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A Disappointing Little Phone


Feb 17, 2005 by physics

Overall I have to rate this phone as mediocre, primarily because of its poor RF performance. Every other aspect of this phone is good: audio, features, styling and battery life. The huge attenuation of signal strength when this phone is inside any type of structure is a very serious hindrance that negates all of its other good qualities. Had I known of this problem before I bought it I would have definitely not have bought it. My conversations with AT&T Wireless employees confirmed this serious problem with the phone and why they shunned it, even when their management was pushing it on them.

Sony T68I


Jul 12, 2003 by bjr578

Small and light
Bluetooth capable
The first thing I want in a phone is good reception. If the phone is not reliable, won't work where other phones work; then I do not need it.
This phone is of the poorest quality I have ever owned. It just won't work in most areas around Orlando , Florida.
The carrier sent me two replacements and they were all just as disappointing. The carrier finally credited my account for the purchase price.
If you are looking for a great phone with bluetooth capability, consider a Nokia 6310I.
But in any evert DO NOT buy the T68I.

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Good features, horrible reception


Jan 1, 2003 by Mars E

This phone has a lot! Bluetooth, Color, Infra-red, Tri-band, Above Average battery life for a color phone, and all those other extras, but it's missing the key ingredient for a phone. an antenna. The reception on the phone isn't too terrible, but it's the worst I have used. The phone started with a 5. I deducted .5 for its speed. It's not too slow, but slow enough to cause a minor annoyance. I deducted another .5 because it was pretty hard to navigate through and all the extra steps it takes to do one simple task. I deducted another .5 for it's impossible SMSing. If you recently had a Nokia, like me, you could text message without a breeze. Not with this little bugger! Lastly, I deducted 1.5 because it's reception!!!! I know it isn't the service provider because my Nokia 8890 can hold its calls indoors, as with my T68i, I cannot even get a signal where the Nokia 8890 gets 2 bars. If you are looking for a phone that's stylish, colorful, has lots of features, etc. The T68i is for you, for a big price, bad reception, only 256 colors, and not so easy to get through menus. If you are looking for a phone that has good reception, I suggest a Nokia, because simply, Sony Ericsson cannot create an internal antenna like Nokia.

good battery BAD service!


Jul 28, 2003 by JESSIE PEARCE

This was a demo phone that I tryed and the phone is ok, little, pretty durable, but 70% of the time I had little to no reseption from statesville to mooresville to charlotte to raleigh. Dont waste your money!

Good conversation piece but not practical...


Jul 11, 2003 by Vince Low

This phone is nothing more than a toy. If you depend on your phone as your primary means of communication I do not recommend this phone. If you enjoy the wow effect and showing off technology to other people then this is the phone for you.

1.Bluetooth technology (esp. with wireless head set) is very cool
2. Good look, screen color, size and feel
4. Good Battery Life

1. Poor service quality (NYC Cingular) I regularly experience dropped calls for no apparent reason and every other call I dial encounters some kind of error. Also phone frequently does not ring and goes straight to voicemail.
2. Poor user interface. (Slow and not intuitive) Key response is very slow. When you select contact to dial you have to select a number type (work, home, etc) EVEN when there is only one number. In order to mute (disable the mic according to the manual) you have to hold down the clear button. In order to return to the default main view you have to cancel out of each and every menu. Menu system is very confusing you can't add a voice id to a contact directly you have to go through 6 sub menus to find that option.
3. Voice dialing is very finicky.
4. Bluetooth indicator light blinks constantly.

CONCLUSION: If you like to have people be able to reach right away you when they call your cell the the try another phone. If you like to have the latest technology and wading through tons of random menus go for it.

Nice phone


Mar 19, 2003 by Aaron Behrendt

This phone has everything, Inluding Sony-Ericsson's patented "Impossible to use" Menu System.
Despite the menus, I fell in love with this phone the first day I slipped my SIM into it.

Working as a sales consultant for Cingular wireless, I get to use all of the new phones before anyone else, so I can honestly tell you this phone destroys the competition.

It has almost everything offered in a phone today:
The Blue-tooth works very well.
Sound quality is very good.
Signal strength is comparable to all other models.
Free camera

I can only come up with a few minor flaws for this phone:
The color display could use some work.
It would be nice to have polyphonic ring tones.
The buttons are a little "sticky."
The text/email messaging interface is not the best.

Over all, when I sell this phone, I can feel good about it and not worry about whether or not it will come back.



Feb 10, 2003 by scott williams

i have had the t68i for about a month with t-mobile service. i got the phone despite complaints about the rf and lack of polyphonic ringtones. let me start by saying that polyphonic ringtones mean nothing to me. i do not want to hear music when my phone rings. just a ring thank you. i like the fact that the set68i kicks it old school. rings like the kyocera 2035. the other complaint that most people seem to have is the rf. having had many phones with t-mobile, i can honestly say that the reception is pretty good with r6 firmware. it is not the greatest, but then again the sar is also very low for this phone, which to me is a good trade of. i never get the headaches i used to get with my samsung q105. while the menus are not as user friendly as nokias, they are quickly adaptable. it is setup similar to a pc desktop. so i think that most people can find their way around. all in all the phone works like a dream for me. the voice quality is good, while the earpiece does hiss a little at the highest setting. the color screen is nice. a little primitive for what is available now, but i am not interested in watching a movie on my phone. of course, the best part of this phone is the bluetooth. i have a mac. i love that my phone syncs right up with outlook and all my contacts information updates on my phone and my computer. the only way it could get better than this is if apple made a phone themselves. until then i am sticking with the everlasting (8 hrs talktime) t68i. of course, the design on the newer se's are a little more to my liking, but oh well. win some. lose some.

Great specs spotty quality


Apr 29, 2005 by longpath

Disclaimer: All of the following is my personal experience and should not be construed as applying to all T68i handsets.

I acknowledge that some people have had great luck with these; but my experience is that in the same exact locations, signal gathering is greatly inferior to earlier Ericsson products such as the T28w, the T300 and the T39mc (which is what I replaced my T68i with).

Power management seems to be the crux of the issue, as the T68i is especially prone to losing signal strength when the Bluetooth transceiver is simultaneously used (such as with a Bluetooth headset). Even without using the Bluetooth transceiver, I have personally observed the signal strength indicated drop two bars when a call occurs (whether incoming or outgoing calls) on at least three different T68i handsets (my original one, the one that I was given as a warranty replacement when my display mysteriously developed a big red opaque splotch on the screen, and my wife's).

That having been said, I really wanted to like the T68i. It has all the specifications I wanted in a phone, decent display, easy navigation, SyncML, Bluetooth, International capability in Asia, etc. Unfortunately, in daily use, I found it inferior to the T39mc, which predates it.

T68i Powerful features in a compact phone


Oct 27, 2002 by JESUS MOSQUEDA

This phone is by far the Best thing to come out in the Market. Especially with the new R2E firmware update makes it unique.

I only wish sonyericsson would come out with a T68i2 (as in I to the 2nd power) with 65k colors and polyphonic sound on the phone. And a bigger screen! But of course keeping the same size.

Yes I am aware of the P800 with all the advanced features. I rather stay with my T68i.

I highly recommend this phone for all the high techy people out there. It works great with the HBH-30!

great phone


Oct 7, 2002 by scott bonhiver

excellent phone functions. great size AT&T service lousy. Looking forward to the T-800

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