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Jan 24, 2008 by Incnway5   updated Sep 21, 2015

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Awesome Phone, PERIOD.


Apr 30, 2007 by iMWi

Lets get things started right. Don't give a phone poor rating because you don't understand it.


Giving a phone a bad rating because you didn't FULLY understand EVERYTHING it did the first time is like giving up a certain kind of food because you didn't know the best way to cook and eat it the first time you saw it.

If you think you are techy, want to be cool in front of your friends, or just like showing off, this phone will help most of you in all of these categories. Some of you are a lost cause.

To be honest, I've used many phones in my day. This one is very impressive.

* Signal Strength
* Thin & Light
* Awe-Factor
* Easy Samsung UI/Menus
* Music Dedicated
* High Speed EV-DO
* Sprint TV, get It
* Sprint Music & Radio
* Strong Vibrate
* Very Intelligent Predictive T9 Text
* LONG battery (With INCLUDED Wallet)
* Wallet Doubles As A Case
* Up To 2GB microSD (64mb Included)
* Crisp 1.3MP Camera
* Caller ID over Bluetooth
* Background Manager
* Did I Mention Small?

* Irremovable Icons
* 1 Minute Voice Memo Max.
* Irreplaceable Battery (By User)
* Not Many Games
* Inability to add Shortcut Keys for either side.

* Ascending Ringers
* No Stereo Speakers
* Key Lock Switch doesn't always lock screen entirely
* Screen stays on during charging AND music play back (Could save battery by turning off??)

The cons are easily out-weighed by the pros, but as always, give the phone a shot for yourself. Worst case scenario, you return it and get to write your own review!

Upstages the Chocolate!!


Apr 23, 2007 by rosco2176

I will start off by saying that I have worked with or had service with every company save T mobile in the Cincinnati market and so far this phone is by far the best I ever owned. A few sticking points kept this from being a five but all in all great phone.
I just started service with Sprint on a sanyo freebie biding my time till I could get my hands on this baby. I love the size and don't even mind the flipping back and forth cuz I am not much of a txt guy to begin with. The extended battery wallet though somewhat bulky gives me a full week on charge. Totally Awesome!! Even with it off with moderate use of the media player and talking I still get three days. I am so used to Vzw and their 1 or 2 day standard batts that I was truly blown away. I, unlike some of the others, truly love that the phone comes packed with all you need. I am still hunting down a car charger thru the used stuff we have at work, I am sure it will be a while before I come across one, but everything else u need is right in the box!! On to pros n cons...

-- Media player -- I can finally play all the music on my puter and not just VZW stuff!!

-- Ext Batt in Box -- A week on a charge definately Rules!!

-- You can use the Web to get Ringers!!! No more 2.00 to Vzw for a ten second clip -- I can even make my own -- Vwery Cool!!

-- Vib feature is crazy effective-- I can't have my phone ring in the shop cuz i won't hear it so the effective Vib ring is a huge plus!!


-- Small front display -- Just a few lines more and could effectively read a txt

-- Useless front flap on the wallet -- It truly does remind me of one of those old Moto Flips

-- Ascending Ring -- It starts so quiet u don't hear it even on custom ringers until ur caller is ready to hang up. Hopefully the folks at Sprint will find a way to correct this.

-- Reception in the wallet is knocked down by like two bars and the wallet on my unit does not drain first-- the drain together.

Upstage is Upgreat


Apr 19, 2007 by KingJohn405

I have recently purchased this phone and had it for a couple of days now. I have been comparing between the M610 and upstage. And the upstage has gotten my attention. The reason, most of my phones were flip style and in the long run they wear-out and break or break. So i decided to get a candy bar phone. And the new flip design of the upstage.

* Small, sleek, compact.
* Very good signal and call quality.
* Very nice MP3 player and design.
* Easy to navigate.
* High speed EV-DO.
* Very Nice screen/colors.
* 1.3 MP camera/video.
* Micro SD slot up to 2GB

- Ringer and external sound pretty low.
- Battery is ok, but if you dont have your battery wallet then your phone is dead within 1hour of calling time.
- The touchpad is pretty sensitive.

Overall, this is a really good phone if you want media and a phone in one. But if your not looking for all the tech specs, then i wouldnt get it. It is convient for me, whereever i need to go. I really like this phone and its factor.

Own it And So Far Love IT!!!!!!!


Apr 4, 2007 by guerilla2424

I picked up this phone on 4/3. I spent the whole day playing with it. EVERYONE will complain about the battery life but if ur a phoneaholic then this isn't ur cup of tea and if you still want to purchase it your in luck it comes with a extended battery and case all built in one. the speaker phone is fairly loud and is easy to hear. The reception is awesome and the clarity on calls is great. 1st look and you would think the flip feature is a pain, WRONG!! it's easy to use and to hold. samsung has hit a ace with this phone.
Some cons are the music player side has a menu screen and on the screen are some icons you can't get rid of or would like to replace with some of your short cuts. also ear phone jack is not standard but does come with adapter.
Otherwise the phone is small and just a tad thicker that a Ipod nano. samsung does have a armband for workouts but it's currently not available. Love it!!!Love it!!!! great phone.

