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Small phone packed with features


Aug 22, 2006 by Spartan 104

This little phone was something when it was released. I obviously don't have it now but I thought I'd take time to review some older phones I've used in the past (been bored lately). When I bought this phone, I thought it would be a great update to the aging T39m, which still remains one of my all time favorites. Feature-wise, the T68i was an upgrade. It had a larger screen than the T39 (color no less), WAP 2.0, it was able to use custom wallpapers, ringer/picture ID, built-in email client, and so on. But as I kept using the device, it exhibited one major flaw - horrid RF performance. What's the point of owning a cell phone that can't make calls reliably? (I've had the both T68i and T68m and both have had horrendous RF issues. Many users have complained about the very same thing.)

-At the time, it was a world phone (Triband GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz)
-Color screen
-Good set of features (bluetooth, email client, infrared, WAP 2.0, very customizable)
-Nice form factor (small but not too small, not too thick, very light)
-Ok call quality
-Ok build quality
-Decent battery life

-Horrid RF performance (Would drop calls like no other)
-Side volume/nav button felt very loose
-Joystick felt loose as well

Great phone for its time and still great now!


May 31, 2006 by Robert S.

Everybody who compares this phone to a V3 or P910 or anything is wasting air because the fact is you cant compare it there 3 years apart at least, be that as it may i believe it still holds its own is worth everyt penny

First of all it is very light and very small, great for anyone lacking space in there pockets as i am

Inexpensive: it is inexpensive right now but it is still great if you are looking to use it for what phones were meant to be used for, Calls!

Bluetooth: This is a great feature of this phone it is the cheapest bluetooth phone out there it is incredible and it works with modern bluetooth headsets

Changeable faceplates: I love the fact the faceplate can be changed so if you scratch it then no problem you can fix it very easily just pick up a tool and the faceplate and change it

Over all how can you complain about a phone like this? Not to mention its Tri band so it works near everywhere in america. A great little phone will stay with you along time!

Wow. nice little package


Mar 3, 2006 by kingmidas

I picked up this for for a RIDICULOUS price from a friend gettng a new phone - $15 australian (about $10 for you Yankees) and what can i say. For that price it is hard to be disappointed. At the risk of repeating what every other review has said, i will say that the colour screen, although with low resolution, is efficient. The menus are quite good, and the size and battery life are excellent.

Bluetooth - fantastic for communicating with headsets or other phones
Infrared - same as above
MMS - a nice touch i have never used before.
Memory - stores a heap of photos!
Games - fun.
Sound recorder

SMSing - who came up with this ridiculous system? i am used to nokias and it took me about 5 minutes to write "see you soon harry from rob" on this
Resolution - quite bad
No built in camera - disappointing
No polyphnic ringtones
Composer is hard to use and ineffective
Buttons are "sticky"

Overall, if you can get it for a good price, it is an excellent phone.

Picked up a cheap T68i


Mar 11, 2004 by Ktollstam

I picked up an unlocked T68i for about $100 USD. Stuck my US T-Mobile SIM in it and haven't looked back. I gave it a 4.5 and not a 5 simply because it has a "plastic" feel to it (and it is made in China not Sweden). The biggest complaint that I have read about this phone is the RF performance. I have dragged this phone around the US and Europe and can say that the RF performance is better or no worse than any other phone I have used. Most (if not all) RF performance issues are carrier caused and have nothing to do with the phone (now I know there will be a dozen people who will argue with this). The other complaint I read was the slow menus - I have not seen this. Slow is a relative term.

PROS: Size (if you like small), battery life (with stock 700mah Lithium ION battery), features (I mean this phone has them all), display (only 256 colors, but bright and readable in all lighting conditions except very bright direct sunlight), T9 (beats Moto iTAP hands down), phone book (510 entries, one name attached to different numbers and email address), voice control works well (you only need one voice command for each phone book entry and then you can specify "home," etc. with another command), Bluetooth (I would never own a phone without BT), joy stick is fragile but allows for fast access.

