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No problems from a 1 month standpoint


Nov 26, 2007 by damonwest78

Bought this phone on 10/5 & have not look back,had the 6700 before & a vast improvement from that phone .No problems what so ever,
-has not locked up on me yet,only restarted to install apps
-blue tooth works fine,
-winmo 6 works just fine
Also with a bunch of download able app out there,possablities are endless for this phone

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WOW...Im amazed!!!!


Aug 18, 2007 by The_bodyguard

I had the motorola Q before I got the 6800. The Q was a piece of junk. Operated on windows mobile 5 and that had a ton of issues. The 6800 runs off of windows mobile 6 which seems more stable. The functionality of this phone is incredible. I love the fact that you have a wifi switch and it locates hot spots. Ive only had thisphone 4 days now, but all I can say is "wow" This phone blows away the IPhone. This phone was simple to learn to use (Im a phone techy sorta guy) and the book that comes with it, is eduucational, but not all written that well.

You will be impressed with this phone!!!

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Do It All


Aug 16, 2007 by jetshine

I really, really enjoy this phone. It gives you access to a lot of services, all wrapped in the smallest Windows Mobile Pro device I've used. It connects to Sprint's speedy EVDO data network, one of the best reasons to have this device.

Here are some of the ways I am taking advantage of the Mogul's capabilities:

- Phone calls (call quality is good on Sprint's network in northern New England)
- Text Messages (keyboard is really good)
- Browse Internet with NetFront (it's really speedy - upwards of 800-1000 kbps on EVDO, latencies about 0.6 sec or less)
- Keep up with email (using server activesync w/Direct-push and mail2web)
- Listen to MP3s through stereo bluetooth headset (I use HTC Audio Manager - don't know why Sprint doesn't include this)
(And on occasion:)
- Moving Map GPS (tethered to a bluetooth GPS, using iGuidance v3)
- Watch my Sling Box (again, thanks to a speedy EVDO connection & processor)
- Take pictures; the 2MP camera is decent, and has a fairly strong LED light ("flash")
- Watch videos on (mobile) Youtube

I don't really think this phone has CONs, but rather, areas to improve on the next version:

- Improve the screen resolution: it's not as high as the iPhone screen. Also, it would be nice if the screen weren't recessed
- Case material: I miss the rubberized feel of my T-Mobile Dash... this phone is made by the same company, don't know why the rubberized coating is not standard across their product line
- Battery life: I get about 1.5 days on a charge with standard battery
- HTC and Microsoft have made improvements in the PPC Phone form factor to make it more single-hand touch-screen finger-friendly. Still room for improvement though... would be nice to get rid of the stylus altogether (BTW, it comes with a spare)

Be sure to keep up with various forum websites out there, you can add a lot of programs to greatly extend this phone's capability.

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Better replacement to the 6700


Aug 12, 2007 by guamguy671

-Better sliding mechanism than its predecessor.
-brighter and clearer screen.
-yay they removed the external antenna.
-faster processor
-More memory plus the 512 microSD.
-Slimmer and sleeker.
-What happened to the stereo/dual speakers? (not as loud as the 8125).
-3.5mm jack removed and replaced with a tacky adapter.
-WIFI seems to work when it wants.
-TXT messaging, when using an mp3 ringtone, seems to ring till the song is completed I.E. 3-5minutes of ringing.(unless stopped via >start>settings>sound/notifications.

This phone is pretty good, compared to the previous models I've had. I rate it a 3.0 because of its small bugs. The phone is slimmer and feels much more solid, but it needs a little tweak. But WM6 seems like its pretty well programmed, and hopefully those wifi and txt messaging glictches are fixxed!!

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2 questions


Aug 5, 2007 by rellierell

I love this phone. However, there seems to be an area that I am missing. How in the world do you sent pictures to cell phone numbers. Each time I try, it only want to use actual email addresses. You cant even click the photo then send via text. the text option is grayed and only the windows live is available to click. Please help.