Not that bad, but really needs some rethinking.


Oct 8, 2008 by bug.EXE

I have had my Samsung Upstage for well over a year now and it really has been good for me, but there are its fair share of problems. the 2 screens is a nice thing, but is also its weakness at the same time. first off, you can't choose to open a text message saved on the phone if it's not on your missed alerts without flipping to the other side. you also have to flip back and forth just to get to the calculator. another thing which actually is a known issue with the phone is that it freezes. i did get a software update and it doesn't do it nearly as much as it used to, but still does.

*small and nice sleek design
*great for music
*touch pad is very responsive
*keypad feels great and is easy to text
*takes pretty good pictures
*great reception
*fantastic battery life

*battery pack can make things a little bit bigger than some might like
*some features require too much flipping
*no flash
*front screen is too small and has too little usable features without having to flip, but size isn't too bad

Overall a decent phone, but i am definately looking forward to a new phone (probably the touch pro). in all honesty this is not a bad phone, but is DEFINATELY not for everybody.

Great phone if you only want to talk


Jun 21, 2008 by kfc1188

I bought this phone about a year ago because of its "coolness factor" and small size. I wanted a full-function phone that would easily fit into my pocket without creating a bulge. I would recommend this phone to someone who uses it mostly for talking and occasional texting. Internet usage is not easy since anytime you need to enter text or a number you have to flip to the other side (big pain). Also, when you are trying to add multiple contacts to a text or picture mail, you have to scroll through your whole contact list with the scroll pad. The scroll pad seems like a nice feature, but I found that the movements many times did not go in the direction I wanted them to do. It would be much better with a rocker key. Battery life is OK if you are only talking, but web-surfing will kill it quickly. Once you lose the first bar on the battery, the other two are quick to go. The extended battery it comes with is handy, but also bulky. Finally, the escalating ringer is annoying and you can't turn it off. With it, you need a long alert tone to even hear a text or picture mail.

Sound quality, reception, nice screen quality, small size, quick web access

battery life, scroll pad, two sides, charger/headphone use same port, proprietary charger

Really good phone


Jun 8, 2008 by killmeimbill

This was my first phone that I had on the Sprint network (I had NEXTEL in the past) and I found this phone quite enjoyable and nice. The UpStage not only looks good but it is also quite functional. I orginally chose this phone so I would not have to buy a new iPod but I discovered that songs downloaded from the iTunes store will not play on the UpStage. I had really good reception and call quality. My battery was usually going on dead by the end of the day but that was probably due to my heavy usage of the phone, texting, internet, and mp3 player. The ringers and speakerphone are loud and clear. One of my biggest complaints to this phone is that the touch pad for the mp3 player can be a bit "funky" at times (especially if you are used to the familiar circular motion of the iPod)but it did not take very long to get used to. The "extended battery wallet" that comes with the phone is useful for supplementing the built in battery but it is very awkward when talking on the phone so I ended up ditching it for a clear plastic case that although it made the phone bigger (it was still pleasant to hold though) it protected it very nicely. Another concern of mine was that the adapter for the headphones is very long (about 2 and a half feet long) adds a lot of extra cable but the built in microphone allows you to use is as a hands-free "device" and the button on the end where the headphones plug into gives you direct access to the VoiceCommand function and the microphone is surprisingly good (can be clipped down at the bottom of my shirt and still pick up what I say). The other "drawback" is that when using the Music Player it takes a while to load from the memory card (the included memory card only holds about 6 or 7 songs so I bought a 2gig)so I preferred to go directly to the "Mass Storage" and pull them up directly from there (and the songs were in the order they are on the album and not in alphabetical order). This is a really great phone that is really worth it.

good version of the F300 samsung ultra music


May 16, 2008 by anelroa

sprint has its niche music and is very good because it has the European version of the F300 that america is called UpStage has very good musical sound, and touch-sensitive buttons as an ipod, also comes with a jacket and two battery duration of long hours and say that the unique design to be the first mobile dual two sides one side and another phone mp3



Mar 18, 2008 by seikossis

Ive had this phone for about 4 months, and i consider it okay. I like how Samsung branched out to make a two sided phone, but i think my next phone will be a slider or a flip.

-looks cool
-good camera
-comes with extra battery pack
-large screen on one side
-the red version looks amazing

-annoying having to flip all the time
-scratching a side by putting it down
-very short battery life [i think thats why it comes with a battery pack]
-bad coverage/signal (im in the Sacramento area, and all my other phones got great service besides this phone)
-it only plays a little of the sound when you get picture mail
-doesn't have self-recorded ring tones.

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