem, sir" and they swapped it for the Nokia right away.

Still a Great Phone


Nov 2, 2007 by SteveMaricopa

I bought a pair of these phones in early 2006, reconditioned, as unblocked GSM phones for my wife & I to keep in touch while overseas...paid $65 each. By buying SIM cards, we've used them twice in Paris and once all over New Zealand...worked just fine. In the U.S., I use one as a spare with ATT/Cingular pay-as-you-go.

Given that they're used only part of the time, they're great little phones although sometimes they seem too little to handle. I don't text in the U.S. but overseas, voice is so much more expensive than text, we do it there albeit slowly & clumsily.

We just got a pair of Motorola W385's for everyday use with Verizon and will be getting Bluetooh headsets that are compatible with both models.

Despite the T68i being considered obsolete & discontinued, we expect to use them for years to come.



Oct 26, 2007 by digitol

OK, the thing that makes this phone is the color screen...during its time that was pretty big deal! And the biggest thing to me was BLUETOOTH! It was wonderful to be able and sync my data to and from my mac! Awesome for back in the days! Awwww...memories!

great phone


Sep 19, 2006 by flyy.gyrl

i had this phone for a while before i upgraded to a camera phone and i must say that it is very fashionable and cute. Its small enough to fit in a little purse or pocket and i loved the blanking lights that showed up when someone called or something. it had great reception, and the silvery blue is a great color. Ive also had other brands of sony ericsson and they were also great. Only thing was i couldnt download ringtones because for some reason the phone wasnt compatible for that.I rate it an 4 for not having a camera and for not being able to download

good phone


Sep 13, 2006 by cocoh28

i've had pones and switched brands for the last 6 years. this phone although it is outdated has its many benefits that i think are still useful
if you need to transfer data (pics, contacts, polytone and monotone) and will work fine with great reception, then this is the phone for you...
i had this phone for almost a the whole year, about 3 years ago, and i still recall the pleasant experience i've had with this phone.

infrared - which actually works with most
mms capability
compact good design
multiple contact entry
caller id with pic option
good reception ( i go hiking and it still recieves service, but i guess this is network dependent)
clear audio
option to attach radio headset

screen is not as fine as other new phones
but remember this is an old model.
camera has to attached
low memory...good enough for 10 pics, 60+ msgs and 250+ contacts...
faceplate can't be changed like nokia phones

overall, i think if i were to get am emergency phone, SE T68i will deliver

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