Otherwise, I love this phone. I enjoy the calender and internet. The four hour talk time is cut way short if you access the internet. I'd suggest getting a larger compacity battery.

I chose this phone over the 700wx. A trusted salesperson at Sprint owned them both. He was way over the top with this one verses the Treo. Personally, the mogul has a flash, memory card, better display resolution and is small. Enough said.

Good luck.

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My First PDA


Aug 3, 2007 by Mz_Altima

And I Love it. I haven't had many pda experiences but from what i see on this phone it is great..screen is clear and bright, keypad is easy to use and the internet is very fast on it. the only thing i dont like about it is the the battery life. I only had the phone for 4 days and i've been charging it ever since..but overall i am happy with the 6800 coming from nextel i870...I have yet to explore other things on it, but when i do, I should repost

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OMG, HTC Where have you been hiding this one?


Aug 1, 2007 by TLC77014

After coming from the Treo 650, T-Mobile MDA, then the Sprint PPC-6700, the HTC Mogul has been worth the wait.

This phone rocks! Not once has it crashed (after 2 weeks of heavy use), Bluetooth paired up within seconds and has not dropped, signal strength is awesome (works on 2nd level of basement parking garage when others wont), voice quality is great even on speakerphone in the car on the highway @ 85 mph, loving the spring loaded slide that exposes the QWERTY keyboard, camera is far better than one iv'e seen on any phone thus far, e-mail is now HTML compatible (colors & graphics now show), overall, THIS SMARTPHONE ROCKS!!!!!! AND, you can insure it. Can you do that with an iPhone?

The only issues I have with this device are as follows :
Have to use the menu to create new messages (text or email)
HTC / Sprint made us wait this long for a PDA/Smartphone that works.

If your looking into a device such as this, the HTC Mogul is your best bet.

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I'll Keep this short as everything has been covered


Jul 30, 2007 by marcwilliams

In the past year I went from a 6700 (trash) to a Palm 700wx (mediocre) to the 6800 (great).

I had a Motorola H700 BT headset which I could not keep paired so I returned it; hoping it was the phone (looking to find the best replacement).

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Jul 29, 2007 by Versed

I have this phone for a few days, initially Sprint didn't set it up right, after talking with their tech people, all works fine. The EVDO is fast, especially coming from Edge. The PDA to me seems fast and snappy under WM6, much smoother then my 8525 which I sold. Seemed to sync better then other WM devices under Vista. The phone pad is better then other WM devices, the kb is slightly better then the 8525.

Since Sprint has EVDO set up in my area, and ATT has no 3g as of yet it was a logical choice especially with a SERO plan. I can't wait to the EVDO-A is supported in this phone.

Downs, I wish it was VGA.

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Amazing phone


Jul 29, 2007 by liverleef

Really, I should break this review down to a review of the phone and a review of WM6. I love the phone. EVDO and wi-fi work fantastic. The screen is big, but not so big as to make the device too cumbersome to use and carry around. One of the first things I noticed was the improved reception. I'm getting incredibly clear calls in places where normally I cant even make a call at all on my old sprint phone. The 2megapixal camera is also impressive. My music also sounds pretty good through it also. The querty keyboard works beautifully. I just have nothing bad to say about the phone itself.
Now, as a former Palm user Ive got all sorts of gripes with WM6. The calendar sucks, you cant customize it like you can palm. Even the third party calendar apps for PPC suck compared to the ones available for Palm. Some of the features that I use used to take me a few button pushes to get to with palm, now its numerous steps. For instance with my old palm phone I could switch between my business and personal contacts with one press of a button. Not its numerous awkward steps. Also over the air activesync isnt working (I havent had time to investigate this, it may be related to my employers exchange server)
So why don't I trade the phone in for palm based treo? Even with all its faults, this phone is so much fun that I can learn to deal with all the little frustrations. I was holding out for the i760 but gave up because I was tired of waiting. I have no regrets either.

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