CONS: Plastic feel (this is a subjective thing - I am used to the T39m.

At the end of the day, it is just a phone. It is only good for making and receiving calls and data products. It is only as good as the network. My biggest complaint in general is the maturity of GSM in the US. In my opinion, T-Mobile is the best, at least for now. We will see what happens with the Stinkular/A(wful)T&T merger brings.

Worst phone yet...


May 21, 2003 by Paul F

This is the worst phone yet, as soon as I used the computer link cable, the phone started to freeze, especially after I went into analog mode. The battery life deteriorated after 3 months. The new battery did the same. The reception was the worst yet, about 1/2 of the cheep Nokia phones. After 9 months the phone stopped "really" charging the battery, it charged it, but it would die within 1 day of standby and no air time, even with a new battery. Don't Buy This PHONE!

almost as good as it gets


Sep 19, 2002 by jason todd

this phone has everything that i look for in a phone that many other phones do not have. [1] When i type in my contact's names, i can spell out there first and last names. i'm not limited to 12 letters like on samsung phones (i HATE only having 12 letters). [2] I can specify the size of text with small, medium, and large settings; [3] i have yet to drop a call; [4] the phone is extremely light weight, and [5] the battery life on this phone is unbeatable. I'm going on a WEEK now having made numerous calls and i still have battery left.

Only negative about the phone i can find is due to its block design. When in a loud context/environment, the background noise can be heard by the listener at the other end. the listener can always here you as your voice is dominant over the background, but extraneous noise is still present in loud environments.

well rounded phone


Sep 17, 2002 by DUSTIN ROBERTO

This is a great phone. It has everything that a basic phone is required and even more. For those who do have the t68i, you wont get experience a t68i until you have a bluetooth with it. you literally turn heads when people see you using an earpiece without wires. plus i can assign pictures for those who call me, just like assigning ringtones. I only wish that this phone had a 65,000 color display which the samsung s100 and v100 have plus the sound is overwhelming, very crisp and clear. Overall this is a great phone for fanatics who have a thing for "high end phones."

Second time around...


Jan 23, 2005 by tsar

Well, this is my second time around with this phone. I purchased a new one a couple years ago for some ridiculous price and loved it, but GSM was really lacking at that point, so I switched carriers and got rid of the phone.

I'm travelling overseas now with prepaid SIM's and needed an EGSM phone. I picked a t68i up on eBay for $45.

Phone menus are a lot quicker and less quirky now that there have been several software updates. Screen clarity is good and phone is small yet feels solid and comfortable in your hand -- it's slightly larger than the T610/T616/T637.

I like the joystick, color screen, and I really enjoy Sony Ericsson phones. My one big complaint is the poor reception. It is not up to par with Nokia or most Motorolas. It will be fine in Europe b/c of their superior coverage, but unless you live in an area with lots of 1900mhz coverage or you plan to go overseas with it, this is not the phone for you. If you do only need 1900 and have great coverage or you are going overseas, get to eBay and spend $50 on a terrific little phone.

Good Idea, Poor Followthrough


Oct 31, 2002 by J J

The T68 has numerous nice features that made this phone a "Must Have" in the beginning. There have been a number of software issues with this phone prompting 2 replacements. Worst problem with this phone is RF (Signal strength) performance. On a typical drive to work, there is a 13 mile gap with zero signal, while my Nokia 6340 sitting side-by-side has great signal, losing signal only once for less that 15 seconds total.

IF you live and travel in the shadow of your providers towers, then maybe this is your type of phone. For me, since I bought the phone when it was first released, it was a $299 MISTAKE.

If I had it to do all over again I would look before I leap. I goofed, and this phone is a turkey.

A nice Phone to have


Sep 11, 2002 by tangoskiss

This phone is one of the best phones I ever own. It has so many cool features it seems like your never get bored of your phone. I just love that fact i can check my email on a pop3 account with one press of the button.

The only problem i had with the phone was i think it was made for a small finger person. I have some Farley big hands for 5'9 and one of my fingers covers two to three key on the phone pad.

overall a great phone!

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