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We've got bugs!


May 14, 2007 by swsa0101

Well let's start with the good...

Good sound quality, for a do it all speaker
Good Picture
Good Download speed for music(evdo area)
Great form factor
Perfect size, easily fits in any pocket
Good signal strength, but it's still no sanyo 4900 series

And the bad...

Keypad lcd blanks out when flipping back and forth between screens, but only while in the sprint music store. Never happened any other time.

After having the phone for 30 days, it no longer recognizes the battery wallet. It's basically a glorified case at this point.

The battery in the phone is non-replaceable! which means after 300 charge cycles when your battery is toast, 1 year or less depending on how much you talk, you'll need a new phone.

The phone tends to lock up while listening to music and trying to text at the same time. might be too feature rich for the amount of memory that they tried to cram into this thing.

I'm not disappointed in my buying decision. still a decent phone, even if it is a bit buggy yet. my suggestion, get a warranty or know how to work the manufacturer.

PRL: 60607

Samsungs latest feels rushed


May 21, 2007 by ken273053

The Samsung M620 certainly has the "wow" factor that was needed to push the Sprint Music Store. What it does not have, however, is a helpful, useful, or even decent feature on the phone. My review will be on the actual form & function of the Upstage, not its service on Sprint. This is because I found enough negatives BEFORE activating as a store demo line to fill a review.


+ Very cool form factor
+ Both screens (the small one too) are beautiful
+ actual lock slider on side
+ Ability to create playlists in phone


- Phone side has hardly any function
- Speaker is terrible
- Touch buttons are pathetic... function is hit and miss
- Media Player is trash. I thought this was a music phone?! I expected visualization (trippy screen savers), album art loads only sometimes, And stereo bluetooth button support is hit and miss/limited.
- No user-removable battery!!
- Battery case was a good idea, but poorly executed... No clip option, ugly, bulky... makes the phone as large as a Nokia 6010...

Overall, I'd say pass on this one, there are plenty of options in the way of Sprint Music phones...
- Carrying solutions, because of design, will probably be limited to holsters and pouches

Needs a standing ovation - The Upstage!


May 12, 2007 by artoszombie

This is an awesome phone!

Pros - Great looks, thin and weigh.
Great battery life
Great volume, and ease of use.
Cons - Havent figured out how to play my regular mp3's yet only the downloads from sprint - but other then that great - I love it.

I cant wait til next year for another one even better - maybe a Stage 2.


So close, yet so far away


Apr 18, 2007 by cokato

This phone is a delight to hold onto. It's smaller than the SLVR, and quite light at the same time. The user menu seems smooth, at first.

The extended leather wallet provides peace of mind, providing close to 7 hours of talk time with it attached. I suppose thats a "pro," despite the fact that the entire idea is a joke!

The touch sensitive pad is on the bottom of the phone, making it difficult, very difficult to comfortably navigate through menus.
The "phone side" of the phone has very little functionality without flipping the phone over. And it's a HUGE PAIN to have to flip the phone over every time you want to enter texts. It is not a texting phone.

The mp3 player appears to be buggy. I tried listening to it a few times, each time getting a very annoying lag when switching between songs. To be specific, about 10 seconds.

You have to have an adapter (That the phone comes with) to plug into a headphone jack. This isn't a really big deal, just saying that a headphone jack would have been nice.

No user replaceable battery? Again, not the worst thing in the world, i just think if i ever designed a phone that things like that would be on the drawing board as requirements.

2.5 hours battery life without the wallet? Believe it or not, people who buy this phone aren't too anxious to carry that horribly designed and ugly wallet around, regardless of whether or not it more than doubles the battery life.

Step up to the plate samsung, give users some things they've been begging for for years, like battery life and reliability in some of your products.

Your wonderful ideas are being eclipsed by your horrible oversights, and lack of ability to follow through to take the product to the next level! ie I600, I500, i330, uproar, a900, u740, do i have to keep going?

Samsung drops the ball


May 4, 2007 by moth

1. I love Samsung phones.

2. I work in the industry and am a whiz with phones.

Pros: Not sure, phone is too bad to enjoy.

Cons: Around here (New York City suburbs) this phone is only on sprint, which is always a con.

This phone is so glitchy that I thought it was a Motorola phone.

I don't know software version, I refuse to hunt through this retarded phones non-intuitive menus.

Phone randomly blanks out and cannot be accessed, not a battery issue.

The touch pad is really bad. It is not a learning curve issue, it just works very bad. For example, go several layers into the menu (which is difficult given the awful functionality) and hit the okay button and the phone jumps out of the menu and brings you to the Buy stuff online screen.

Samsung, why? We have been loyal, why would you manufacture this horrible piece?

Let me reiterate that I help people navigate their phones every day and am very phone savvy.

Do not buy this phone! It makes my Razr v3 seem really good. Yes it is that bad.

Best phone I've had


May 26, 2007 by Aniko

I've had many phones in the past ten years. This is by far the best. The multitasking and stereo bluetooth work excellently. With Sprint Navigator now available for down load you can jam and nav at the same time. The touch pad is responsive The EVDO network that the phone is on is very fast. I can navigate through the file system on the phone from my PC with a bluetooth connection. This makes it simple to add or remove files. Overall This phone has delivered what I was looking for in a phone.

luv my new phn


Apr 16, 2007 by karmel

i luv my new phn! i always i'm lookin 4 a new phn 2 buy. its only 1 maybe 2 thing i don't like about this phn. athe fact that i can't make my mp3's my ringers an that even om ring level 8 it rings low 2me.

you must get used to it first!


Apr 15, 2007 by clh

Having had most of the other sprint phones I was a little hesitant to replace my samsung 610.but,needing to have the newest toy,I bought it.after about 4 days of getting used to it I realised this phone is a keeper!
pros-siganl strength,displays,ui,speaker and earpiece volume and quality.Bluetooth is awesome-love the way it disconnects your ringer and tells you who is calling(if they are in your phonebook)or the number that is calling you.I also just discovered that the audio plays through the bluetooth headset while using gps.
battery life is better than I expected.

only con is that there are no full supported gps apps yet because of the flip feature but I heard spring will release new software May 1st.

awwsome phone

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